Liberal Party’s unilateral impost of 12,000 Syrian Muslims will only harm Australia’s western society

The Liberals can’t be trusted to keep dangerous Muslims out of Australia.  PM Abbott promised to stop the boats.  But it was electoral deception; he continued the planes.  Liberal Immigration Minister Dutton keeps adjusting his spin about Abbott’s 12,000 Syrians.  Most have no ID.

Dutton reassured host Australians they would be 90% persecuted Christians – and so assimilate.  Now we learn they are mostly Muslims.  Muzzies stay in ghettos and want mosques.  They cost and harm Australian society.

The Syrian refugees were going to be settled in western Sydney around Liverpool and also in northern Melbourne.  Now regional towns are to cop them.  There were supposed to be 12,000 Syrians, but now Dutton is “open to taking more” and not just from Syria, but also now more Iraqis.  Perhaps Europe will dispense with their massive overflow of those who conveniently  call themselves “Syrian” onto Australia.

Perhaps his humanitarian spirit will extend to ISIS refugees bunking up in Canberra at the five-star Hyatt on his elitist tab?

What is clear is that Australians cannot trust the Liberal Party on what it promises.

Under Tony (‘stop the boats’) Abbott, in 2013-14, Australia took in 212,700 foreigners.   The annual intake of about 200,000 has been fairly constant year on year since Rudd in 2007, peaking at 300,000 a year in 2009.   In 2015 it is 190,000.

Migration to Australia 1976-2010

Most immigrants cluster across western Sydney and outer Melbourne, flocking together by language and culture – encouraged by conspicuous multicultist policy.  So every year Melbourne and Sydney have to find housing for more the 200,000 new immigrants.  Most are Asian – from China to India.

No wonder Australia’s housing advocacy ‘National Shelter’ has recently dismissed Melbourne and Sydney as rental basket cases.  No wonder immigrant congestion has made these cities affordable, if not unlivable.   Read More:

Public infrastructure in Sydney and Melbourne can’t cope and so the urban standard of living in these cities is steadily descending from being First World to being Second World.  Forcing Third World problems on the First World is core to the communist agenda of the United Nations.

But it’s not just the sheer volumes.  Treacherous politicians like Peter Dutton are inflicting Third World socially corrosive Muslims on Australians as well.

Kevin (recall ‘Big Australia’) Rudd and Julia Gillard during their seven-year backstabbing reins (2007-2013) unilaterally let in over 50,000 welfare seekers to Australia by boat – mainly from in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.  All came mainly from civil wars in which Australia had previously followed Uncle Sam in strategic geo-political interference and stuff ups.  All were mainly Muslim and later it was revealed that many had no identification or dubious identification.

In addition, unreported by the Leftist media (ABC/Fairfax), Rudd-Gillard Labor (2007-2013) immigrated and swamped 1.5 million foreigners on Australia – 80% dumped on Sydney and Melbourne, with the rest mainly on Brisbane, Perth, Darwin.

Labor’s pro-Muslim invading episode copied that of Tony Blair’s New Labour in Britain.  Blair has destroyed Britain as we know it.  Like in Britain, urban areas of Australia’s capital cities are Muslim enclaves. There, Muslim crime is out of control, we get riots and terror attacks on our home soil and our goals are overcrowded by violent egotistic Muslim men.

On September 8, 2015 then PM Tony Abbott unilaterally imposed 12,000 Syrian welfare seekers on Australia.  This means doubling Australia’s already over-generous and unsustainable “humanitarian intake” from 13,750 to 25,750. That’s half of Rudd’s 50,000 boat people.  ‘Humanitarian’ for whom?  Muslims are better in their own orthodox society, not imposed on our Christian-based western society.   Abbott’s legacy is one of flying welfare seekers in by plane.

Americans reject Obama’s unilateral impost of 10,000 Syrians

US Leftist President Obama unilaterally wants 10,000 Syrian welfare seekers imposed on the American people in his last term of office.   This will bring to 70,000 the total number of so-called refugees Obama want to invite for 2015 alone.

But the FBI says it can’t be sure who the refugees are.  Most in the refugee camps have destroyed their identity documents.  So many could be not Syrians, but other nationalities.  Many could be militants or even terrorists, like those who shot up Paris two weeks ago.  Syria is all but a failed state and their are no citizen database records left.

Last month America’s FBI Director James Comey acknowledged the U.S. has a dearth of information about the Syrian refugees to fully vet them for entry into the United States.  On October 1, 2015, Acting Associate Director for the USCIS Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate (FDNS), Matthew Emrich, admitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest that the government of Syria does not have any databases that the U.S. government can access to run security checks.

Previously last February, FBI Counterterrorism Division Michael Steinbach, stated “the concern is in Syria..”you are talking about a country that is a failed state, that is—does not have any infrastructure so to speak, so you—all of the data sets, the police, the intel services that normally you would go and seek that information don’t exist.”

US Rebublican Representative, Bob Goodlatte, has warned Obama that admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees without first ensuring they will not be a threat to the American people is “ill-conceived.”

Muslims don't integrate, they take overMuslims don’t assimilate, they take and then take over

“I am disturbed that U.S. refugee policy could again be used as a mechanism to enter the U.S. by foreign nationals who want to do us harm. We must prevent even one American from being harmed by Syrian refugees resettled in the U.S, and thus we must take the concerns of security officials seriously,” Goodlatte writes.

Republicans in many states of America are refusing to accept Syrian refugees, fearful that the so-called humanitarian intake will merely become a “a federally funded jihadi pipeline” for Islamic State (ISIS) operatives to take advantage of.

