A Muslim majority in 20 years?

Many new Australian immigrants are having babies and choosing to retain their culture of origin – language, religion, customs, laws, food, way of life, values and attitudes. In retaining some of these, these immigrants are rejecting Australian values. Worse is that they expect Australian’s to change to accommodate them or scream discrimination – enough!

‘Figures from demographic consultants Macroplan Australia show record overseas migration and an ageing population mean migrant families will overtake the number of locally born residents by 2025 – far sooner than previously imagined. The Australian-born family will become a minority group within 15 years – outnumbered by a surging wave of migrants from Europe and Asia.

In this article, our omnipotent Bernard Salt materialises again justifying: “It all adds to the cosmopolitan nature of modern Australia,” KPMG demographer Bernard Salt said. “It means our views become less blinkered, and we become more tolerant, confident, engaged, opportunistic and optimistic because we are open to new ideas, not obsessed with keeping things the same.”

Statistics show that Belgium could be a muslim majority in 20 years? Could Australia follow?

Read:  http://islamineurope.blogspot.com.au/2010/04/brussels-muslim-majority-in-20-years.html

Are Australian-borns feeling ‘more tolerant, confident, engaged, opportunistic and optimistic’ about becoming a minority and swamped by 50 million by 2050?

Mmmm, Cronulla Rising.