Liberals to fund Abbott’s 12000 Syrians by denying cash-strapped Aussies cancer test pathology

Former Liberal PM Tony Abbott succumbed to the Syrian refugee propaganda flouted by the Left after their calculated lying image of the dead toddler wash up on a beach.

Abbott’s unilateral decision to invite 12,000 Syrians to permanently settle in Australia was his legacy to Australians.

Blue Budgie Tony AbbottBlue Noisy Budgie Tony Abbott


Not only did he lie about them being persecuted Christians, the cost of flying them to Australia and “resettling them is to cost Australian taxpayers $700 million.

Syrian Muslims pushed to Western WelfareAustralians to pay for another 12000 Muslims with attitude, demanding our welfare and their sharia downunder

Free flights, free Medicare, free Centrelink, free TAFE, free housing, baby bonus, free childcare, high priority government job placement, more mosques… all funded by Aussie cancer patients.


Liberal Treasurer Scott Morrison has this week unilaterally declared that the $700 million will be funded by denying sick and cash-strapped vulnerable Australians, mostly our elderly, from bulk billing of pathology and cancer testing medical services.

Morrison is to take $650 million from Medicare by slashing bulk billing and diagnostic imaging services for people who are receiving cancer treatment, and hand it to the cost of accommodating Islamic Syrians in Australia.

More Muslim Arabs are to get preferential treatment at the cost of Australians diagnosed with possible cancer.

In addition, there will be cuts to radiation oncology programmes to extract a further $26 million.  So $24 million to go to extract $700 million from Australians to fund Abbott’s 12000 Syrian muzzies.  Morrison is set to target mental health, flagging $140 million in government cuts.

So the Liberals are making health less affordable for those Australians who most need it, while laying out the red carpet to a town load of muslims.


Scott Morrison for PMSince when did Australians vote for a smug Prime Minister?