Liberal backbench impatience playing into Labor hands, a medium term boon for Australia First

To those following Australian politics, the 24-hour ‘fly-crawling-up-the-wall‘ media cycle seems to have infected regional party politics with mutiny.  Media froth and lather over an insignificant ‘knighthood pick‘ seems enough to condemn the master of a steady ship in a storm to walk the plank.

Of course, the current personal attacks against PM Tony Abbott and the constructed sensationalism reek of Labor electioneering strategy behind the scenes.  Labor elements are directing Leftist dominated media in Australia – the ABC, controlled by Mark Scott a Gillard legacy appointment and Leftist newspaper group Fairfax Media.

Now News Limited’s columnist Andrew Bolt is siding with Fairfax?  He says of Abbott’s ‘knighthood pick‘:

Bolt:  “This is just such a pathetically stupid … gosh, I didn’t mean to be that strong because I actually like Tony Abbott very much. But this is just such a very, very, very stupid decision, so damaging that it could be fatal.”

With friends like Andrew Bolt, who needs enemies?  The ABC played Bolt’s statement over and over on national television and radio.  Bolt is naive and he thinks he knows what he is doing:

Hear Bolt deride Tony Abbott on Fairfax/Macquarie Radio on January 29, 2015:

Is it because Andrew Bolt presumes he’s to be employed under the new $200 million merger between Fairfax and Macquarie Radio.  Sydney’s Ray Hadley and Alan Jones under new Fairfax management may then both be on borrowed time. How will the Fairfax Left tolerate these two Liberal propagandists?   Singo is getting out and Bolt is getting in, buttering up to the new owners.

Then a few impatient Liberal backbenchers are set to repeat history by doing a ‘Gillard backstabbing‘ of Tony Abbott. Liberal backbenchers Dennis Jensen, Mal Brough and Warren Entsch have publicly disclosed their lack of support for Tony Abbott as either Prime Minister, Liberal Party leader or both.  Jensen, Brough and Entsch seem to be leading an internal revolt within the Liberal Party in reaction to recent political events and media froth.  It’s Labor dysfunction copy-catted.

Arguably, last weekend’s shock state election loss of Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party in Queensland is a wake up call against leadership electoral arrogance and neo-liberalism – privatisation, import dumping, foreign buyout of local wealth.  In the Northern Territory, the ruling Country Liberals last Monday night voted to depose divisive Chief Minister Adam Giles for someone less divisive.  On Australia Day, PM Tony Abbott unilaterally announced his nomination of a British royal family elder for an Australian knighthood.

Each event is newsworthy, but hardly related.  Yet, these headline news items have come on the back of repeated rejection of Treasurer Hockey’s budget reform bills in the Senate by Labor and by cross benchers.  Hockey’s marginal $7 GP co-payment was beset by a fierce Labor counter campaign. Abbott backed down. His replacement $20 Medicare rebate cut, also saw his new Health Minister quickly backdown. His university cuts and deregulation have been blocked by Labor in the Senate. On Abbott’s extravagant personal pet project, Paid Parental Leave scheme, his struggling budget has forced him to back down.

Abbott’s reforms are stalling and so is his government.  Abbott has succumbed to foreign distractions at the expense of local Australian priorities.

While Abbott secured an electoral mandate to steamroll reforms and budget repairs through in the lower house, the ultimate success of these has demanded a more consultative strategy in the Senate.   Labor since its overwhelming electoral defeat in September 2013 remains in denial that it caused budget problems.  Labor’s strategy has been to abuse its power in the Senate to deny Abbott’s reform legislation, and so to make Abbott look ineffective.  In the eyes of naive Liberal backbenchers, Labor’s strategy is working.

Tony Abbott reflecting on 2014Incumbent PM Tony Abbott, same blue tie neo-liberalism as LNP Campbell Newman

Blaming Abbott only plays into the hands of Labor. Abbott is Labor’s target.  Get rid of Abbott and Labor starts on the come back trail.  The Labor Party must be rubbing its hands, harnessing the horses, mounting the steeds and taking up their positions.

For mutineers Jensen, Brough and Entsch to launch an internal revolt against their leader, is naive impatient selfishness. Jensen, Brough and Entsch are regional Liberal backbenchers.  Jenson is a Western Australian and culturally anti-Abbott because of Abbott’s very Sydney-centricity.  Brough and Entsch, both from Queensland, have first-hand witnessed the cyclonic destruction of the LNP by disaffected Queenslanders.   All three feel on the outer.  They may as well be Labor stooges.

Now Mr selfish arrogance himself, former Victorian Liberal premier Jeff Kennett, has weighed in like a fourth member of The Four Stooges, publicly condemning Abbott on the Leftist ABC by stating “the leadership of the party is now terminal.”

Politically Naive Labor StoogesThe Four Mutineers may as well be The Four Stooges of Labor

So if these four egos get their way, what is the political scenario that they haven’t thought through?  Recall the electoral treachery of false independents, Oakeshott and Windsor, who were voted in by their conservative constituents, only to then switch ideology to side with the wicked witch.  Their betrayal and legacy live in infamy.

But let’s say the Liberals vote Abbott out for one of three divisive leaders, Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop or Scott Morrison. Hockey will go with Abbott. Then the Nationals will ideologically split from a more centrist Liberal Party.  Labor will play on the government chaos and steadily gain voter traction. The anarchists will be frothing.

Shorten will be internally sidelined by the Labor faceless for more popular and Left-compliant Tanya Plibersek, a card-carrying Far Left socialist.  Relentless pork-barreling and populist promising by Labor will see a Plibersek Labor coalition government with The Greens after the 2017 federal election.

Then under three years of a socialist Labor government, spending will soar and the illegal boats return in earnest.  Labor cuts funding to critical services like it did under Rudd – Customs lacks the resources to tackle illegal guns and narcotics. Millions of foreigners including Muslims will come into Australia just like in the UK under socialist Tony Blair.  Muslims will exceed one million in Sydney and burqas will be everywhere in Sydney streets. Multiculturalism will be entrenched.

Muslim MPs become voted into New South Wales Parliament, demand sharia law be steadily introduced.  Australia’s government debt skyrockets under Labor spend thrift.   Australia loses its credit rating and our economy becomes a basket case following Greece.

The 2020 election sees a minority Liberal back.  The Nationals refusing to share power.  Labor continues to control the Senate.  Australia has a minority ineffectual government that cannot pass legislation.   Organised crime builds and gangs become commonplace in streets of Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane.  The economy stalls into recession, which becomes a depression.  Millions of Australians are out of work, including most of the public service. The public service is outsourced to the Philippines and India. Imports from free trade have destroyed what’s left of Australia industry. Chinese state corporations have bought up most of Australian agriculture exclusively for export back to China.  Most goods in the shops are now made in China. Urban crime is rampant, Islamic terror cells form and Australia approves its 1000th mosque.

Drug crime becomes out of control. Gaols are overcrowded with foreigners.  Law and order breaks down.  Civil unrest breaks out between Australians and the waves of immigrants on taxpayer welfare or otherwise taking over Australian property.

With most Australians finally waking up for the need to return to the fundamentals of Australia society, this scenario can see Australia First Party coming increasingly into favour.

Tanya Plibersek

Tanya Plibersek, the face of Red socialism waiting in the wings.