Many reasons why Australians should NOT donate to the latest Indonesian emergency

  • Because bleeding heart con artist charities keep spewing out contrived propaganda images like this.
  • Indonesians hate Australians, especially our tourists and media: we’re White and not Asian or Islamic.  Suharto’s assassination of Australia’s Balibo Five in 1975, the 2002 Bali Sari Club and Paddy’s Bar Islamic bombing murdering 202 and maiming 209 tourists.  Indonesians inflict hundreds of scooter crashes on Australian tourists every year, then there are the chronic nightclub poisonings, weekly muggings of tourists.  The tropical archipelago is contaminated with dengue fever, Bali belly, and prolific narcotics.
  • Ever wondered where the Third World charity cache really goes and how it is that these charities are multinational corporations with hundreds of global offices, executives and perks and yet pay no tax?  Guess how much Australian Red Cross Society CEO Judy Slayter currently reaps?

  • Cash pallet throwing Jules Bishop has already offered squillions out of Canberra’s loans account to Indonesia no questions asked, yet Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho reckons Indonesia “does not need international assistance at the moment.”
  • In 2017, Jules gifted Indonesia $359 million and unilaterally committed Australia’s national treasury to $266 million for what ever Dodo bird wants to send our money on. Meanwhule weak Jokowi is trending toward appeasing a Muslim exclusive Pancasila.

Unity in Islam, or else?

  • Jules mega-theft follows Jules Gillard undemocratic theft of $500 million of Australian taxpayer wealth in November 2010 to Muslim schools in Indonesia, so the new generation of Asians to our north can learn to resent and hate us even more
  • Canberra already gifts $200 million annually to the Third World Bank and this is out of borrowed money. It is more First World welfare to uber-breeding and corrupt Third World nations like Indonesia.
  • Because charity ethically begins at home and while Canberra has been throwing pallet loads of cash to foreign (breeding Third World) aid for decades; leftist aloof Canberra hiding behind its typical federal/state responsibility facade, perpetually and treacherously ignores Australia’s own grown homeless, our needy, our victims of crime and our drought-stricken farmers, graziers and rural communities.
  • Donors can’t trust that their hard-earned cash will even get to Lombok – the globalist charity system is corrupt
  • Indonesians are Muslim and ought to rely on their muzzie world, not the Christian world that they condemn. Concerned Australians instead best pray for them instead like the Lakemba lot did for our suffering farmers.
  • They think we’re all rich. Ask our drought-stricken farmers and graziers if they’re rich.
  • If donor cash actually makes it to Lombok, the charities will have siphoned off 70% in administration fees
  • First World charity to Third Worlders only fosters welfare dependency
  • It only encourages cultural idiocy – local Muslims on Lombok self-destructed their own intact mosque after the earthquake to appease the spirits and garner First World charity sympathy
  • Bleeding heart non-government organisations (NGOs) have already secreted bucket loads from other nations which they claim is going to relief effort, passing out supplies, helping make temporary shelters, and rebuilding.

  • Bali’s active volcano Mount Agung erupts frequently causing mayhem.  Indonesia lies on the ‘Ring of Fire’, making it particularly prone to earthquakes, yet Jakarta does bugger all to construct housing that is earthquake resistant like in Japan.

  • Indonesia splurges squillions on its ego-driven military budget to corruptly appease its Sukarno-Suharto inherited military junta.  Yet Jakarta has turned a blind eye to building construction standards.  Dodgy home construction is of brick or poor quality concrete blocks, held together only with weak mortar and supported by little or no framing, no steel reinforcing.  Roof tiles are only loosely secured.   In Yogyakarta, in central Java, in May 2006, at least 150,000 houses of exactly this kind collapsed in less than a minute of shaking caused by a lesser earthquake than the largest in Lombok.  So if Indonesia doesn’t give a toss about its own the why should Australians when we have dying needy of our own at home?


  • The Four Major Charities have Pedophiles in the Ranks – source Jon Watkins March 2018

“Four major government and church-backed charities are being exposed for rampant sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexually abusing children.

Bombshell revelations have rained over the sector in recent weeks, after Oxfam was initially accused of abuse in Haiti. Now, charities that have become household names in Britain are being shoved under the spotlight and investigated for abuses of the world’s most vulnerable people. Stories have spiraled and donors have been left reeling.


“Trust Us”


A staggering 22 aid organizations signed a letter which apologized for what has unraveled as a massive failure to deal with abuse in the sector. ActionAid UK, Christian Aid, Cafod, Care International UK, and Voluntary Service Overseas, as well as Oxfam, Save the Children and others were among those named. Here’s a rundown of those receiving our direct debits – and what they are accused of…

The Oxfam Charity

During a nine-year period, 268 ‘safeguarding incidents’ were reported to Oxfam, including horror stories involving staff in Africa. Oxfam GB senior staff are said to have allowed Haitian survivors of the 2010 earthquake to be paid for sex, while some even hosted parties with prostitutes.

Roland van Hauwermeiren, a Belgian aid official, admitted that sex workers visited his residence; while six other men also left the charity. An exclusive by The Times has spiraled and led to whistleblowers coming forward to share their tales of abuse.

Since the initial scandal, further abuse claims have emerged in countries including Chad; while Penny Lawrence, deputy chief executive of Oxfam, resigned. “Across Oxfam Great Britain, we have had about 26 stories, reports, come to us which were either new reports come out as a result of the stories, or earlier stories where people said, ‘I didn’t necessarily report this at the time,’” Mark Goldring told the government’s International Development Committee.

The Save the Children Charity

Save the Children has been alerted to 176 incidents involving abuse of children by its workers over a period of three years. A total of 35 cases of sexual harassment were reported at Save the Children International last year, while in 2016 a reported 53 cases were investigated.

Kevin Watkins, chief executive of Save the Children UK, told MPs that a total of 19 staff are believed to have been dismissed. A further 11 are believed to have been dismissed by Save the Children International. Watkins blamed “predatory men” who seek out work in the charity sector to be able to get to vulnerable people. Staff are also calling for the removal of Sir Alan Parker as the charity’s international chairman.

Women in the charity have made allegations of unwanted advances by Justin Forsyth, the former chief executive, and Brendan Cox, the former policy director and widow of Jo Cox, the murdered MP.

The Globalist Catholic Charity

Catholic aid organization CAFOD confirmed it has dismissed a member of staff who was named in the Oxfam Haiti scandal.

“When we were made aware, we immediately put the staff member on leave to investigate in line with our Code of Behavior protocol,” CAFOD said. “We can confirm that the individual has been dismissed today. Our review found that there have been no formal complaints of misconduct about the employee during his time at CAFOD.

“We requested and yesterday received a reference from Oxfam GB Headquarters which confirmed the allegations against him. His failure to disclose the circumstances of his departure from Oxfam are in breach of CAFOD’s Code of Behavior.”

The charity said it also reviewed two historical cases of sexual misconduct allegations against its staff.

The Red Cross Charity

The Red Cross, one of the most recognized aid organizations in the world, has also been caught up in the scandal. The International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed that 21 workers had been sacked or resigned from their roles since 2015, after paying for sexual services.

A further two staff members suspected of sexual misconduct did not have their contracts renewed, Yves Daccord, the ICRC’s director-general, said in a statement on Friday. Daccord said there are rules on sexual behavior, and that individuals had broken them. “This behavior is a betrayal of the people and the communities we are there to serve. It is against human dignity and we should have been more vigilant in preventing this,” Daccord said.

Instead of the foreign charity rorting, Australia First supports our own looking after our own, like: