Liberal Sophie Mirabella intimidated by Violent Anarchists at Melbourne University

University of Melbourne Chancellor, Elizabeth Alexander, has apparently rejected claims that a violent protest against former Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella on May 19, 2014 in a Arts Faculty lecture theatre could have possibly involved students of her University.

At the invitation of the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Arts, former Liberal MP and graduate of the university, Sophie Mirabella, was asked to deliver a lecture to first-year Australian media students.    The University of Melbourne had appointed Mrs Mirabella as a public policy fellow.

Sophie Mirabella

Yet within minutes of starting her delivery, Mrs Mirabella was rudely heckled by a butch feral Lesbian out of the audience.

A legitimate journalism student filmed the incident and said the protesters interrupted Mrs Mirabella’s lecture before she had even been introduced to the class.

Melbourne Socialist Alternative

Several protesters descended the theatre stairs and went for Ms Mirabella. Two held megaphones and ranted accusations of racism possibly because she is white.

Video footage shows Mrs Mirabella being jostled by pink-shirted protesters as she was escorted to safety by police and security.

Multiple security guards had to find their way to the lecture platform to rescue and protect Mrs Mirabella from the pink-shirted Socialist thugs and to clear a path for her to be safely escorted by police out of the lecture theatre inside the grounds of the University.

Socialist Alliance in pink tops

The protesters chanted “We’ll be back”, and so were booed by the Arts students.

The University is adamant that it has any student associations that allow or include anarchists or socialists, so the protesters must have been outsiders trespassing on university grounds.   Further clarification may be sought from phoning 03 8344 6140 or emailing the head of the university itself:

In a statement, Melbourne University seemed to condone the protest as part of political rigour in its student education, “freedom of expression”.

Security remains lax at the university allowing anyone not a student to enter campus grounds, so allowing two megaphones to be smuggled in undetected.  As protests by extremist groups like Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative and Antifa have become larger, more frequent and more violent, student and staff safety on campus at the University of Sydney has become a problem.

Police confirmed they were called about 10am to the Grattan Street campus where about 20 protesters were demonstrating.   Despite the fracas, Victorian Police policy is to turn a blind eye in political protests and to wear the punches.  Victorian Police have since reported to the media that they have no plans to make any arrests or to pursue the matter any further.

Socialist Alliance Green HTV Australia luckily so far as not experienced the regular shooting violence of our cousins in America, such as at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School.

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But University of Melbourne security is so lax as to ignore the possibility of political nutjobs without warning expressing their political views, and not just with megaphones.

The former MP was appointed a public policy fellow at her alma mater in March, in a role the university said would involve her assisting students, delivering lectures and organising public policy seminars and forums.

It seems unlikely she will return.  Why would she?  Why should a visiting dignitary have to cop such intimidation by brainwashed feral scum?

The incident is similar to the mobbing of Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop by violent Anarchists and Socialists when she visited the University of Sydney. Security staff had to usher Ms Bishop from the scene while students heckled her.

And whose behind all these violent protests of late?

Socialist AlternativeThe usual suspects