Liberals spruik ChAFTA con expecting Australian workers to compete with $2 an hour barefoot chinese

Australia’s last steel makers, Bluescope and Arrium, are under critical pressure from the flood of cheap import dumped steel from China into Australia.

Cheap Chinese steel has decimated Australian steel industry’s fair market share. Australian industries pay decent Australian wages and operate and deliver at world’s best safety and quality standards. Yet under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), trying to keep your decent job in Australia is only going to get harder.  Many Aussies who thought their job was safe have recently found themselves on the Free Trade scrap heap.  We’re being dumbed down to the Third World hazard standards and commensurate slave rates.

With globalist ‘free trade’, it’s open slather invoking Malcolm Turnbull’s Third World market forces – all so that multinational corporations have constructed Carte Blanche to artificially overrule national sovereignty.  Corporate Invasion is the contrived reality.

Chinese steel workers get paid up to 1500 yuan a month (AUD $330, equivalent to about $2 an hour, before tax).  Even Maccas workers in Australia earn $15 an hour.  In China, Maccas workers get paid the equivalent of AUD 70 cents an hour. Perhaps Maccas is considering offshoring their burgers like Coles did with its dodgy bread.

Australia’s BHP Steel couldn’t compete with China, so it closed down; Smorgon Steel couldn’t compete; OneSteel couldn’t compete.

The Libs and Labor jointly let Australian automotive manufacturing succumb to cheap imports.  BlueScope continues to haemorrhage profit, sales and market share to the Chinese barrage of cheap steel dumping, currency devaluation and tariff avoidance.

BlueScope has been forced to cut production at Port Kembla and is set to sack 500 Australian workers. But Cheap Chinese Steel is so pervasive and unchecked that BlueScope could shut down the steelworks altogether, which would see Australia lose annual production of 5 million tonnes of steel and permanently 10,000 Aussie jobs.

Cheap Chinese Imports cause Australian Job LossesWe voted Labor, then in desperation we vote Liberal, only to be let down just the same.

Wake Up Australia, LibLabs are the same!

So another world-standard manufacturing industry is set to be lost by Australia to the Third World because of naive the neo-liberal ideology of “Free Trade”- shared by Labor and Liberals alike.  Remember Fraser and Whitlam became best political mates.

What is the Liberal-National Party Government doing about?


Instead they’re flogging more free (unfair) trade with China, South Korea, India, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and with anyone who is not Australian.

The Liberal Party in Victoria is to spruik its support of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) with massive advertising campaign paid for by Australian taxpayers (those of us who are left).   The ads will suggest that those unions which have doubts about whether Chinese contract labour will flood the country – are racist.

Yeah yeah.

He’s one of the Liberal ChAFTA propaganda ads:

Happily Ever ChaftaYep, he’s Chinese.  The advert has been hocked from the Australia China Business Council website.  It is a doctored image from the Shanghai Zhongfu Group based in Shanghai which owns Kimberley Agriculture Investments and 13,400 ha of our taxpayer-funded irrigated Ord River Scheme.  But it’s 100% Chinese run by chief Jian Zhong Yin.  All produce will go direct back to China, tax-free! 

Good for Chinese. Even the XCMG dozer in the background is Chinese.


The ads will do something else. This time the Liberals insert a whole new issue of social engineering into their propaganda.
A ‘normal’ family dismisses the unions’ claims. Mum, dad, junior – and his Chinese girlfriend.

Clearly the girlfriend is important to the advertisement as she features strongly and is assured by the family that the nasty unions will not prevail. That can only mean that it is some sort of social engineering issue. The Chinese person is seen as the target of a proper and argued campaign about jobs. We would say that this interpretation of the campaign is quite wrong, but there it is. So what does it mean?

Are we to assume that a choice of ‘girlfriend’ means that this family is a wake up to the unions’ claims that cheap labour from China could enter the marketplace? Are we to assume that the guarantee against falling for the unions’ propaganda is to adopt a girl from China (sic)? Are we to assume that the unions should be attacked by those families with an intrusive Chinese person? Are we to reason that we may no longer discuss this sort of vital question as it might ‘upset’ a single person?

Strange stuff. Indeed, it is racist in its own way. It makes an assumption that this sort of family is superior and more righteous and more economically tuned in – than others.

The Liberals are obviously all for this ChAFTA. All patriotic Australians should oppose it.

Andrew Robb sold out Australia for Cheap ChineseLiberal Party Andrew Robb happy with his Cheap Chinese, paid for by Aussie workers paying tax

Here’s the story as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald Oct 4, 2015…

Liberals to release China FTA attack ads branding unions ‘racist’

“Labor’s leader says his higher education reforms, and China FTA amendments to protect Australian jobs, are the points of difference between Labor and the Coalition.

The Liberal Party is set to raise the temperature in the fight over the China Free Trade Agreement, with attack ads that accuse “ratbag unions” of stoking racism against the Chinese.

The TV campaign is due to be released later this month, but a leaked copy of a script, obtained by Fairfax Media, shows the Liberals will pull no punches in attempting to counter the expensive anti-FTA campaign sponsored by the CFMEU and other unions.

The ads, paid for by the Victorian branch of the Liberals, will complement a $9 million government campaign promoting the deal. Trade Minister Andrew Robb has handed nearly $7 million to media buyers to place publicly-funded ads on TV and in print.
“We ask the question of whether this a racist attack on the Chinese”: Michael Kroger, Victorian Liberal president.

“We ask the question of whether this a racist attack on the Chinese”: Michael Kroger, Victorian Liberal president. Photo: Justin McManus

The leaked script shows the Liberal Party’s ads begin in a “suburban living room” with a 20-year-old Australian man on the couch with his arm around his Chinese girlfriend.

The couple are watching the union attack ads on TV with the man’s parents.

Father: They’re at it again

Son: Who?

Father: A ratbag union in the building industry is running racist TV ads against the Chinese. Last year Bill Shorten was attacking the Japanese

Girlfriend: I thought Australia wasn’t like that?

Mother: Most Australians aren’t, love

Father: But some unions have been running racist campaigns for years

Son: Why doesn’t someone stop them?

Father: Bill Shorten should stop them.

The leaked script says the ads end with the slogan “Free trade is good for Australian jobs”.

Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger told Fairfax Media that the ads had been designed to address an “undercurrent of racism” in the union campaign, which claims Australian jobs will be threatened by the FTA.

“We ask the question of whether this a racist attack on the Chinese. We ask that question,” he said.

In response, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten accused the Liberals of taking the “low road”.

“These kind of pathetic insults prove the Liberals are losing the economic argument,” he said.

Mr Shorten also took aim at the government unleashing a taxpayer-funded campaign before the enabling legislation to progress the China FTA had passed parliament.

“Malcolm Turnbull and Andrew Robb are spending taxpayers’ money to sell an agreement that fails to safeguard Australian jobs. Australians don’t want more taxpayer-funded advertising, they want safeguards for Australian jobs,” he said.”

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