Greens Di Natale’s 50,000 Third World annual alien invasion policy

The Greens, since Italian extremist Richard Di Natale took over, have become Australia’s Extreme Far Left party.

Forget tree hugging, Senator Di Natale’s Greens dogma is to ruin Australia by mass Third World alien invasion.

Greens LaborThe New Face-Hugging Greens


Last week, Di Natale declared The Greens pledged to swamp Australia with 50,000 Third Worlders every year – 40,000 on pure welfare; 10,000 on scab work visas to directly unemploy 10,000 Aussies.  And that is year on year.

The Greens Official Policy Statement they callA Better Way“:

“To provide safety for 50,000 people, the Greens will increase the number of people Australia helps from 13,750 to 50,000 per year; fairly and efficiently assess people’s refugee claims where they are waiting and establish a Skilled Refugee visa program for 10,000 people.”

The Greens 50,000 annual refugeesArmy of alien parasites forced upon Australians


That is a full Suncorp Stadium or Sydney Cricket Ground load every year, or the entire population of Mildura, year on year.

City of Mildura population 50000

The Greens reckon they can Stop the Boats’ ‘Fly the Planes’ all funded by guess who – Australian taxpayers.  It’s a responsive political tactic by The Greens to counter the deaths at sea argument.  Recall the following image we published a few weeks back?  The Greens must be reading us.

The Australian Greens, Standing for What Matters

Greens call it “progressive”.  Under da Greens, Australia will be progressively overrun and progressively bankrupt in under 3 years and resemble the Third World invasion that has beset Greece and Turkey.  Want progressive, Di Natale should holiday in reality Leftist Venezuela, not UN-welfare artificially funded Portugal.

Di Natale declared in Melbourne last week, “It is a great privilege to be the only party in the federal parliament that is offering a different way, a better way, towards the treatment of people seeking refuge and asylum.”

Natale is scary.  He is a Merkel in waiting – more dangerous than Hitler, Stalin or Franco ever were to Australia.


And lobotomised Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has quipped, “People (illegals) want to protect their families and to give their children access to an education and a life free of violence. We should be allowing them to get on and do that in Australia.”

That is, every Third Worlder, shall be encouraged to migrate free of charge to Australia and to bring along their extended families to go on welfare in Australia as well – swamp our already overloaded public housing, health system, childcare, schools, transport congestion, not to mention all the gang crime and Third World barbarism.  We hear the Negro Apex criminals in Melbourne have just got off going to gaol because they’re poor Third Worlders.  The judicial message to the Australian community is that negro criminality in Australia seems to be immune from prosecution.

Di Natale is as dedicated to foreign Third Worlders – Muslim Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakis, Sudanese and Somali Third Worlders – as much as he hates White Australians and our way of life. He is the son of a mafiosi immigrant from Sicily after all.

Richard di Natale Sicilian mafia connections

Labor pledges to double Third World intake to 27,000 a year

Meanwhile, Labor has promised to raise the humanitarian intake from 13,750 to 27,000 a year within a decade. Just like Rudd, Bill Shorten harbours a ‘Big Australia‘ entropy through mass immigration from the Third World.

Rudd's Big Australia Entropy

The Greens-Labor Coalition are right into borderless globalism socialism.  They pose a very serious threat to the sovereignty of Australia, like the ongoing unarmed invasion by tens of thousands of Chinese buying up our homes and farms and wealth.

All the while, hundreds of thousands of our own Australians and their families struggle with unemployment, homelessness, an unaffordable cost of living, extortionate rents and mortgages, lack of access to public services, life saving surgery and suffer mental illness.  Labor is all about caring for people? He just hasn’t defined who he defines as ‘people.’

Bill Shorten Election Bus

The Greens-Labor Coalition is about putting Australians last, just like Rudd-Gillard-Milne did.  We don’t have enough homes in Sydney and the problem is tearing huge holes in our city’s economic and social fabric.

Between 2006 and 2011 the population of Sydney rose by 6.5 per cent and homelessness increased by more than 31 per cent.

In the same period, the number of people living in overcrowded homes, defined as three bedrooms short of what would be required to adequately house people, rose by 56 per cent.  These are people considered at risk of becoming homeless.

The underlying causes of this worrying trend are basic supply and demand.  In the past five years, an average of 14,000 new homes a year were built-in Sydney, compared with an average of 21,000 in the preceding five years, and 28,000 in the five years before that.


Greens are Asylum NIMBYS

Why are we failing so badly to balance supply with demand?

We can point the finger at the disproportionate power of the not-in-my-backyard brigade, the NIMBYS – Not In My Back YarderS.  And public frothing Lefties, co-incidentally, are the worst hypocritical NIMBYS.

Greens Leftist Hugs

Greens leader Richard Di Natale, who is campaigning to more than triple the nation’s -humanitarian intake from 13,750 to 50,000 people, lives in the Surf Coast local government area, close to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. The area settled fewer than five refugees from 2010 to last year.

Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs, who has been critical of the treatment of asylum-seekers, is listed as living in the City of Sydney, which took in just 247 humanitarian migrants, and before that lived in the high-wealth area of Woollahra, in Sydney’s inner east, which settled just 14 refugees over five years.

