La Trobe University’s pedo-deviant brainwashing school of Australian children

Orwellian Canberra’s taxpayer-funded ‘Safe Schools Coalition‘ is just more hateful leftard agenda against Ordinary Decent Australians.  It was contrived out of a sexual perversion uni lab at leftard La Trobe University in Melbourne’s outer north in the now AIDS enclave of Bundoora.

‘Safe Schools’ is a misnomer.  It is nothing of the sort, rather quite the antithesis.   That is why the Labor Party focused-grouped the ‘Safe School’ slogan. It had nothing to do with child safety, moreso pedo-immunity.  It is euphemistic propaganda to deceive.  It alludes to totalitarian historical comparisons.

It’s an absolute shocker of a programme, and the more Australians learn about it, the more they will be very worried indeed.

Labor Party Manifesto extends to Commo LaTrobe.

Spot an Aussie nationalist student at La Trobe and you should buy a lotto ticket.


The leftard brainwashing scheme targeting innocent school children was first let slip in 2010 in Victorian schools when socialist and former useless Education Muster-cum-PM Julia Gillard, imposed it on the 98% of normal students.  Any opposition was typically vilified as ‘homophobic’.

Pretending to be an anti-bullying program for our schools, it is nothing of the sort of course. It is a roll-out of institutional cultural Marxism in Australia schools, and the more we learn about what is in it and who is behind it, the more it stinks to high heaven.

Recently it has tried to re-brand itself as La Trobe University’s ‘Student Wellbeing Hub‘.  More a Commo totalitarian punch-drunk hub for cult onformists.

Here’s an extract of da perversion:

“Safe Schools Coalition Australia provides a range of resources to help school staff create safer and more inclusive environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, school staff and families. Our teaching and learning resource, titled All Of Us, is designed for use by school teachers with Years 7 and 8 students (pubescent teens).

Safe Schools Do Better – an introductory guide to supporting gender diversity, intersex and sexual diversity in schools. It includes key research that underpins the need for more inclusive practices and practical information about how to create change.

Kick Starting Your Safe School – A Guide to Supporting a Student to Affirm or Transition Gender Identity at School a guide helping schools to support transgender and gender diverse students and their families.

Guide to Inclusive School Formals a guide supporting schools to ensure that school formals, debs, dances or other events are inclusive for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students.

We provide seven worrying aspects of La Trobe’s Roz Ward‘s child abuse cult which all concerned parents need to know about this radical social engineering program. Use this information to inform others, including politicians, about what a damaging and destructive program this really is. At the very least, all Federal funding (that is, our tax dollars) must be pulled from this revolutionary activist program.

Parent’s Worry Number 1

Pedo-Deviant Brainwashing Worry #1

The so-called ‘Safe’ Schools Coalition is not about anti-bullying. If it were, it would talk about the main cases of bullying: those who pick on those who are too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too pretty, too smart, too dumb, etc. But instead it is all about one thing only: the promotion of homosexuality and related sexualities.

It is making pedophiles and deviants feel safe from persecution to fiddle with kiddies with impunity in dark school rooms, with parents unaware.

The site itself says this:

“Safe Schools Coalition Australia is a national coalition of organisations and schools working together to create safe and inclusive school environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families.”


“Where’s Mummy?  I want my Mummy.”


Consider what we find on the Safe Schools Coalition “Resources” page:

Growing up Queer

An Australian pilot study that explores how homophobia, transphobia and heteronormativity impact on…

OMG I’m Queer

Created by young people, OMG I’m Queer talks sexuality and gender identity.

Guide to Supporting a Student to Affirm or Transition Gender Identity at School

A step by step guide for schools supporting transgender and gender diverse students.

Guide to Hosting Inclusive School Formals

Use this resource to make sure that your school formal, deb, dance or any event is inclusive for…

All Of Us – coming soon

Our ground-breaking educational resource that supports gender diversity, sexual diversity &…

On and on it goes:


Pedo-Deviant Brainwashing Worry #2

The Safe Schools Coalition’s deviant programme is about radically transforming our schools, our children, and our society. A major player behind the SSC, Roz Ward (see more on her below) has produced all sorts of material which would shock most parents.

For example, consider the glossy, full-colour 36-page booklet, Stand Out. It is a real eye-opener, and you all should have a careful look at it.

Consider just one item, as found on p, 6: The idea that boys and girls should be able to use each other’s toilets is pushed here:

“Transphobia can also include specific restrictions on the way that students are allowed to express their gender; things like which uniform you’re allowed to wear or toilets you can use at school.”

Source:  (link since removed)

Moreover, the Safe Schools Coalition is constantly linking to all sorts of web pages, sites and resources which would also utterly shock all parents. One site regularly referred to is the Minus18 website. Their page on how to bind your chest is a real eye opener. It goes on to link to other sites such as

“The Tool Shed,” an international erotic toy store. Because of public pressure, that link has now been removed from the Safe Schools Coalition website.   Here is the sick reproduced article, as if straight out of a Adult porn BDSM website:


“Healthier and Safer Ways to Bind Your Chest

by Minus18 Crew Friday, 27 October 2017,

You’ve gotta make sure you do it right

Some people bind their chest as a way of dealing with chest dysphoria, presenting as masculine in public spaces or even just cosplaying as a character with a flat chest. You should chat to a trusted health professional before you start binding.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation out there about binding that can be unsafe, and it’s important that if you do decide to bind, that you do it safely. Check out this super useful guide on how to bind safely, including some more cost accessible methods.

Different Binding Methods

1. Bandages
Don’t bind with bandages. Nope. Not even just for a day. Don’t do it. Yes, I know Lady Gaga did it that one time. Don’t do it. Bandages are the least safe way of binding out there. They can cause permanent damage to your chest tissue, lungs and ribs. It’s not worth the risk, I promise you. Especially Ace Bandages! They’re designed to get tighter with movement – which is the last thing you want!

2. Layering shirts
This can be super useful if you’ve already bound your chest and you still have some visible chest tissue, or if you don’t own anything to bind with. It’s not hugely effective if you have a large chest, but hey. Better than nothing. A tight sports bra or undershirt under one or two larger shirts (button up shirts hanging loose, particularly ones with pockets on the chest are great for this) can make your chest look dramatically smaller.

3. Sports bra method
If you own a couple of sports bras at home, try this out sometime. A tight fitting sports bra can totally flatten a small chest, and for those of us who are a bit bigger, try layering a couple. If you wear one bra normally and a second one backwards, it can be even more effective. There’s a few guidelines to follow, though! Try not to wear bras that are more than a size too small- they might fit tighter, but they can be super damaging. And if they’re particularly tight, don’t wear them for too long! I keep to a rule of 8 hours tops. 

4. Neoprene
This is a thick, kinda rubbery material. Like wetsuits. Actually, exactly like wetsuits. You can buy back braces and the like made out of this that will work for chest binding too. Just do them up under your arm to hide the Velcro, combine with a loose shirt and you’re good to go. You might need to trim it a little bit to fit, but it’s easy enough to do! 

5. Sports compression wear
A lot of athletic companies make compression shirts. They’re easy to put on and often in stock at places like SportsMart so you can even try them on!

6. The pantyhose method
Stockings and pantyhose with a ‘control top’ can be converted into a super cheap binder. They’re not the most comfortable or effective things but when you’re stuck, it’ll help. Just trim the legs off, and cut a hole in the crotch for your neck- and voila! You might need to layer these, too, to make them more effective. Keep in mind that this isn’t the safest method, and try not to do it for long, but it’s good for an emergency. 

7. Professional binders
There’s a few companies that sell binders specifically for dealing with gynecomastia (growth of breast tissue) in cis men, and some that are even designed for trans people especially! Most of these you can only buy online, and they tend not to be cheap, but they’re the most effective method out there. With a bit of googling you’ll also find some good reviews of most of these to help choose before you spend all your money! 

Safety Tips

Some use binding methods to help alleviate body dysphoria, but it has a level of risk attached to it. Because you are compressing tissue, it can cause damage and potentially even breakages to your ribs if done improperly, if things go wrong with your ribs, it has the potential to be lethal. So it’s important to be careful, safe, and use correct methods to stay healthy, and look after your own wellbeing. Always talk to a health professional if you experience any pain or major discomfort.

Use the safest methods you can afford, and watch out for chafing, excessive sweating, rashes and pain. However, if you experience any issues around chafing, try wearing an undershirt or using a talcum powder under your binder of choice.

If you notice any pain in your chest, give yourself a breather and try to restrict yourself to 8 hours of binding at a time.

If you are having any difficulty breathing or are experiencing pain, take your binder off straight away. And be sure to get yourself to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible if that doesn’t make it go away.

Take breaks from binding, too. If you’ve been binding every day for a week, maybe stay home for a day where no one will see your chest, or try layering shirts for a day or two.

Remember, above all else, to listen to your body!”

 Sign This, La Trobe University!

Pedo-Deviant Brainwashing Worry #3

Then there is all the helpful (not) information on how students can engage in all sorts of questionable activities, such as how to cross dress:

  1. Provide students the option of wearing any part of your school uniform regardless of gender.
  2. Categorise uniform options by type rather than by gender, i.e. ‘shirts’, ’trousers’, ‘accessories’, rather than ‘boy’s uniform’ and ‘girl’s uniform’.
  3. Enforce uniform standards equally, regardless of gender identity (e.g. hair length, make up, jewellery, short and skirt lengths etc).
  4. Explicitly acknowledge transgender and gender diverse students in your school uniform policy or dress code.

Source:  (since removed by La Trobe Uni, so we replaced the link)

We also have on the Safe Schools Coalition website a page devoted to the children’s book, The Gender Fairy. The page begins with these words:

“Only you know whether you are a boy or a girl. No one can tell you.” The book is “for young children aged four years+.”  The Gender Fairy begins with a story of gender stereotyping: two babies who are born and bought presents in pink or blue. And the gender fairy (who has a non-binary gender identity) answers questions for two young transgender children. Can I use a male toilet? (Yes, you are a boy). Can I wear girl’s clothes? (Yes, wear the clothes that make you feel comfortable).”

Source:  (since removed by La Trobe Uni, so we replace the link)

Pedo-Deviant Brainwashing Worry #4

We also need to look at some of the chief driving forces behind the Safe Schools Coalition. One of the major groups undergirding the SSC is the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS). And one of its main figures is La Trobe University sexologist, activist and Marxist, Roz Ward.

She is described as follows on the La Trobe site: “Coordinator, Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, College of Science, Health and Engineering, School of Psychology and Public Health, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society”.

Source:  (since removed by La Trobe University)

La Trobe University Hijacking Childhood

At a conference on Marxism last year in Melbourne she bragged about how she developed the SSC for the express purpose of implementing Marxism in the classroom. She has repeatedly spoken about how she wants to use the school system to agitate for Marxist economic and social policy.

Commo-dyke Roz Ward:

“To smooth the operation of capitalism the ruling class has benefited, and continues to benefit, from oppressing our bodies, our relationships, sexuality and gender identities alongside sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Both serve to break the spirits of ordinary people, to consume our thoughts, to make us accept the status quo and for us to keep living or aspiring to live, or feel like we should live, in small social units and families where we must reproduce and take responsibility for those people in those units.”

And again:

“Apart from social stigma and discrimination, almost every single structure in society is set up to accommodate only two possible genders, male or female. Everything from the toilets we use, the school uniforms, changing rooms, all official documents, passports, the process is that you go through airports, everything is divided into these two limited gender options.”


Check Out:

Pedo-Deviant Brainwashing Worry #5

Watch out for the paedophile connection. As we dig deeper into this nefarious program, we find all sorts of very disturbing connections, including the truth that those advocating for paedophilia have been active in the groups behind the SSC. Consider this from today’s newspapers:

Nationals MP George Christensen used parliamentary privilege to accuse Gary Dowsett, the deputy director of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University, where the Safe Schools Coalition project originated, of advocating pedophilia.

He cited an article by Dr Dowsett, published when he was a school teacher in 1982, in which he recounted having “a friend, a pedophile, who is working very hard on making sense out of his relationships with boys”.

“These relations consist of, among other things, a large amount of nurture and support for these boys, a real caring for their welfare and growth,” he wrote in journal Gay Information.

“We have three legal/social questions to win: custody rights for gay men and lesbians; the legal right of pedophiles and their young lovers; and, finally, the sexual rights of children as a whole. Those gains must be won for the kids, too. We need to protect the youthful partners in pedophilia against the legal and social management systems which treat them as delinquents.”

Dr Dowsett wrote that many mothers and fathers found their children “sexual” and activities such as cuddling, bathing and breastfeeding “generate sexual responses in their parents”.

“How different, then, is that gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a pedophile and his/her lover?” he wrote. “From all accounts, and from many academic studies — some worse than others — that kind of love, warmth, support and nurture is an important part of the pedophilic relationship.”

Source:  The Australian newspaper ‘Irate coalition MPs plan safe schools rumble‘.

Children of deviant adoptees are hurting

Fury over ‘X-rated’ sex education lessons in Victorian primary schools admin

Source:  November 6, 2017, Ashley Argoon, Herald Sun


Concerns have been raised about “graphic” images being shown to children as young as seven in Victoria’s primary schools.

Opposition education spokes­man Tim Smith said parents and family groups had approached him about the ­age-appropriateness of the Catching on Early: Sexuality Education for Victorian Primary Schools resource.

It includes grade 2 lessons featuring drawings of male and female genitalia, and grade 3 lessons featuring circumcised and uncircumcised penises, and more detailed drawings of the clitoris and prostate.

Pages about conception for grade 4 children explore assisted treatments, surrogates and same-sex couples.

Mr Smith said some of the images belonged “in an X-rated movie”.

Victoria’s primary school sex education program is exposing children as young as seven to graphic images.

One dad claimed his daughter, in grade 2 at an inner-east public primary school, became uncomfortable around boys after being shown drawings of genitalia in class.

“She didn’t want to go swimming because the boys had their tops off. We never had a problem before and then all of a sudden she did,” he said.

The government has defended the material. But the Opposition has vowed to scrap the program in primary schools and “let kids be kids”.

“Of course, sex education is vital, but kids as young as grade 2 should not be exposed to such explicit material,” Mr Smith said.  “It’s a disgrace that the ­Andrews Labor Government is teaching primary school children with material that belongs in an X-rated movie.”

Education Minister James Merlino dismissed the calls to overhaul the program, which was introduced in 2011 under the then Liberal government.

“It’s a pity Tim Smith doesn’t show the same ­obsession with investing in our schools that he does with sex education,” Mr Merlino said.

The government backed the material as an age-appropriate and optional resource.

The debate has divided family groups. The conservative Australian Family Association has called for a review while independent Parents Victoria ­labelled the student-teacher discussion of the human body “normal and healthy”.

AFA Victoria president Terri Kelleher said the images were “very explicit, very graphic” and “not appropriate”.

But Parents Victoria executive officer Gail McHardy said children today were exposed to “far more explicit materials”.

“There is no shame in any of this teaching material. To ­suggest otherwise is wicked and potentially detrimental to students’ health and wellbeing,” she said.

Orwellian wellbeing hub where kids cop indocrination and seniors cop euthanasia.

Pedo-Deviant Brainwashing Worry #6

Let the students in the schools and their parents speak for themselves. Consider what the students are saying. One 15-year-old Victorian school girl said this:

  • Impacts of “Safe Schools” spoken about in almost every subject, especially health subjects. It claims it is an opt-in program but when you are forced to do a health subject where it is integrated into all of them you can’t get out of it.
  • Becomes a higher priority than other more important world issues. One day the wall was filled with students’ posters about health issues in other countries and morbidity and mortality rates but then the next day the posters were gone and replaced with LGBTIQPEDO posters.
  • The posters are plastered all over the school. If you walk down the hallway you find posters. Entering the coordinators you find about 15 stuck in various locations. The posters are everywhere you go and it is impossible to not go by one every day. This means the content is taught as the truth to everyone even if they don’t really want to know about it. It is subconsciously being taught to everyone all day without them even noticing.
  • It makes students who aren’t LGBTIQPEDO (deviant) or who don’t agree with it feel inferior and those who do feel superior to others.

And parents are also greatly concerned about all this. Here is just one of them:

“I am shocked that my child’s primary school Marrickville West Public School has joined the Safe School Coalition! Our school is full of minority communities. Why should the LGBTIQPEDO fringe community have an anti-bullying program exclusively aimed at their needs? I am disappointed that I was not informed of this drastic change in my child’s school. I have a right to know what my child is being taught!”




