Globalist Tanya Plibersek to force Labor to be a same sex party

We knew Tanya Plibersek was a far-left socialist and that she covets the job of PM, but forcing Labor Party MPs to support homosexual marriage against their conscience?  She’s a dangerous despot in the wings.

Haven’t decent Labor MPs had a gutful of leftist indoctrination infiltrating the party?

During ANZAC she walked all over Labor’s opposition leader Bill Shorten, while Bill was overseas paying his respects at Gallipoli.

Plibersek for Labor LeadershipYou are being used in opposition Bill.

Bill had handed Plibersek the role of Acting Labor Leader while he was away.  She got a taste for power and she used and abused it.

You can’t trust her Bill. The writing is on the wall.  Once the next election looms, they’ll use your performance as an excuse to quietly sweep you aside, while demanding your “unequivocal” public support for the Foreign Leggy Blonde as new leader with “fresh ideas”.

This card-carrying extreme socialist has a lifetime conviction. She is not shy in revealing her red star commitment to communism.  She demands the Australian Labor Party compel MPs to vote for same-sex marriage, so abandoning any individual vote of conscience on the issue.

So while her leader is away on important national duty, Plibersek has tried to put her socialist libertarian stamp on the Labor Party by forcing it to abandon its traditional Australian values and become a Same Sex Party and move further to the socialist Left, demanding central control of everything. Plibersek is pro-homosexual marriage, pro-welfarism, pro-asylum seekers, pro-immigration, pro-Rudd’s Big Australia, pro-multiculturalism, pro-457 visas, pro-Islam and contradictory feminist in the one breath, pro-foreign aid, pro-climate alarmism, pro-carbon tax and pro-ABC because how many Labor MPs are hitched up with ABC journos?

All reasons why Australians consigned Greens-Labor to the political waste bin at the last federal election.

In totalitarian communist states, the individual is assimilated into the collective.

Forced to Vote GayForced to Vote Gay

A long-time supporter of same-sex marriage, Ms Plibersek said her position was “fundamental to my politics”.  Apparently, she’s been ‘moved’ by gay friends who are in committed relationships, in some cases for longer than she and her husband and ex-heroin dealer, Michael Coutts-Trotter.  Plibersek should shave her head, file her teeth, tattoo her neck, wear leathers and ride a byke to more honestly dress to her “fundamental politics”.

Tanya Plibersek Emily's ListersNew Labor:  Tanya Plibersek’s rompin’ stompin’ Emily Lusters

Plibersek is a known feminazi, demanding women take leadership roles irrespective of merit – ‘handbag hit squads’.  She is a founding member of sexist Emily’s List and a card-carrying socialist. She’s also part of a new perverted homosexual faction of the Labor Party otherwise known as ‘Rainbow Labor’.  It stretches morality beyond lesbianism to a very scary ‘LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM’ – the latest acronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, gender-fuck, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism.

But Plibersek claims discrimination! “How is it fair that I’m allowed to get married and they can’t?”, she asks.

Scary stuff, and Rainbow Labor want this lot to legalising same-sex marriage, which is code for any combination of sexual perversion, so that anyone indulging in moral perversion that is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, flexual, asexual, gender-fuck, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism – can legally adopt kids and arrange IVF and surrogacy.

Yuck!  they may as well add sheep and goats to the perverted mix.

Rainbow Labor


And upon homosexual divorce, who gets the kids?  They’ll be a psychologically confused mess.

Homosexual AdoptionHow gay!  Poor little angel.

Plibersek would have sodomists adopt ordinary children. Legalising homosexual marriage is just the counter-cultural wedge to undermining Australian society’s Christian-based values.   And she is cunning in twisting the debate insisting, “Do we support legal discrimination against one group in this country? Or do we not?”  Rug munchers have rights you know.

And so, the Left’s totalitarian instinct will once again be its undoing. Australians have seen it all before and they don’t like a small handful of leftists trying to force their beliefs onto everyone else.  Never underestimate Labor’s capacity for self-destruction.

Plibersk’s a right little despot in the wings and this latest act proves it.  She does hail from Tito’s communist Yugoslavia – her parents were born there. Tito was always her role model. Josip Broz Tito was renowned for being a ‘benevolent dictator” of the former Yugoslavia. On becoming President he made himself ‘President for Life’ and ‘Supreme Commander’ of the Yugoslav military.

Slovenian MentorTito, her Slovenian socialist role model

Labor’s platform currently supports same-sex marriage but does not make it compulsory for Labor MPs to support it in a parliamentary vote.  At the Labor Party’s last national conference in 2011, it voted 208 to 184 in support of a conscience vote.  Labor is a broad church on the Left of politics, but far-Left Plibersek demands that Labor’s party platform should make homosexual marriage binding on all Labor MPs. She’s headed for a showdown with the faithful at the party’s approaching national conference in July.