By contrast, Fairfield in Sydney’s west received 5816 humanitarian migrants over the same five-year period while the Greater Dandenong area in Melbourne’s southeast took 3899, and Brisbane settled 3862, according to the Department of Social Services’ settlement report.  Think humanitarian migrants, think ‘rapefugees’.  Think Dandenong, think Negro Apex gang.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham questioned this week what the Greens had against so-called ‘refugees’ because their inner-city strongholds had taken in very few humanitarian migrants. “They say they want to welcome them into Australia but they won’t welcome them into the communities where they themselves live.”

Free Greens Hugs

In Victoria, Greens MP Adam Bandt is campaigning to be re-elected to the inner-city electorate of Melbourne. His local government area of Moonee Valley took only 151 refugees over five years.  Mr Bandt claims that his electorate was full of people who had come from all over the world as refugees and anyone who claimed Melburnians did not want humanitarian migrants living near them had “not been here recently”. “If the government wants more humanitarian migrants to move to Melbourne, they’ll be welcomed with open arms,” Mr Bandt has said.

Similarly, Greens immigration spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young’s local government area of Mitcham, in the foothills of eastern Adelaide, took just 114 humanitarian migrants over five years. However, she said many communities were “happy to welcome people in need”.


“Both evidence and history have shown us that, when they’re given a chance to rebuild their lives in safety, people seeking asylum become some of the most innovative and hard-working citizens we’ve ever had,” Senator Hanson-Young has said.

Barrister Julian Burnside QC has spoken out passionately against Australia’s policy of “stopping the boats” and of sending illegal migrants to Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island and to Nauru.  Mr Burnside lives in Hawthorn, in Melbourne’s leafy upper class inner east, and his local government area of Boroondara received just 79 humanitarian migrants over five years.

Vote Greens

Refugee lawyer David Manne helped to derail in the High Court former prime minister Julia Gillard’s plan to send asylum-seekers to Malaysia and has criticised Australia’s policy of sending migrants offshore. Mr Manne is listed as living in Melbourne’s inner-north City of Yarra, which settled just 190 refugees over five years.

Greens Knitting NannasGreens Knitting Nannas…for illegals trying on the preggers sympathy tactic


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s office estimated this week that if the Greens proposal of taking 50,000 humanitarian refugees annually was adopted it would cost about $7 billion over four years, while Labor’s proposal to increase the intake to 27,000 would cost about $2.3bn over the same period. The Coalition supports the existing intake of 13,750, which rises to 18,750 in 2018-19, with a one-off extra intake of Tony Abbott’s 12,000 Syrians this year.

Those 12,000 are all based on a Leftist fraud.  The drowned Syrian toddler image was made-up.   Aylan Kurdi’s family had free housing in Turkey, while his father’s, Abdullah Kurdi’s, story was full of holes.

Drowned Syrian Toddler on Beach

His lies were used and rewarded by the media in full blown propaganda, while pressuring policies to force Europe to take in more economic migrants who have never experienced a war zone. The dead toddler pornography is a dream-come true PR campaign serving ISIS and their overwhelming Muslim supporters.

Abdullah was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown. That’s why he was the only survivor. The first time he learned of their death was from the hospital after the photos of his young son was circulating in the media.  It was an attempt to send his wife and children into Europe before his own arrival to apply for refugee status as a lone woman with children, while they never even lived in a war zone.

Four million Muslims pretend to escape 30,000 ISIS fighters who are not even near their towns, cities and even countries. This kind of mass-migration fraud is a medieval war strategy and it’s called ‘hijrah’. It’s part of jihad.

Fact:  Too many powerful people profit from high immigration even if most of us lose.  These people will take Australian jobs. Increasing the refugee intake would only bring in more people to languish on the dole. There’s a cost in bringing family-reunion and economic migrants to Australia, too.

Ethnics in Centrelink dole queue

Since 2013 – in the term of this Coalition government, as it happens – little New Zealand crept up the wealth table and overtook Australia, with an average personal wealth of $US400,800 compared with Australia’s $US365,000. New Zealand is now second to Switzerland and Australia third.

New Zealand’s population (about 4.5 million) is growing at a rate of about 1 per cent a year, whereas Australia’s is closer to 2 per cent. New Zealand had zero net immigration in 2012, though it’s usually about 12,000 people a year. Australia’s net immigration runs between about 170,000 to 300,000 a year – up to four times New Zealand’s rate.

Our birth rate is higher, too. Increased population means less wealth per person.

Australia’s higher population growth may improve the wealth of some people in the property game, but overall it costs everyone else. Even with very high visa fees and sponsored immigration lowering the immediate cost to the government, the longer-term cost of immigration remains high.

As it happened, Dutton mentioned literacy, numeracy and Medicare – in other words, health and education. His remarks were directed at refugees, but are true of all immigrants. Extra schools, hospitals, roads and the like need to be built for them. As Dutton said: “So there would be huge cost and there’s no sense in sugar-coating that, that’s the scenario.” He was referring to the extra refugees that the Greens want to take but it’s equally true of all migrants who come to Australia.

Higher population also puts a strain on the environment.

The cost of high population growth is borne out by the fact that, even though Australia’s income per person has been higher than New Zealand’s in recent times, Australia has still fallen behind New Zealand for total wealth per person.

Dutton also mentioned jobs. He said of refugees: “These people would be taking Australian jobs, there’s no question about that.”

But to the extent that that’s true, it’s also true of all migrants.

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