So if America with all its intelligence resources can’t be sure of the backgrounds of so-called refugees, how can Australia have a rigorous vetting process when there is no identity data? 

German Interior Minister declares 30% of Syrian Refugees are Fake

In Germany,  despite Leftist Chancellor Merkel’s bind open door invite to all Syrians, Germany’s Interior Ministry has revealed that of the 527,000 Syrian migrants who have arrived in Germany this year, a third are not Syrian.  Practically a third of asylum seekers coming to Europe have forged Syrian passports and IDs to make naturalization easier.

The business of forged Syrian passports and IDs being sold for less than $1,000 apiece is flourishing.  In Bulgaria alone, 10,000 fake Syrian passports have been seized, the Telegraph reports, “which is likely to be only a fraction of those in circulation elsewhere.”

But the numbers are even greater.  In August, de Maizière said Germany estimated it had received 800,000 refugees this year.

Muslim migrants at Giessen bus stop, GermanyNew scenes in Germany – Muslim migrants at a bus stop in the regional town of Giessen

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière told reporters in Berlin on Friday, “We are seeing forged Syrian passports. There are people who claim to come from Syria but don’t speak a word of Arabic,”    De Maizière says the refugee crisis was “out of control,” acknowledging that even if an asylum seeker is not from Syria, they could eventually win refugee status after being properly processed.


Peter Dutton unilaterally decides to impose the Syrians on regional Australians

Look out regional Australia, here come the Syrians and their all bloody muzzies!

Liberal Party Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has just announced that instead of Liverpool having all the welfare seeking fun, Dutton is to despatch 7,000 of the 12,000 Syrians to:

  • Wollongong
  • Newcastle
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Albury
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Dubbo
  • Armidale

If you guys don’t have Islamic domestic violence, gang rape, home invasions, drive by shootings, FGM, sharia, closed streets for mat kissing and mosques you soon will have!

Dutton's Islamic invasion coming the regional AustraliaPeter Dutton’s Islamic invasion heading to regional Australia!


These regional cities across New South Wales already have ethnic problems with Third Worlders from North Africa and the Middle East – all Islamics!

And Dutton claims that his officials will provide assurances all potential troublemakers are being weeded out in a “rigorous checking process” – even when the might of the FBI can’t!  Dutton is doing a Turnbull, playing down the Islamic Threat. She’ll be right. The prospects of any of the 12,000 “are remote,” he said.  “I’ve talked to the Commonwealth over the past few days and have been assured the security and background checks that are being done for each of the families are extra robust, which is why we won’t start to see a real flow of these refugees until after February or beyond.”

Dutton is simply lying through his political teeth.

Peter Dutton, Palm BeachElitist Immigration Minister lives at his $2.3m Palm Beach pad, at the other end of the Gold Coast from the Arundel Mosque

Rob in Aus says:  “The real troublemakers are the deluded politicians that keep bringing in incompatible migrants.  This is despite the clear examples of the consequences, such as the huge financial cost, massive social division, terrorist attacks and the Islamization of Europe – and this is only the start.  We can give some help but not at the cost of our own country and culture. Voters need to reject any party that supports our country’s demise.”

Heather in Aus says:  “We have never had such crime as rapes , murders, child abuse , spouse abuse since we have accepted these people willy nilly from overseas. Every headline in the papers I read lately is a crime committed by a person that came from one of THESE countries. Years back there was nothing but cars stolen , shop lifters  and bank  robberies . Think about it people , have you  not seen the BIG change in the crimes that are being committed lately and by whom ??”

Greg in Aus says:  “Muslim refugees should be resettled in Muslim countries. The stats say the vast majority of asylum seekers are on welfare after five years here.”

Muslim Rioter Benjamin Homan, gaol free cardIf you see a suspicious beard, do not touch it. 

2012 Hyde Park Rioter Benjamin Homan (a muzzie) – got gaol free card


And forget regional unemployment and 25% youth unemployment of ordinary Australians in these regional cities,  Dutton will not only arrange for free housing, free Medicare, free food hampers and free childcare and education for these thousands of Syrian Muslims.  Dutton has gone out of his way for find them jobs.

Dutton and Liberal Premier of NSW smiling Mike Baird have met with big business to offer taxpayer-funded subsidised jobs for them.  The Libs have approached Lend Lease, Australia Post, Toll, Accor Hotels, AMP, Harvey Norman and the Sydney Business Chamber to ­secure jobs and training opportunities for the new arrivals, ­together with sponsorship to help children attend school.

Those with relatives ­already in Sydney would be settled ­locally, but others would be ­encouraged to move to regional areas with the promise of education, health and job services.


Dutton: Australia could take even more Syrian and Iraqi refugees

Since Abbott’s unilateral 12,000 Muzzies declaration, Dutton on November 8, 2015 announced that his immigration door is open to take EVEN MORE refugees from Syrian and Iraq, on top of Abbott’s 12,000.

The 12,000 are already over and above Australia’s existing 13,750 annual quota for humanitarian visas.

Dutton visited the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan earlier this week, a visit he said was “confronting”.

“In the camp there were 40,000 children and seeing kids run around in that environment is not a pleasant sight,” he said on Sunday. “Many of them have lost family members, people from their own villages, and obviously the camps are overflowing but the difficulty, of course, is that the situation is only going to get worse in Syria because there’s no quick fix, no political outcome.”

Hey, the population of Tamworth is 40,000, so Dutton is considering a Syrian muzzie satellite the size of Tamworth.

He changes his mind every week.

Dutton, this is the definition of “confronting”:

Muslim Illegals storm ashore at Greeces Port of PiraeusRefugee Advocates:  “Australia is a rich country, we can afford to take them in.”