Lakemba stabbing in Sydney by migrant Tongan Sateki Siale who couldn’t find his machete

Sydney’s most ethnic crime ridden western ghetto region, last weekend bore witness to yet another murder by an immigrant.

It doesn’t take much for barbaric refugee types to resort to violence and murder. Ask Sydney women.

Arab Simon GittanyImported Arab Muslim Simon Gittany was found guilty in November 2013 of throwing his fiancee over the 15th-floor of their Sydney CBD apartment in 2011.


Labor and Liberal let ‘the barbaric scum in, then Sydney and Melbourne are forced to live next door or move away.

Last night outside a unit block on Garrong Road, in Sydney’s notorious non-White suburb Lakemba, as a party was finishing late, a son was talking to his elderly hearing-impaired father.   45-year-old Mr Kelly Ventigadoo had to talk up so his dad could hear him.

Apartment neighbour, Tongan import Sateki Siale (24) complained that their conversation was too loud. Despite the father and son agreeding to quieten down, a drunk Siale allegedly slashed the son’s neck with one of his beer bottles, severing Kelly’s carotid artery and taking his life – Kelly’s elderly father watched on helplessly.

Sateki Siale, a full-blown Pacific Islander was arrested at Campsie Police Station on Sunday afternoon after police had searched for him.

Sateki Siale

Siale appeared in Burwood Local Court today charged with the murder of Mr Ventigadoo, was refused bail and will remain behind bars until his next court appearance in December.

Beer Bottle Attack


..if found guilty, Siale should be found guilty of murder and get mandatory 25 years gaol.  That sentence handed down in Australia should then trigger auto-deportation permanently for Siale for him breaching the conditions of his Australian residency/citizenship – by being convicted of a serious crime in Australia.

Australia’s bilateral treaty with Tonga, should have Siale auto-deported back to where he came from (aka Tonga) to serve out his Australian court imposed 25 year custodial sentence in a Tongan gaol.

Same rule applies if an Australian does the crime in Tonga, the Australian serves the Tongan custodial sentence in Australia – quid pro quo.

But what is probably is some soft-cock lefty judge who was appointed from the ranks of leftist criminal defence barrister, will gift Siale 4 years for manslaughter.  The mockery that is Australia’s criminal courts only encourages many Aussies to take the law into their own hands.  That way Siale would be heading back to Tonga next week in a body bag.