Hey White Aussie, try getting a job

What in the city?  Employers have got the upper hand and expect epic work experience to selfishly avoid the cost and effort of training new recruits.

The big companies typically only offer casual contracts, else pay crap wages like in slave cadetships, and the applicant ethnic queues outnumber any chance of even getting an acknowledgement email.

Back in the good old days during glorious White Australia, a fair day’s work earned you a fair day’s pay.  It was when trade unions actually served the worker.  Employment was either full-time or part-time as employees, not as ring-in casual contractors with ABNs so the boss could scab you of Aussie work entitlements, like you actually accrued annual leave.  If you were sick, you got paid sick leave.  The reward gem for loyal service over 15 years with the one employer was long service leave.  How many millennials will ever get to experience long service leave?

Instead, workplaces now are all contract-based with terms against the recruit and you are disposable at an employer’s whim.  it’s so unAustralian, like the worker rights causes hard-fought by our forebares never took place   We know because we hold the Aussie history of what was good and right.

All those government jobs insist on creeping leftism like Workplace Culture & Diversity that has nothing to do with merit and suitability for the advertised job.  In True Blue language, it just translates toAussies need not apply!

In 2019 Australia:

  • Almost one-third of Australian young people are unemployed
  • There are more than 120,000 homeless in Australia
  • Most work is now casual – in the 12 months to February 2018, more than a million workers changed jobs.
  • No bank will lend money to a casual worker to buy a home, so welcome to serfdom
  • 30% of households are deemed to be in rental stress
  • Only elite Australians have any savings they can fall back on
  • Lucky country?  Australians are thousands of dollars short of what they believe they need to deal with the daily cost of living, a survey has found that also reveals many people fear they will not enjoy their parents standard of living.
  • Consumer anxiety is at its highest level in two years
  • If you’ve got a job, do you trust that your boss will still have you there in a year from now?
  • If you think you’re being discriminated against applying for work as a young person, try being over 45 – worse over 55!
  • 3,128 Australians took their own life in 2017, most were young (under 30).  teachers won’t tell you that when you finish school. As middle class comfortably paid property owners they have no idea what’s it’s like out there now.
  • And what if you’re an independent young Australian who wants to or feels compelled to move out of the parents’ home?  Share accommodation is scary.

Thanks to elitist Canberra’s unwritten mass immigration and multicultural globalist policies, young White Australians, smart qualified skilled or otherwise are being systematically workplace condemned and culturally banished from urban Australia.

You may have been born and bred in the city suburbs with your Australian family, but forget renting or ever buying a home within Cooee of your folks.  You are subsisting in an increasingly alien neighbourhood, community and regime. It’s orchestrated White Flight to Rural Australia.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane are the prevail of migrants everywhere you look – work, housing, traffic, education, hospitals, sport, even our bloody beaches.

This is 2019 and your parents voted for this brave new world, naively entrusting Liberals, Nationals, Labor Greens, stooge independents.

The political landscape is pre-loaded with bias.  There are heaps for crap and lures and cons out there.

The only political party who cares for a restored traditional Australia is Australia First Party.  We are about many restorative policies that would restore White Australia sovereignty, wealth and hope.  We are the only registered political party in Australia that will end immigration immediately for starters. We are about the Fair Go for needy Australians – True Blue Australians – not the foreigners gifted unconstitutional citizenship by anti-Australian local councils like Yarra, Darebin and Fremantle which have form hatefully boycotting Australia Day.


We recognise that these are increasingly desperate times for Ordinary Australians