Made in Australia fraud campaign ramped up by Coles and Woolies

Dodgy food labelling reigns supreme in the grocery duopoly known as Coles and Woolies.

Now greedy unethical Aldi and Harvey Norman are getting in on the consumer MIA scam.  Their head offices have rung in the slick conning consultants again to revamp their false ‘Made in Australia‘ (MIA) crap.  It’s been a Bob Hawke lying scam since 1986.

The variables are enormous and confusing, but all point to a fraud campaign to hoodwink Aussie consumers.

Made in Australia

What dies the fraud country of origin labelling campaign mean?

Made from local and imported ingredients grown somewhere on the planet?  That’s useful consumer information. A little bit is made in Australia?  Ok so let’s try, made in Australia with local and imported ingredients.  Nuh – actually the produce is imported and then we do the packaging in Australia, by 457 scabs.  Or Coles bread is freshly baked in Australia.  But actually it is baked in Ireland, woops.  Some of the production was in Australia? This product was prepared in a facility that also produces Australian goods sometimes, if you’re lucky?

Woolies does one up on Coles, proudly declaring it sells “a mix of Australian and American oranges”.  One of those oranges in that netted pack is definitely Aussie!  Or is it the net pack itself?

Made in Australia Campaign

In 2015, Australian consumer advocacy group CHOICE analysed the country of origin claims for more than 320 packaged supermarket products in Australia. The range of products analysed for Country of Origin statements on their labels from curries to crumbed fish and yet 60% of the products did not reveal where the ingredients were actually sourced.

CHOICE spokesperson Tom Godfrey says:  “Once you eliminate the ones that are simply ‘packed in’, ‘processed in’ or ‘made in’ Australia – claims which provide no information on the actual origin of the ingredients – the percentage of products from each brand that we could confidently say are Australian sourced was quite small: 41% of Coles private label products, 39% of Woolworths, 31% of market leaders, and 13% of Aldi products in this sample.”

See half truth video below which still bullshits about Made In Australia, and even they can’t get their blood facts right. Struth, we’re all confused!

If you can read the fine print with a magnifying glass, 1% of this product was once made by someone who used to know an Australian?

What can be assured is…

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We recommend, ignore all the new kangaroo logo shite and to buy local, well outside supermarkets and their arcades whenever possible.

Shop at your local butcher, green grocer, fish monger, deli, chemist, farmers market and trust your locals for fresh Aussie food.

Instead, look for the following label:


Say no more.  We let you decide.  Visit their website: