Antifa Australia – full of social anarchists holding open Australia’s immigration floodgates

‘Red Anti-Establishment Fundamentalists’


Antifa is a collection of misfits, who aspire to social anarchy Communism and Left Wing fundamentalism. The term ‘Antifa’ supposedly is short for Anti-Fascist, but fascism died out with the German, Italian and Spanish facists in World War II, so are they living in the past?

Antifa is a dangerous social anarchist collection of fundamentalists who condemn all private property ownership and who seek “free association of people living together and cooperating in free communities”.

In Australia, read who their friends are!

  • Socialist alliance
  • socialist alternative (trot)
  • Communist party of australia
  • Communist party of australia Marxist-Leninist (maoist)
  • barricade bookstore (anarcho)
  • jura books (anarcho)
  • Black Rose books (anarcho)
  • Socialist party australia (trot)
  • Communist league
  • Spartacist
  • Revolutionary socialist party
  • Solidarity (trot)
  • Trotskyist platform
  • Socialist equality party

These are the idealistic types who see the world as a global village, who aspire to forcing everyone to live in communes (like Pol Pot’s Kmer Rouge) and who encourage mass immigration for as many foreigners as possible to come and live in Australia.

‘Anti-facism’ is just a term to attract anyone who dislikes racism which is just about anyone! It is about as obvious as a term ‘anti-racism’.

Antifa thus has become a cult, attracting vulnerable and impressionable members of our society to join their bizarre anarchic cause.

Antifa claims its goals are:

  • To educate people about discrimination, yet it displays callous intolerance of anyone with an opinion different to theirs.
  • To deny people property ownership
  • To make the world a better place for international society, so that people of all walks of life can move and migrant and live anywhere they choose! ..knock knock – we’re moving in!

They probably have immigration offices and agents in most poor and third world countries processing applications for Australian immigration!

More OneWorldist extremists to watch out for.