Migrant Congestion across urban Australia

NSW Labor Kristina Keneally’s response to Earth Hour same day was launching 7500 new house development in Sydney’s outer green belt at Oran Park – lucky Canden Council.

Similarly, the NSW Coalition has given a housing pledge that it “would allow more greenfield developments on Sydney’s fringes” [SMH 12th March 2010].

Sydney is now 4.5 million and migrants are fast buying residential property pricing locals out of the market and fleeing to South East Queensland. Look at its residential growth!

“Figures from demographic consultants Macroplan Australia how record overseas migration and an aging population mean migrant families will overtake the number of locally born residents by 2025.” [Sydney Telegraph 18th April 2010].

And Tony Abbott say he wants more babies for Australia [SMH 10-11th April 2010].

Vote Liberal or Labor is quite obviously a vote for Migrant Congestion across urban Australia.