It’s OK to be White Australian – NO! insists Anarcho-Greens

One planet in everyone’s backyard..except our white privilege MPs


“We Greens tell Aborigines what to say, ethnic migrants what to say, illegals what to say, because we know once we get them White welfare, they will be indebted to vote Greens.”

Greens leader Luigi di Natali:  “I’m not White, I’m proud Sicilian swarthy…should I unsubscribe to my skin bleaching therapy.”


Pauline Hanson’s White stunt motion in the Australian Senate today was clearly relevance seeking in the absence of policy.

Oddly, the redhead garnered support from 23 senators, including Kenyan-born Lucy Gichuhi of the Liberal-National governing coalition, Deputy Senate Leader and Trade Minister Simon Birmingham, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion and Deputy National leader Bridget McKenzie.

So it’s ok mainstream be well, Australian.


“Bloody hope so, me and my mate’s ancestors built and died for this country..”


Yet in the Senate, most globalist/mass immigration Liberals sided with Labor and Greens to reject the motion.

Cast your votes accordingly White Australia.