Greens want Tasmania to become Leftist haven for illegals

The Greens want to establish Tasmania as an asylum seeker haven where economic illegals get accommodated and assimilated  at the Pontville Detention Centre before automatic welfare funded life support in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim wants Australians to spend $5.4 million to have Tasmania recognised as an asylum seeker haven.

Once Muslims Get the Numbers we are Toast

And once again the Anglican Church has turned its back on Australians to come out demanding Australians forcibly accept economic illegals.  Anglican Bishop John Harrower of Tasmania has sided with The Greens in Tasmania demanding a return to the people smuggler model to encourage Third World migrants illegal entry to Australia via Tasmania.

Bishop John Harrower is abusing OneWordlist’s fabricated propaganda of ‘Refugee Week’ in Hobart to suggest Tasmania be treated as “offshore detention” for the billions of self-funded Turd Worlders seeking the good life down under.

Anglican Bishop John HarrowerPompous Git, just wants more parishioners,
just like The Greens need more foreign members


The foreign aligned bishop has put his missionary duty to illegals ahead of local Tasmanians, claiming it is his prophetic duty “to be salt and light in the communities in which God has placed us so that we show the light of Christ to the world.”

Then we learn that Bishop John Harrower is the Patron of the Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce, a coalition of Christian groups and leaders who have been calling on the government to show compassion to asylum seekers.

Bishop John claims Tasmania could have a illegal migrant led recovery.   “We could be employing Tasmanians in Tasmanian detention centres instead of on Manus and Nauru.”

And the Tasmanian Greens are all for it.  They are linked up with foreign-aligned Leftists, Amnesty International and the Tasmanian Refugee Rights Action Group.

Australian Traitor

We say leave poor struggling Tasmanians alone!  A better offshore island for processing illegals is Heard Island.

Heard Island