Immigration ‘debate’ driven by immigrants

Fairfax journalist in the Sydney Morning Herald on matters economic, Ross Gittins, says this month ‘a few facts would be useful in the migration debate‘. [‘A Few Facts Would Be Useful In The Migration Debate‘, SMH, 11th December 2010.]

What immigration debate? The one driven by immigrants inviting more of their foreign mates to come and further undo Australia? Traditional Australians have had immigration up to the back teeth!

As soon as Rudd uttered those terminal words ‘A Big Australia‘ his worthy days as PM were numbered.

Gittins has peddled a new publication by the Laboral guvment’s ‘productivity commission‘, which as the name suggests is commissioned to drive all things that support ‘productivity’ – notably more immigrants! It claims to be ‘independent’ yet is a paid arm of the liblab guv’ment and states its broad policy guidelines ‘improving productivity’ and ‘promoting development’.

So we may guess as to the recommendations what the productivity commission makes in its recent booklet: ‘Population and Immigration: Understanding the Numbers‘; which Gittins is promoting with his mass media access. Read Report

Notable key points in the report are:

  • ‘Since the 1980s, net overseas migration has overtaken natural increase as the major contributor to Australia’s population growth.’
  • ‘Migration flows are shaped by the economic and social motivations of migrants and by government policy in Australia.’
  • ‘Net overseas migration has grown strongly during the past ten years, with most of the growth being in the ‘temporary’ categories.’
As if it ain’t bloody obvious, economic migrants, not refugees, are the main reason why Australian capital cities are so overcrowded. Gittins sees a need to ram this point home given all the corporate media froth and bubble over asylum seekers, since the corporate media remain conspicuously silent on the real social problem – the daily plane loads let in through Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth airports.

Corporate media either are addicted to TV footage of boat people, or more sinisterly they want to divert [public attention away from the plane loads.

Gittins highlights that historically Australia’s population growth is one of the highest in developed countries, having increased about 1.6% each year, “causing to double to 22.3 million over the past fifty years” mainly from net migration. This net immigration is mainly from economic immigrants including those on ”457” business visas scabbing Australian jobs with foreign families in tow.

LibLab undisclosed immigration policy has seen net immigration rise 2 % last year bringing in 313,500 more foreigners. – a third of a million of them!

What Gittins and all his economic analysis fails to realise if he actually did some primary research and got out into the maternity hospitals and child care centres is that those immigrants are mainly responsible for the high fertility rate as well.

‘The commission doubts whether Peter Costello’s baby bonus has had any significant effect on fertility’ – assumes Gittins.’

Come on! Spotting the Aussie at Westmead, Royal Melbourne, Mater and Perth’s King Edward maternity wards has become a rarity. Westmead is full of pregnant curry munchers. Most urban childcare and crèches are full of new Australians born to immigrants. Don’t forget though many are New Zealanders flocking here too, so you can’t always tell.

Australians didn’t vote for immigration; the LibLabs imposed it!

Now look at the ethnic hubs – overcrowded Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and their ethnic sprawl, congested roads, trains, buses, and where Aussie kids are now the minority at school and marginalised.

While traditional Australian families are conservatively stopping at the standard two children, efnic families are importing their old country breeding habits. They’re the ones picking up their brood from school in brand new people movers and go home to McMansions in their efnic enclaves.

Tar this opinion with a ‘racist’ brush? Wrong! We shouldn’t give a toss where these people come from or what colour their skin is when we are discussing the population question. These are two very different questions, which the liberal-minded refuse to address.

When we see traditional Australian families missing out, priced out of the local housing market, unemployed, on the street…and while Australia’s indigenous live in Third World poverty, Australians have had a gut full.

The efnics just take over. Best we look after our own before extending invitations to foreigners – a lesson for all nations.