Islamic Frankenstein Daniel Andrews is coming to Bendigo to tell Aussie patriots how to spell ‘Bendigo’

Frankenstein Daniel Andrews is coming to Bendigo this Saturday (tomorrow) to tell protesting Australian patriots how to spell “Bendigo”.

Andrews just gifted half a billion to can the East West Link – not his money, not Labor’s money.

Daniel Andrews Franskenstein KidProblem is, Andrews is not that gifted


Still, Labor’s mussie luv’n Victorian Premier is travelling to Bendigo on Saturday to tuck into halal kebabs with traitor mayor Peter Cox, who is set to benefit from the mosque.  Cox has committed, saying he had no doubt the mosque would be built.  He has connections with the halal Bendigo Bank.

Bendigo Bank corrupt

Frankenstein Andrews has described as “hateful” the campaign against the Bendigo mosque, saying that none of the rabble can even spell Bendigo.

Frankenstein has seconded hundreds of smelly lefties (Melbourne Anarchists) to rail it from Southern Cross station into Bendigo Station, letting them all on for free.  The train guards have protested the stench and so have requested an RDO.

Daniel AndrewsAndrews will be taxpayer ComCar driven of course – knows no limit to Labor spending

“My message to the wannabe Islamic community in Bendigo is that you’re hardworking people and they deserve our respect. And we intend to make sure that they get it.”

Mr Andrews said those protesting against the mosque “wouldn’t be able to spell Bendigo”.  “You’ve got people who wouldn’t know how to spell Bendigo coming to Bendigo, trashing Bendigo’s good name.”

For this Premier of Victoria to now weigh in and condemn tomorrow’s rally against the Mosque in Bendigo – and then even act as the superior ‘educated’ man towards patriotic people – suggests to us that the United Patriots’ Front (UPF) has drawn real blood.

This anti Mosque rally is about a lot more than a cultural intrusion into an Australian community. It is about alleged corruption, about a game-plan to socially engineer the Bendigo district (and it must have been colluded long ago) and about local ‘businesspeople’ who hope to profit from construction and other work. It is about the ‘new vision’ for Bendigo as a town for foreign students and (cheap) labour for certain industries. In other words, it’s about the same raft of traitors we see in every city and town in regional Australia who want to ride off into the sunset of the globalized economy, multicultural and (allegedly) prosperous with them calling the shots.


Stop the Mosque

Frankenstein lies through his ears.

The UPF has support right in Bendigo and has increasingly taken the lead in the fight on the Mosque. It has expressed the true Australian values against the globo values of the Premier. They are the ordinary Australians against the profiteers. That is the real cultural clash happening tomorrow. It is the clash of those who cherish the land founded and defended by the Australian People against those who have no historical country just the new globo land they call ‘diverse-Australia’.

In fact, it is the Premier’s de facto allies, the anti racist dross and so-called anti fascists, who will trash Bendigo tomorrow. They will come to intimidate and attack ordinary Australians and damage property and burn Australian flags. His friends will pretend they are not part of them and will hold other meetings and show their moral quality as they sing the song of diversity. Behind the scenes, they hope the anti racists and anti fascists do their worst.

Bendigo Stop the MosqueAustralia First Party members will be there Saturday.