Stop the Lindsay Sell-Off

Stop the Lindsay Sell-Off Campaign

So who benefits from..

  • The Liberals’ reintroduction of a bloody corporate toll on the already paid for M4 FREEWAY?
  • Mass housing sprawl for more foreigners, illegals?
  • Free trade?
  • Unaffordable housing prices driving our families out Bush?
  • Rate and Tax Hike constantly pushing up the cost of living?
  • Loss of local jobs?
  • Expanding accommodation for overseas students?
  • Forcing Aussie Penrith to become like Blacktown and Bankstown?


..not Western Sydney Locals, that’s for sure!

Vote benefits back to the people of Lindsay

Vote 1 Dr Jim Saleam

Follow our Lindsay Campaign to stop Liberal and Labor selling off Western Sydney to their bribing developer mates and the flood of illegals.

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