Tanya Plibersek for PMDisingenuous political game player – never worked, never had to worry about paying bills

She’s never had a real job and has always lived a sheltered urban life in inner Sydney. This is why Plibersek is pompous, pigheaded and naive. She’s a career politician – studied politics for most of her 20’s then went straight into government at the Office for the Status and Advancement of Women in New South Wales then in the office of Senator Bruce Childs, before Labor handed her a plumb safe Labor seat in inner Sydney.

Labor’s Seat of Sydney includes the Green-Left bohemian cafe latte belt Balmain and Glebe and mayor Clover Moore’s rompin’ stompin’ patch.  A high percentage are public servants who derive their income from taxpayers.

Cafe Latte SetTeam latte sipping, guileful, whatever it takes.. Labor Culture

Plibersek’s federal parliamentary Seat of Sydney bizarrely includes Lord Howe Island some 600 kilometres away. It’s just one of the perks of being an MP.  In April 2011, Plibersek holidayed there with her family for four days costing $3500 in flights and charging the cost to the Australia taxpayer thank you very much. “I was visiting my constituents”.

Two weeks from the federal budget, Labor is ahead in the polls and on the front foot over policy. And deputy leader Tanya Plibersek decided it was time to start the brawl over homosexual marriage. So, naively, she’s picked a fight.

Plibersek is not only a risk for Labor, she will destroy it.  Plibersek’s socialist left faction describes the Labor Party innocuously as “a modern social democratic party”.  But that is socialist code for far-left extreme ideologies, including radical feminism to the point of compulsory inclusion of women in power irrespective of merit, surrendering vast tracts of agricultural Australia back to the Aborigines.

And she’s building up a cache of Lefty socialists ready to take over. Has she got the numbers to stage a socialist putsch?  May be.

Current federal members of the Left:

  1. Alan Griffin, Member for Bruce
  2. Anne McEwen, Senator for South Australia
  3. Anthony Albanese, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Member for Grayndler, leader of the NSW Socialist Left (next door to Tanya)
  4. Brendan O’Connor, Member for Gorton
  5. Carol Brown, Senator for Tasmania
  6. Catherine King, Member for Ballaarat
  7. Claire Moore, Senator for Queensland
  8. Doug Cameron, National convenor of the Socialist Left, Senator for NSW
  9. Gavin Marshall, Senator for Victoria
  10. Graham Perrett, Member for Moreton, leader of the Queensland Socialist Left
  11. Jan McLucas, Senator for Queensland
  12. Jenny Macklin, Member for Jagajaga
  13. Jill Hall, Member for Shortland
  14. John Faulkner, Senator for NSW
  15. Julie Collins, Member for Franklin
  16. Julie Owens, Member for Parramatta
  17. Kate Lundy, Senator for the ACT (to be replaced by parachuting Katy Gallagher)
  18. Kim Carr, Senator for Victoria, leader of the Victorian Socialist Left
  19. Laurie Ferguson, Member for Werriwa
  20. Lisa Singh, Senator for Tasmania
  21. Louise Pratt, Senator for Western Australia
  22. Maria Vamvakinou, Member for Calwell
  23. Mark Butler, Member for Port Adelaide
  24. Melissa Parke, Member for Fremantle
  25. Penny Wong, Senator for South Australia
  26. Stephen Jones, Member for Throsby
  27. Tanya Plibersek, Member for Sydney, Deputy Leader of the Opposition
  28. Terri Butler, Member for Griffith
  29. Tony Zappia, Member for Makin
  30. Warren Snowdon, Member for Lingiari
  31. Gai Brodtmann, Member for Canberra

And in bed with the Greens-Left:

  1. Adam Bandt (MP from Vic)
  2. Christine Milne (Senator from Tas)
  3. Rachel Siewert (Senator from WA)
  4. Scott Ludlam (Senator from WA)
  5. Sarah Hanson-Young (Senator from SA)
  6. Richard Di Natale (Senator from Vic)
  7. Lee Rhiannon (Senator from NSW)
  8. Larissa Waters (Senator from Qld)
  9. Penny Wright (Senator from SA)
  10. Peter Whish-Wilson (Senator from Tas)
  11. Janet Rice (Senator from Vic).

Or perhaps they have enough to form a new green socialist party, perhaps ‘The Rotten Watermelons’, with Plibersek playing Napoleon in her Orwellian fairy story.

Green LeftRotten Watermelon Party pledges: “Humanity today faces a stark choice: ecosocialism or barbarism.” 

Yeah, yeah.