Labor’s Kristina Keneally $150M pecuniary misappropriation in 2008 – da twang-mullet-cum-flick hides skeletons

July 2008 and the filthy rich Catholic Church has conned the New South Wales Government to fund staging its six-day Catholic World Youth Day in Sydney.

Kristina Keneally is a devout Catholic and so as Labor puppet Munster for Planning, misappropriated $150 million from the public purse to personally indulge her religious mates in a Pope fest – Catholic World Youth Day, paid for unbenownst by the NSW ratepayer. Perhaps so Kristine could feel spiritually closer to da Pope, even if corruptly.

Red-suited up Labor’s chick puppet

Her real American name was Christine Kerscher of Las Vegas, of German ancestry.  Then at World Youth Day in Poland in 1991 when she met her husband-to-be Ben Keneally.  So her connection to Catholic World Youth Days is deep.  Kristina’s then Labor connections scored Ben a $280,000 a year job as Deputy Chief of Staff for then Premier Morris Iemma in 2008.

Iemma went and in 2010, to knife replacement Premier Nathan Rees who wasn’t towing the Labor Party’s Terrigal faction line, Sussex Street faceless decided to botox and flick blow-dry Christine’s image.  ‘Kristina’ was launched! Christina became Kristina, and so Kristina Kerscher Keneally or KKK was the red suited brand – less the white cross and blood drop.  Nice one.

 “Now I’m da flicked polly Catholic Immaculate”

So stop da races, it’s Catholic World Youth Day (WYD), and flick is besotted with da pontiff XVI.

It’s lamb with red currants and rosemary, beef stroganoff or pork goulash all round for 800,000 pilgrims – all trucked from Melbourne.

Keneally’s Randwick Racecourse bill to NSW taxpayers:  $150 million, excluding flick image to please Eddie Obeid.

Typical budget NFI Labor, Keneally reckoned, “Oh, it will only cost NSW taxpayers $20 million so I can meet da Pope.”  Try $150 million!

And the NSW Labor Government in 2008 was cash strapped.  After the event, NSW auditor-general’s report calculated that the final outlay for Keneally’s World Youth Day indulgence was $120 million.

And that didn’t include another $30 million for direct services provided by other government agencies on a dodgy marginal cost basis.

  • The salary cost of NSW government staff seconded from other agencies to Keneally’s ‘World Youth Day Co-ordination Authority’
  • Overtime worked by other NSW government agency staff in relation to World Youth Day matters
  • The salary costs of those staff in other government agencies whose substantive positions had to be backfilled
  • Incidental costs incurred by NSW government agencies were not charged to the Authority, and not recognised in the Authority’s financial report (i.e. at various times other government agency staff worked on World Youth Day related activities as part of their normal duties) – dodgy accounting.
  • The NSW Police Force, the Authority largely paid for the overtime worked by police officers on duty for World Youth Day, however, those officers remained under the control of the NSW Police Commissioner, and not under the authority of the World Youth Day Act 2006.
  • The NSW Parliamentary cost of drafting and passing Keneally’s World Youth Day Act 2006 in advance.
  • In-kind services received from the NSW Police Force not appearing in the Authority’s financial report “as the value could not be reliably determined”.
  • The racing industry was compensated $41.1 million out of taxpayers money, even though the horse trainers at Royal Randwick Racecourse had estimated the compensation should have been $50M.

Labor’s girl in power?

And only 400,000 Catholic pilgrims turned up, half the 800,000 bullcrap guestimate by Keneally.  The dumb bitch can’t estimate or budget.

She was a puppet for the Catholic Church, a global organisation that in 2004 generated almost $23 billion, owning property and other assets worth more than $100 billion.

KKK was installed by the Terrigal faction of the NSW Labor Party in 2009, as Edie Obeid, Joe Tripodi and Tony Kelly deposed of Premier Nathan Rees on 3 December that year.

She lasted two years as NSW puppet premier protégé of Obeid (currently serving five years in prison for corruption) presiding over economic doldrums – the worst unemployment rate and lowest economic growth in the country, wasted millions on transport projects that were never built.

Karl Stefanovic “Why would you back anyone so hopeless?”

And the dumb bitch wants to restart the people smuggling racket:  She wrote in the paper “There is a solution to Turnbull’s Nauru and Manus Island problem that doesn’t depend on the whims of an idiotic and unpredictable US president: bring the refugees to Australia.”
It’s Gillard-Rudd re-birthed.

Nothing has changed.  Labor has just parachuted a pretty puppet into Bennelong and dug up dirt on the incumbent.

Whatever it takes Labor.

Labor’s glove puppet is baaack.


She’s now Bill’s Girl for Bennelong