Mark Scott ideologically a Globalist Goebbels

ABC Anti-Australian PropagandaABC Labor ‘progressives’ running circles around Conservative Australia

What was Mark Scott thinking?

Last Monday (June 22, 2015), the ABC’s Q&A propaganda programme deliberately ambushed the Australian Government on its stance against terrorism, Islamic State and its plans to revoke Australian citizenship of known terrorist.  The ABC had invited convicted jihadist and Islamic State supporter, Zaky Mallah (left image above) into Q&A’s live studio audience to ask the guest panel provocative questions, to openly criticise government policy and to promote the Islamic State terror cause.

Back in 2003, Zaky Mallah had pleaded guilty to threatening to kill ASIO officials in a planned suicide attack.  After his prison release he participated in the Syrian Civil War in 2011 and while there used Facebook to promote the Islamic State terror jihad cause.  He then was allowed to return to Australia and set up the Free Syria Army Australia group to encourage muslims in Australia to go over and fight with Islamic State.

Australia is currently at war with Islamic State in the Middle East, which makes Zaky Mallah with his sympathetic actions toward Islamic State, an enemy of Australia.

Yet the ABC invited him to ambush the Australian Government on live national television.  On the Q&A guest panel, Liberal MP Steven Ciobo said he would be happy to see Mallah sent out of the country. Mr Mallah responded: “The Liberals have just justified to many Australian Muslims in the community tonight to leave and go to Syria and join ISIL because of ministers like him.”

It was a manufactured setup by the ABC management of the Australian Government.   The ABC has received at least 1,000 complaints about the program, including threatening phone calls.  Former ABC presenter turned federal Liberal MP Sarah Henderson has called for the head of Q&A to be sacked.

It is my view and I say this with some experience in television, including in live television, that the executive producer (of Q&A) Peter McEvoy must be sacked,” she said.

This is yet another case of hostile media framing by the ABC.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has angrily stated that the ABC, by giving an enemy terrorist a nation-wide propaganda platform, has betrayed Australia and Australians, branding Tony Jones’ Q&A operation a “Lefty lynch mob”.  “They compounded the mistake by re-broadcasting the programme,” he said. “Now, frankly, heads should roll over this”, Abbott has said, ordering a government inquiry into ABC’s Q&A.

Mr Abbott posed to the broadcaster earlier this week  – “Whose side are you on?”

The boss of Australia’s national broadcaster, socialist Managing Director Mark Scott, dismissed the criticism as merely maintaining “independence from government” insists that his ABC remains “the most trusted and respected media organisation in the country”.

Scott would say that. He is an agent of Labor and the Left.  Happily on $800,000+ a year, this ex-Fairfax socialist steers the ABC along his own ideological agenda spewing out Leftist propaganda across its vast reaching network in an attempt to globalise Australian society – open our borders to migration, encourage multiculturalism, embrace Islam and marginalise traditional Australians.

Since 2006, when Mark Scott transferred from Leftist Fairfax Media, he has bent the ABC to the political Left and concentrated in Sydney while slashing regional and rural services, to disproportionately disadvantage conservative voters to damage the government at its electoral base.  Scott has deliberately entrenched the ABC’s leftist urban bias, spending millions expanding its digital reach to deliberately annihilate commercial competitors, while shirking its regional responsibilities of its charter.

To most Australians, the ABC has become more and more biased toward the socialist Left. Many have switched off and abandoned the broadcaster, which poises the question, what value is it serving as Australia’s national broadcaster?

It is not just the Q&A programme that propagates ‘progressive’ socialism on the ABC network.  The news item selection, and more importantly omissions, on the news programmes, 730, Radio AM, Radio PM, The Drum, Insiders, etc, are tools in Mark’s Scott’s co-ordinated socialist agenda supporting the Labor Party.

Scott’s control and method resemble a kind of ‘propaganda ministry’ dominating supervision over the news media agenda and so political focuses.

Mark Scott’s personal control and influence over public opinion in Australia makes him possibly the most dangerous man in Australia.

Q&A host Tony Jones with a taxpayer-funded ABC salary of $355,789 is Australia’s highest paid anarchist.

Tony Jones QandA anarchist propagandaQ&A’s logo is clearly sending a strong message about where its allegiances lie.