Labor Party’s latest faction ‘Nasty Women of Inner West’ a sad coven of White men haters

The leftist Labor Party has a sad new frustrated ‘Hillaryesk’ faction of hateful feminazis.  They call themselves the ‘Nasty Women of Inner West‘ (Sydney) and they are nothing but a gaggle of frustrated feminazi extremists.

Headed up by Šešeljevci Yugoslav communist and feminazi, Tanya Plibersek, the hateful five faction comprises:

  1. Tanya Plibersek (Labor Deputy Leader, career politician, Labor Member for Sydney, emily lister, married to former heroine dealer)
  2. Carmel Tebbutt (Labor Party former Deputy Premier, career politician, former Marrickville councillor, emily lister, wife of Labor’s Anthony Albanese)
  3. Anna York (Labor candidate for Inner West Sydney Council, career politician, former unionist, feminist, former NUS president)
  4. Jenny McAllister (former president of Labor Party, climate change Green-leftie, career politician, feminist, married to a Labor MP)
  5. Joanne Haylen (Labor member for Summer Hill, previously Marrickville councillor, leftie career politician, parachuted into Carmel Tebbutt’s seat, worked for leftie Anthony Albanese and socialist PM Julia Gillard.

Where are the black lesbians?

Describing themselves as “Nasty Women of the Inner-West”  these anti-White, anti-Male cougars covet the votes of dark-skinned, non-Australian-born beta males instead, obviously believing that non-White men such as Somali moslems will be more pliant toward their agenda. Makes sense.

Playing identity politics is sure to be a winner for Labor, which believes that all the “mediocre” White men who died in the service of this country are good for nothing more than to have their memory urinated on by radical feminists.

Labor’s Misandry Panel including Senator Jenny McAllister (second from left) and NSW state MP Jo Haylen (L), with former deputy premier Carmel Tebbutt (R) as MC. Anna York is pictured second from right.


None has ever held down a real job, instead spent their entire lives in leftist politics funded by corrupt union slush until they’ve weaseled on to the ratepayer/taxpayer teat.

On June 29, 2017, he coven met secretly at the Petersham Bowling Club, deep in Sydney’s smelly, feral inner-west. It was innocuously branded Anna York’s Women in Government event, primarily to fund Anna York’s candidacy for the Stanmore Ward of newly merged Inner West Council.

Labor’s Anna York, former radical NSW president of the National Union of Students and committed feminazi

The bitch’s Facebook:


Anna York is yet another union Labor polly.  She did a degree in politics and went straight to the unions then Labor.

In 2016 the Liberal Party dictatorship of Herr Mike Baird, forcibly merged many local councils across New South Wales including those of Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville which have become effectively a ward of Macquarie Street – Inner West Council.   Inner West Council has 5 wards: Leichhardt, Balmain, Stanmore, Ashfield, Marrickville.

Lookout Inner West Council and the good burghers of Stanmore – those whom are left.

Inner West Sydney has become a feminist cauldron of anti-Australian leftism, where a lot of the PC social engineering hate is dreamt up, where social and sexual deviance has become the norm, where and student anarchism and multiculti welfarism for illegals is orchestrated, and where Greens and gollies cavort in vegan sheltered workshops waiting for a turn in politics.

Anyone normal is quickly weeded out. If you’re a normal White male then you are in the minority and treated with contempt. That’s why tradies charge double for jobs in the area. It’s for the attitude they have to put up with.

The meeting was a fundraiser of attending feminazis.  It was MC’s by Labor’s former deputy premier of NSW Carmel Tebbutt.   It staged a discussion panel calling for a feminist quotas in party politics, government and the public service from the current 27% average to well beyond 50%.  Anna York has called for mothers and female carers to have senior leadership roles in public service and government, even if they turn up one a day week.

AWOL Defence muster Marise Payne would set a shining example to inspire mediocre women. Anna York works as a project leader for the Boston Consulting Group one a day a week and consults for Jawun Indigenous Corporate Partnerships as a ring-in.

The event targeted men in power, hatefully calling them collectively ‘mediocre white men’, as if such women are even up to that standard.  Men were decidedly banned from entry to the event.  The misandrist coven has demonised the normal red-blooded bloke as another leftist acronym ‘SAWCSM’, apparenty standing for Straight, Able-bodied, White (Wealthy), Cisgendered, Sexual Male.

Anna York called the event part a “resistance” and labelled Stanmore as “the centre of the resistance”.

The gang of five – Plibersek, Tebbut, York, McAllister and Haylen – are behind a current misandrist publicity campaign designing a feminist bumper sticker reading ‘give me the confidence of a mediocre white man‘ with ALP branding.  These were sold at a Labor Party fundraiser for public distribution.

Devisive sexist hate campaign by this new faction in the Labor Party

They are bound to be seen on cars around inner-west Sydney and when attract the response they deserve.  And if you’re a Greens-Labor voting woman who doesn’t hate men, tough titties!


Now the ‘nasty woman’ tagline is not original.  It has been plagiarised from US feminazi Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign last year – Hillary lost ‘biggly’ to Trump and the leftists and feminists have been in Hillary denial ever since.

Role Model:  “So, if you a nasty woman or you love one who is, let me hear you say, hell yeah!”


Other bumber stickers of Anna Ward’s council campaign read ‘nasty women of the inner west unite‘ and ‘making history, keep fighting, proud to be a nasty woman‘.  It’s quite sad.  The campaign sheltered workshop must have had too much marijuana in the vegan fondant.


It’s Julia Misandry Gillard’s Emily Listers gone feral and even more frustrated.  Like they’re delinquent teen girls who’ve morphed straight from puberty to menopause, completely missing out on the joy of male company.  And these lot all went to girls’ schools and got taught by nuns.

Labor’s Stanmore Ward Platform for September 2017

  • White Men No Go Zone for Inner West Sydney, else a toll with a mandatory ‘W‘ label around one’s neck
  • 90% totalitarian feminazi quota for all government, public service and corporate boards (nurturing females excluded)
  • Childcare welfare for the Third World
  • Ratepayers to fork out $200,000 for tranny bands funding Safe Schools in Marrickville
  • Ratepayers to fork out $500,000 to foster Labor’s ‘Perfect Match’ graffiti go-for-it programme
  • Labor to splurge on Vivid light show to Newtown costing $1M per year – Meth/Ice Addiction Treatment clinics can wait
  • Totalitarian conversion to Greens energy – “Your household will experience blackout if you don’t convert!
  • So hang loose and meet your homeless dudes in Camperdown Park – BYO.

Selected Comments in the Media:

Greg:  “And here was me thinking all the idiots were on the Turnbull faux Liberal side of politics!!”

Stephen:  “Gotta give the ALP one thing, they know how to do mediocrity well, just look at their “A” team, Shorten, Plibersek, Wong, Burke, Bowen, Marles, most of them are striving to even get to mediocrity.”

John: “Thankfully most women don’t agree with the views of these noisy, sexist females. It is a shame though that boys are increasingly hearing that they should not be proud of themselves or of their fathers. Do these women activists treat their own sons in the same way they treat other males – with their disparaging comments?”

Ivan:  “The feminist movement is striving for superiority and not equality.”

Deborah:  “I think all of these supposed mediocre white men should band together and lodge a complaint with the HRC. I think they have a good case. Nasty Woman says it all.”

Ray:   “@Deborah The HRC does not have legislation based on bias against white men.  Besides that white men will take care of themselves, and the HRC will be staffed by women. Just like the Sex Discrimination Commission. They have no legislation to act on behalf of ‘white men’ as a group, or on gender on behalf of males.”

Brad:  “Unfortunately these “women” devalue the very beautiful and high value roles women should have in society. Equal but different. If we lived by such a standard then there would be balance. Unfortunately this is just power grabbing under the guise of femInism”.

Bronwyn:  “Its amazing that labor are carrying on about these stickers that were by distributed by their own members and how it will have an effect on their campaign yet they think its ok to run a scare campaign with lies about medicare being privatised by the Liberals and scaring pensioners and low income earners into voting for them. KARMA I would say. HAHA.”

Rimmer:  “Only in the left.”

We liken the hateful coven to spiders, big hateful spiders,metaphorically portrayed in the following vdeos:

 What does one buy a feminist?