Invading Africans savaging Melbourne to be repelled by ‘It’s Ok to be Melburnian Mums and Dads’

In absence of Victorian Law and Order to protect Melburnians, concerned Aussies feel compelled to defend their families. Many are more proactive than naively entrusting Dan Andrews keystone cops to protect their loved ones.  Under Dan Andrews Labor, marauding Sudanese can do no wrong and so terrorise Melbourne with impunity.

Beyond Melbourne, Victorians now being invaded, and forced to adopt self-defence else face the same savagery being inflicted upon White South Africans.

Victorians, you have been warned.  It’s currently not OK to be White in Victoria without being forearmed.


Living in Melbourne is now a civil war. Mothers are being home-invaded, car-jacked, burgled, raped..worse.


Sudanese mass deportations need to commence