Pedo-Deviant Brainwashing Worry #7

We have a number of terrific Coalition MPS really running strong with this issue now, calling for the program to be axed, or at least certainly defunded. Mention has already been made of all the terrific work folks like George Christensen have done to alert the public to this toxic program, and to seek to curtail it.

Also, Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz just said this: “My mind is made up: the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ programme is a bad programme based on advancing Marxist ideological interests, according to its own architect. It should be core business for every teacher in every school in Australia to stamp out bullying irrespective of its motivation. The programme should be abolished.”

And, “Barnaby Joyce will personally lobby Simon Birmingham to rein in the contentious Safe Schools Coalition anti-bullying program amid backbench outrage over the Education Minister’s ‘whitewash’ review of the scheme and claims one of its key proponents is a ‘pedophile advocate’.”


Sadly, there are hyper-left activists like the opposition leader Bill Shorten and the Victorian Premier who have fully defended this monstrous program. Concerning the latter, he just recently said this: “Anti-bullying program Safe Schools will continue in Victoria even if it loses Federal Government funding, Premier Daniel Andrews has promised. . . . Mr Andrews said if the Federal Government did cut funding for the program, the State Government would make up for the shortfall in Victoria.”


The Safe Schools Programme is yet another leftard agenda hell-bent on corroding, undermining and destroying Traditional Australian decent family values. And this time da Left are targeting Australians most vilnerable our young chlderen.  Of course ist is funded by Orwellian Canberra.’

While the Federal Government is rightly looking into institutionalised child abuse, by every account, the Safe Schools program amounts to little more than this very thing – the institutional abuse of children in the name of radical minority group activism.  Our kids today are being groomed by pedophile deviants to become a stolen generation.

Any program this radical, this dangerous, and this controversial must be carefully examined before being allowed to go any further. Australian taxpayers deserve at least that much. Given the toxic and depraved nature of this program and so many of those radical groups associated with it, it should be immediately suspended, until a full and proper inquiry into it takes place.


Source:  ‘Seven Things You Must Know about the Safe Schools Program’, Mar 17, 2016, by Bill Muehlenberg,


Leftard Organisations Unconditionally Supporting LaTrobe Univerity’s Child Abuse Perversion Programme

“Organisations across Australia are pledging their support for Safe Schools Coalition Australia. They want to see every school in the country safe and more inclusive for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, teachers and their families. All the organisations listed below have pledged their support.

Supporters pledge to encourage homosexuality, child abuse and pedophilia whenever we see or hear it. We are proud to support Safe Schools Coalition Australia and its deviant cult to ruin innocent children’s lives by brainwashing their minds to be bullied into experimenting with the perverted sexual behaviour of diverse and orifice-creative deviant including school staff denied ‘Working With Children Checks and their online pedophile rings.”


Logo Organisation Name State / Territory
Australian Secondary Principals' Association (ASPA) Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) National
Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) National
Beyondblue Beyondblue National
Amnesty International Amnesty International National
headspace headspace National
Black Dog Institute Black Dog Institute National
Australian Education Union Australian Education Union National
Constable Care Child Safety Foundation Constable Care Child Safety Foundation National
Independent Education Union Australia Independent Education Union Australia National
National Tertiary Education Union National Tertiary Education Union National
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics National
NECA Education and Careers NECA Education and Careers National
Foundation for Young Australians Foundation for Young Australians National
The Parenthood The Parenthood National
Gender Help for Parents Gender Help for Parents National
Australian Association for the Teaching of English Australian Association for the Teaching of English National
CPSU CPSU National
Young and Well CRC Young and Well CRC National
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Plan International Australia Plan International Australia National
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YEAH YEAH National
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Teen Support Network Teen Support Network National
The Australian Sociological Association The Australian Sociological Association National
Australasian Sexual Health Alliance Australasian Sexual Health Alliance National
Council of Australian Humanist Societies Inc. Council of Australian Humanist Societies Inc. National
Society of Australian Sexologists Society of Australian Sexologists National
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University of Canberra University of Canberra ACT
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Professor Jayne Lucke, Director of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University and Liam Leonard, Director Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV), said today’s resounding support for equal love and same sex marriage was a wonderful result.