Developer cartel Turncoat Inc. imposes mass immigration and swing-a-rat high-rise on capital city proles

“Let the proles swing rats up there. Backyards and waterfront pools are reserved for my husband’s inner party.”

Canberra’s GDP Con

Canberra’s narrow GDP growth used to measure national government performance is artificially premised on mass immigration driving demand.   Gross Domestic Product is an aggregate statistic that simply totals spending on a nation’s goods and services.  It’s so narrow a single dimensional economic metric, so shortsighted and delusional as to be an extreme unquestioned ideology.

Blind faith in pursuing constant GDP growth is a parable akin to the Rapa Nui demise and lemming suicide.

GDP blind faith is another unquestioning acceptance of a statistical measure issued by government (in Australia’s case, Canberra) to selfishly suit the powers that be.  It denies critical thinking in the face of solid evidence of being misleading.

GDP ignores:

  • The detail, the outlier statistics, the worst cases
  • Economic costs – welfare, infrastructure spend, higher interest rates
  • Debt cost, exposure and risk
  • National socio-economic health and resilience
  • Adverse social impacts – sprawl, congestion, erosion of social cohesion, ethnic crime, inflation, rising cost of living, environmental degradation, etc.
  • National wealth, disposable incomes, wealth distribution and indeed wealth per capita
  • Etc.

GDP is out of the same ministry of mistruth as Canberra’s skewed unemployment rate, national averages and polls.   It’s all book cooking.

If every Australian spent their credit card limits on the pokies, GDP would look just fantastic.  So go figure.

One alternative to GDP is the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI),and there are other metrics.  Yet for Canberra any talk of questioning the GDP gospel is taboo.  A steady state economy where things only ‘grow’ slowly and in the public interest is never on the drawing board.  The share in that growth is for the exclusive few – the Orwellian inner party of Turncoat Inc.

Behind the dystopia of Australia


In 2017, immigration accounted for two-thirds of Australia’s population growth.  That’s because Canberra invited foreigners to stay and because most Australians these days can’t afford to have kids and live above the breadline.  Unlike the flooding welfare seekers and their breeding frenzy, Ordinary Australians don’t qualify for all the United Nation’s branded ‘humanitarian’ handouts.

New World Order Tyranny

Not surprisingly, GDP was conceived by the United Nations after World War II, at the same time of mass migration of refugees to the First World’s new world like America, Canada and Australia.

This globalist push was compounded by the United Nation’s imposed Refugee Convention of 1951 and Australia’s Migration Act of 1958, which started undermining Australia’s sovereignty and our people’s self-determination.  Our ancestors’ hard-fought lucky country was further eroded in 1966 when leftard PM Harold Holt imposed The Migration Act 1966.  This unravelled Australia’s self-determining Immigration Restriction Act 1901, so betraying the protectionism of our nation’s founding fathers and opening the flood gates to the Third World swarthy hordes.  Leftard PM Whitlam then in 1975 imposed his Australian cultural erosion law – euphemistically dubbed the Racial Discrimination Act (against White Australia), to ban Aussies from complaining about the invading imps.

In doubt?

On January 1 2018, the newly appointed United Nations Secretary General António Guterres (a Portuguese raving leftard) revealed his new strategy to mobilize a massive global migration from third-world and other oppressed nations.

Guterres wasted little time after taking over for South Korea’s Ban Ki-moon as head of the U.N. to push his left-leaning globalist agenda to redistribute refugees – including millions of Muslims from militant dictatorships around the world – to Western nations like Australia. “[Mass migration] powers economic growth, reduces inequalities and connects diverse societies,” Guterres asserts in his article entitled “Migration can benefit the world. This is how we at the UN plan to help.”

Turncoat Inc.

Turncoat Inc. is currently running a developer cartel addicted to mass immigration to prop up GDP economic growth, while per capita each Aussie’s disposable income is falling, cost of living is rising, and quality of life is eroding.   As millions more arrive each year, the wealth is diluted, else concentrated to the developer class.  It’s the Turncoat Inc. developer cartel, whereby economic growth is propped up by the housing demand pipeline of 250,000 annual immigrants.  Yet he avoids a population policy or putting immigration rates to the democratic vote, and shuts down any questioning of immigration policy or debate as being racist and taboo.

Chanelling a million ethnics pipeline every 4 years


Ordinary Australians are the losers, steadily becoming marginalised Orwellian ‘proles‘ in our own country.  Australia’s capital cities have become overrun, congested and out-priced by flooding foreigners.

Rumpelstiltskin Value Capture

Turncoat Inc. is financed by multinational property developers, their banks and real estate agents.  Mr Turncoat has the dam gate locked open to feed the unrelenting housing demand of immigrants who cluster around their ethnic kind in urban ghettos in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In Sydney, Mrs Turncoat is Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission, hell-bent on driving high-rise growth corridors cross western Sydney.  As Mr Turncoat invites and channels the immigrants to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the developer cartel lobbies screams “lack of housing supply” and lobbies the states to rezone, release hinterlands for sprawl and approve infill high-rise. The states are compelled to cope and kowtow. 

Mr Turncoat announces his Snowy Hydro 2 scheme gifts $4.2 billion to the Sydney government to spend on immigrant infrastructure (rail and tollways) and another $2 billion to Melbourne to do likewise. Turncoat’s 2018 Budget funds the immigrant infrastructure.

Compliant Good Debt Scomo trumpets a $75 billion 10-year infrastructure blitz for growth corridors in (yep) mainly Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Residential growth corridors mean ‘value capture’ (exponential price hikes in lands suddenly approved to morph from one storey to to 25 storey value, and guess who own the land corridors – the donating developers standing by.

Weaving gold from straw – just add immigrants.


Yet the Snowy Hydro 2 scheme is set to be a loss making venture. It’s a rehash of the same con that was Snowy Hydro 1 (aka the Snowy River Scheme from 1949-1972), which had nothing to do with providing cheap hydro energy.  It had everything to do with facilitating post-war mass immigration that doubled Australia’s population from 7 million in 1948 to 13 million by 1972.

Developers make billions from the skyrocketing land values and converting Aussie housing into Shanghai swing-a-rat high-rise for all the immigrants. 

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are resembling shipping container yards.

As desperate Third World arrivals are so desperate for work, they accept pittance wages, so eroding Australian decent wages.  Four ethnics do and get paid the same as what one over-qualified career experienced Australian once did.

The public service at national and state levels has become a closed shop by immigrants employing fellow immigrants.  Arabs public servants employ fellow Arabs, Asians Asians, Africans Africans, Islanders Islanders.  It’s all birds of a feather stuff.

Native Aussies are being sidelined, on the employment scrap heap and forced out of the cities into the sticks.  Urban Australia has Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane each have no-go zones according to ethnicity.  It reflects the ethnically segregation in Australia’s prisons – Arab-only compounds, Islanders-only compounds, Negro-only compounds – etc.   Canberra’s anti-Australian multiculturalism ideology has effectively imported apartheid.

Australia may have created a thousand jobs a day last year, but it needed to just to keep up with a rapidly growing population.  At the same time as the Government has effectively baked in high immigration through its budget forecasts, it is also trying to contain real spending growth to 1.6% per year.

Mrs Turncoat, is hell-bent on Rudd’s Big Australia lunacy to be concentrated across her Third World high-rise vision for a mega western Sydney.  In her salubrious Point Piper Palace overlooking Sydney Harbour she cares not of the apocalyptic ruination.

Turncoat Inc’s Point Piper Palace at 46 Wunulla Road on Sydney Harbour

Mrs Turncoat is hellbent on imposing an additional 1.4 million ethnic arrivals upon Sydney to 6 million in 20 years, and to 8 million tripartite metropolis by 2056.

The backyard is to be banned and swing-a rat suicidal shipping container stacks the new Sydney dream.

Congestion is set to become as bad as Bangkok, that commuters will have to work from their cars because by the time they arrive at work it will be time to go home.  Canberra will link up with Sydney and Melbourne, just like how the Gold Coast has become indistinguishable from Brisbane.

Open space will be murals on billboards – a reminiscing memory.  Euthanasia will offered as part of a home delivery funeral package including a mobile crematorium.

Buy one, get one free

The growth model is paid for in the displacement of the Australian People and in the destruction of the country’s resources and its environment.

End immigration.  Do not deal with ethnics.  Withdraw Australia from the leftard United Nations.