Is AEC simply as corrupt as the Asians to our north?

AEC Corrupt

Asian politics is systemically corrupt – consider Malaysia, North Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, etc.

But they’re Third World so it goes without saying.

Yet in Australia’s First World Society, Australians expect a higher moral standard.

But then we have our Electoral Commission, so consider the following:

  • Bribing donation totalling millions by corporates can be made to political parties in secret
  • Political parties have set up dodgy money laundering rackets to accept such donations
  • Any registered voter can vote multiple times at multiple booths, and for decades the Labor Party has encouraged it (for its members – it;s an inherited union culture thing)
  • Anyone can become a polling official including immigrants – there are no enforced background checks – so you can have a strong political bias such as being a member of a political party
  • Many migrants work for the AEC because the Liberals and Labor in government at federal and state level have a strict policy of ‘multicultural inclusion’ (read: Australian exclusion)
  • AEC has a poor record of misplacing ballot boxes.
  • Electoral Commissioners are all “controversional”, which means they had political persuasions, like Andy Becker and Ed Killesteyn losing a booth load of votes.
  • AEC’s current Commissioner rules publicly to recognise as formal, voters selection ‘1’ only above the line on the Senate ballot paper, yet across Australia, AEC ‘Returning Officers’ are strictly contradicting this rule, telling voters their vote will be informal unless numbering 1 to 6 above the line.

Australian democracy deserves better than this charade.


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