Labor Familia to relocate to new Parramatta Clubhouse

Family corporate media reports that the infamous Labor Party is to move its New South Wales clubhouse from Sussex St in Sydney Chinatown out to Fullblown Fethnic Parramatta.

The chosen clubhouse building is to be the tired Gough Whitlam Plaza.

Ye ol’ 2YK concrete cancer building, snapped up by Labor
Yum Cha will be sorely missed!


NSW Labor Sergeant at Arms, Sam Dastyari (obviously a local), justifies the Party relocation move to Parramatta “to keep in closer contact with our traditional provide us with a greater opportunity for us to talk to avowed Labor supporters” in the lead-up to next year’s federal election.

How Berlusconi!   How Obeid!   How branch stacked!

Just like Tony Kelly, Minister for Deals – Lands, Local Government, Emergency Services, Rural Affairs, Planning, and whatever it took!

The trusted face of Labor


NSW Labor bully plant Robertson says a move to Parramatta is ” a great idea, sending a pretty powerful message that we are serious about … achieving cultural change within the party.”… so long as Robertson does away with old Obeid’s powerbroking structure.  Sussex Labor is all about Next Gen clubbies appealing to the Next Gen voters.

Bob Carr knew his generation was up at Sussex Street after ICAC got too close to Jewish Westfield favours.  Terrigals Familia ruled thereafter, inheriting Askinism before it.

So Labor’s recruitment of marginalised Mt Druitt’s hardcore is true to form. Labor like Mt Druitt is now immigrants only.

Labor Lore Leverages