Asian driving aptitude empirically tested

In the heart of Sydney’s Asian inner west this week, a pair of Asian males decided to take a corner too fast at 1am over a railway bridge.

May be it was to test new tyres or Ray Bans.  May be they just came from a gaming arcade like Timezone or from watching Fast & Furious 6, or from a long day’s rock fishing.  May be they just hocked the beamer.  So the 23-year-old Asian driver hoons along Railway Street in his BMW through Lidcombe.

But he didn’t make the corner or the rail bridge.

Asian DriverThe sort of stuff we have to put up with in ethnic Sydney

So then as the car hangs off the bridge over the railway lines, they climb out.

One falls 10 metres.

Investigators believe the car failed to negotiate a sharp left-hand turn onto Railway Street and crossed onto the wrong side of the road before ploughing through a fence and coming to rest with much of the vehicle hanging above the railway tracks.

Asian HoonNo wonder Sydney’s hospitals are overcrowded


There’s one theory:

Asian Vision Impaired

There’s another theory: