Halal migrant butcher hacks Australian woman to death in another Melbourne home invasion

Trust a muslim with a knife?  They are fanatical about knives, blood and killing.  That’s what ‘halal’ is – just an excuse by the cult of barbaric islam to frenzy in ritual death and torturous suffering.

Australian woman Rani Featherston (34) on Doveton, close to Melbourne’s notoriously ethnic crime ghetto Dandenong, was stabbed 21 times in the face and head by a frenzied muslim doing one of Melbourne regular home invasions.

Rani Featherston (34) – victim of Islamic Terror in Melbourne


Pakistani import Christian Bain-Singh (24) – his Anglicised name to get jobs – has an obsession with big knives, blood and killing.  That’s why he’s a butcher.

Christian Bain-Singh (right), an ‘islamic terrorist’ – he’s islamic and he caused terror on two separate occasions

In 2014, the islamic carried one of his halal hunting knives and invaded Ms Featherston‘s home.  When she managed to escape outside for help, Bain-Singh chased her down the street with his big knife for 500 metres into the next suburb of Eumemmerring, before catching up and hacking into her in a frenzied attack.  Da islamic left her to die on the street in a pool of blood.  Just like halal.  He admitted to Ms Featherston’s murder.

Jihad is Halal of Whites

The Victorian Supreme Court heard that Bain-Singh in his Facebook site at the crime scene then bragged on his smartphone:  “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog”.

Christian Bain-Singh is a failed Paki butcher because he’s not interested in the meat cuts, just the killing and all the blood.  Bain-Singh constantly handled knives, even while reading a book.  He’s a wannabe jihadi.  He had worked at Jeff’s Meats butcher in Doveton but stole from his employer and so got the sack.

Bain-Singh also did the rounds of the many country abattoirs around Victoria that have been pressured to convert to islamic halal.   Victoria’s halal abattoirs secretly have installed imported livestock throat slitting gear from the Middle East and they each have a ring-in Iman to bless the carotid spurting ritual.

The government says if they do that, they can employ Third World scab labour from islamic countries on 457 visas, instead of local Australians on a decent wage.  Plus they can claim government leftie subsidies.

Luv-a-Duck‘s halal abattoir in Victoria’s western district town of Nhill is a classic example. With a local population of around 2200, the boss John Millington got AMES and Deloitte Access Economics to arrange a scab workforce 200 Karen Muslim illegals from Myanmar (Burma) invade the town on 457 scab visas to produce halal duck meat.

At a country abattoir near you

The violent home invasion and frenzied murder of Rani Featherston came 11 days after Bain-Singh’s unrelated home invasion in another Doveton home, stabbing sleeping home-owner Daniel Maynard.  Bain-Singh was doing the rounds of Doveton community probably on a bridging visa and with no background checks.

“Mr Maynard had awoken and tried to defend himself with his bare hands as you continued stabbing him,” Justice Beale said.  Da islamic admitted to attacking Mr Maynard in his bed while he slept, leaving his left hand “slit down the middle and gaping open” and severe head wounds. Police found a 12-inch knife on Mr Maynard’s pillow.

Bain-Singh’s offences were shocking, but he was remorseful and had good rehabilitation prospects, the ignorant soft-cock judge reckoned.

Outside court, Mr Maynard, who has been left with ongoing physical and mental injuries, told journalists he doubted Bain-Singh was truly sorry. “Remorse is a big word … some people say it but don’t know what it means,” the victim said.

Bain-Singh pleaded guilty to Ms Featherston’s murder, as well as aggravated burglary and intentionally causing serious injury in relation to a separate attack on Daniel Maynard in his Doveton home.

Yet Victorian Supreme Court judge Christopher Beale considers that Rani Featherston‘s life if only worth 22 years without parole for the islamic bloodthirsty murderer Singh.  The shite is a prime candidate for Gitmo with the orange overalls, hood, waterboarding, pork diet, the works – for the term of its evil life.

It was another islamic terror attack played down by Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews – bad for Melbourne tourism see!  Indeed, First World countries like Australia are so in denial about all the muzzies they’ve let in amongst the local population, that for an islamic terror attack to be officially declared in the media as an islamic terror attack there is a string of prescriptive pre-conditions.

Censorship Trend of Islamic Terror Attacks

For an Islamic Terror Attack to be Declared an ‘Islamic Terror Attack’:

  • The perpetrator must be islamic
  • At least three bystanders must have been killed, and be deemed ‘innocent’
  • The perpetrator must have used frenzied violence, typically causing lots of blood spurting, simulating an halal abattoir mess
  • The perpetrator must have shouted ‘allahu akbar‘ during the attack and displayed the index figure point to ‘paradise’
  • The perpetrator has proof that he/she is a paid up member of an islamic terror group, not just with wannabe affiliations or Facebook likes
  • The same islamic terror group claims responsibility – registered mail to Premier Andrews within a few days
  • The perpetrator must have faced his victims towards Mecca
  • A PC committee comprising the islamic council must unanimously sign off on the declaration
  • A local petition call on the declaration is held in several marginal electorates of the incumbent government, to drag the Premier kicking an screaming.

However, like this example of Islamic Christian Bain-Singh and his hateful stabbing frenzy, most Islamic Terror Attacks are instead going misreported as just another violent crime, and dismissed as being committed by someone with mental health issues. The nationality, immigration status and cult connection is censored.

How many muzzies lurk now across Melbourne?  The 2001 Census recorded over 221,000. In 2016 it’s double that. Muzzies breed like rabbits.

The 2016 Census reckons there are a million of the hateful cult scum in Australia with invasion beachheads in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and with satellite cells at a country halal abattoir and butcher near you.


It’s Canberran Immigration and Multicultural Policy.

Programme for Clean Up Australia of Islam

  1. Australia to nationally outlaw Islam as an evil anti-Australian terrorist cult
  2. Repeal and replace Australia’s citizenship and immigration laws retrospectively to prevent any muslims in Australia holding citizenship or residency status
  3. All muslim criminals (non-terror related) in Australia gaols to be auto-deported
  4. Australia to sign a bilateral agreement with the United States to receive muslim terrorist at Gitmo
  5. All muslim criminals (terror related) in Australia gaols to be tranquilized and dispatched to The Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp to serve life
  6. All mosques to be decommissioned and demolished
  7. Practicing Islam to be made illegal, including all islamic teachings, and distribution of the Quran
  8. Australia to withdraw as a signatory to the leftist United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention
  9. Muslims and their offspring to be progressively deported to their country of origin, prioritising those with criminal history, on police watch lists, and found carrying weapons
  10. Halal abattoirs and butchers to have their licenses revoked nationally; halal slaughter and butchery banned as a cult practice
  11. Any form of sharia law practice or behaviour to be deemed an indictable offence triggering immediate deportation and lifetime exclusion from re-entering Australia  (segregation of the sexes, wearing burqa, nijab, hijab, niqab, chador, khimar, burqini, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, pedophilia, polygamy, underage marriage,etc).