5 June 2023

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LibLab ‘Asianisation’ policy imposed on Australians

So it is pretty clear that more Asians are walking and dominating the streets of Australia’s cities of late. Why? Is this a good development?

Well…back in ‘April 1984, at a meeting in Warnambool, Professor Geoffrey Blainey who was then Dean of History at the University of Melbourne made the statement: “Australia is being Asianised.”

Over twenty years hence, in 2008, we find that Asiatics now comprise over 8.8% of our country’s population.  Just recently in the Sydney commuter Mx newspaper ran the following article:

‘China flights on the rise’

‘The Federal Government has negotiated a temporary increase in the number of weekly flights between Australia and China…During the past year more than 410,000 Chinese visitors have travelled to Australia, an increase of 16% on the previous year.”

[Mx newspaper, 20th Oct 2010, p.7]

LibLab (alternating Liberal and Labor party governments] policy for immigration has opened the flood gates on any foreigner desiring a better life in Australia. The Laborals have said – ‘yeh, no worries – more immigrants make our immediate economic demand performance look good.’

But the pollies don’t care – as ‘popularist’ NIMBY candidates they just think of their Parliamentary Pension for Life.