Marcus Cornish and his Protect Penrith ‘Stop the Mosques’ con job

by Jim Saleam and Jack Schmidt,

“Councillor Marcus Cornish from Penrith Council has marketed himself as the main player in the struggle to ‘Stop The Mosques’ in Penrith City.

Mr. Cornish is a Liberal and some of his supporters say that he is a member of a “faction” within the Liberal Party which is really “conservative” and “patriotic” and that it stands with the Penrith people against the Islamic intrusion.

Marcus CornishPenrith’s Islamic facilitator – trust this man?

We call every part of that – bulldust.

The so-called faction (sic) is just another face of the Liberal Party. The so-called faction is just another mechanism by which the Liberal Party governs itself and sucks in certain members of the public who might take some of the rhetoric seriously.

In fact, the faction was established with no less than Tony Abbott in attendance way back in 1996.

As the article linked here shows, Councillor Cornish stepped out last week with his allies in the ‘Protect Penrith‘ group and with certain other people from the Freedom Party. We think that the attendance of Kim Vuga was misused as a publicity stunt – but that’s our view. The Cornish front seeks to dominate the ‘anti Mosque’ discourse in Penrith.

No Mosques in Penrith

Australia First Party notes – and this is a key fact – that the same Liberal ‘faction’ is also intimately involved in shattering the heritage of Thompson Square at Windsor? Why would these Liberals seek to undermine Australian heritage in Windsor while upholding Aussie cultural defence in Penrith, just 20 kilometres away?

Well, they don’t.  In fact, the two things are linked.

The Hawkesbury Liberals are all for the changes at Windsor Bridge because it will open up the way for intensive stone and sand mining from across the river to build the huge Sydney that a population of six millions will demand. The weight of this population expansion will come from Asia, particular China. They must destroy Thompson Square.

The Penrith Liberals know that Penrith is planned as a new CBD. Its emphasis will be Chinese and the population of Penrith will explode. New home units will snake down south on the Nepean River.

So sidetracking the Penrith patriotic people into the anti Mosques struggle only (regardless of the whether the fight is won or not by the way) is useful, if it promotes a type of assimilating multi-racialism whereby people ‘unite’ together all religions and groups against a common suspicion of violent Islam.

By creating such a front, people’s opposition to the real effects of population expansion is weakened.

No Islam in Penrith

 Australia’s fight needs to be about all immigration – not just Islamic immigration!

Councillor Cornish will not only never go there, but he has said – and been recorded stating – his full support for the maintenance of Australia’s “diverse” society. Will he also stand with the population growth in Penrith City? How can he not?

No, Protect Penrith is a con job. And any united effort with Cornish Liberals, ‘freedomites’ and similar groups is a treason to Australia’s patriotic people’s struggle.

No MosquesAustralian locals reject Islamic barbaric culture invading their neighbourhood