Gillard Foreign Labor’s Inverbrackie Lie to Australians

Irvine Must Accept ASIO’s Failures

David Irvine, the boss of Australia’s secret intelligence organisation ASIO has comprehensively failed the Australian people again, twice in two weeks.

Last week, Australians embarrassingly learned that Chinese Government computer hackers had comprehensively stolen the communications systems design plans for ASIO’s new Canberra headquarters, still under construction.

Intelligence experts consider that the building is now unacceptably compromised by a foreign power, China, and so will have to be demolished and another rebuilt at a cost of over a billion dollars to Australian taxpayers.  Irvine is playing this down, but compromise is compromise.   It is not the action of a friendly power and comrade Gillard needs to work out which side she is on.

Then this week we learn that ASIO has comprehensively failed to properly conduct background checks on an illegal boat arrival from Egypt, who has turned out to be convicted jihadist.

Egyptian-born Abdel Hakeem Sulaiman (55) is wanted by the Egyptian authorities for his membership of the outlawed Islamic jihad organisation, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and for planning terrorist acts and murderous attacks.  Sulaiman was convicted in absentia in Egypt in 1999 for premeditated murder, destruction of property (bombing), unlawful possession of firearms and explosives, and forgery, and for belonging to a terrorist organisation.

His file has been listed with Interpol on its global Red Alert list since 1999:

Abdel Hakeem Sulaiman


Present family name : SULAIMAN
Sex : Male
Date of birth : 28/02/1958 (55 years old)
Place of birth : AL BUHAIRA, Egypt
Language spoken :
Nationality : Egypt

Not too hard to find on the Internet.  Good one ASIO!

And after Sulaiman arrived illegally by boat with his family in May 2012, ASIO approved his entry to Australia, housed him initially on Christmas Island then shifted him to the low security Inverbrackie Detention Centre in the Adelaide Hills.  He has been there for the past nine months and only last month ASIO found out about his background and have since relocated him to the higher security Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney.

Even after ASIO corrected its mistake on August 30, 2012, the man was not moved from Inverbrackie.  The Australian Federal Police didn’t learn about Sulaiman until November 14, 2012.  Immigration said it didn’t learn about the man’s identity until February 2013.

Sulaiman and his family need to be deported back to Egypt forthwith.  Australian Federal Police simply need to comply with Interpol.

Irvine has revealed that only 15 per cent of illegals arriving by boat receive a full ASIO security check before they are given protection visas.  This is grossly inadequate and unacceptable.  It needs to be 100 per cent immediately and all those already in the community not fully screened, to be immediately placed back into detention out in some remote desert facility until properly cleared if at all, else deported.

David Irvine must accept ASIO’s repeated comprehensive failures and show cause before a Senate Committee to investigate these gross security breaches.  ASIO is accountable for screening who enters Australia.   ASIO, the AFP and the Department of Immigration are incommunicado.  Border Control is the soverign right of Australia and any nation, yet Australia’s vital Border Control is dysfunctional and in total disarray.


Bowen’s Deceit in Opening Inverbrackie

The Foreign Gillard Labor Government had promised the people of the Adelaide Hills that its Inverbrackie Detention Centre was to be strictly used to house low risk asylum seekers and their families.

Inverbrackie was a disused Commonwealth army barracks situated 3km from the small community of Woodside in the Adelaide Hills.   Two years ago Gillard’s Immigration Department under now resigned Chris Bowen converted it to a 400 capacity detention centre managed by Serco for low risk detainees and their families.  Inverbrackie was to be strictly a low security facility described has having essentially “a pool fence” around it.

Inverbrackie Detention Centre

Children of the illegals have even been allowed to attend the local Hills Primary School.

When Chris Bowen first announced setting up Inverbrackie, because all the other detention centres for illegals are full and overflowing, Hills locals were angry about the government imposing this prison in their midst and the safety risks it posed to their community.  Many rightly protested.

Chris Bowen has failed border protection

Bowen had the centre built under covert secrecy, secret costing and there was no community consultation, just false promises from Bowen that “she’ll be right”.  Bowen has set up a culture of secrecy surrounding Inverbrackie.  Repeated requests from media to access the centre have been knocked back by the Immigration Department.  Even police are banned from entering the centre unless called in by staff who work for detention services contractor Serco.  Immigration Department spokesman Bill Power does not reveal how many detainees have been released into community detention.

Yet violent incidents have been noted at Inverbrackie. Earlier this year hard-pressed staff had to resort to a “Code Black” call for emergency assistance, after a fight erupted among female residents.   Other incidents have included several where staff members have been assaulted and one in which a child was disciplined after hitting a bus driver with a piece of wire.

Locals have labelled the compound, “InverBrackistan“, a taxpayer funded ghetto for illegal welfare mongers.

Immigration covers these up from the media.  Police sources have described the centre as a “powder keg”, predicting a major incident could occur.   “It is being discussed among police and there are fears it could blow at any time,” an officer has said.

Opposition customs and border protection spokesman Michael Keenan has said that allowing a convicted jihadist to spend nine months within such a low-security environment, from which he could easily have escaped … represents a serious breach of our national security.”

Keenan has sighted Inverbrackie’s poor security record of two escapes between July last year and February this year, one attempted escape, and a total of 16 security breaches.

Foreign Gillard Labor has repeatedly reneged on her promises of ensuring border protection to Australians.  Inverbrackie was never low risk, and so must be immediately closed down.

Bridging Visa Crimes

Foreign Gillard Labor has allowed an open-door escalation of boat illegals invading Australian waters and even into Geraldton harbour and making landfall at Arnhem Land.

And Foreign Gillard Labor, kowtowing to Greens’ Queen of the Illegals Sarah Floodgate Hanson-Young,  are allowing detentions centres to overflow, to riot at Villawood and Darwin, be torched, stage rooftop protests, and deny local police powers to intervene.

Hanson-Young’s Leftist Floodgate Extremism has infiltrated the Greens and is white-anting that party from its conservation base.   The evil one must be stopped.

Witch Hanson Young

Christmas Island saw a mass breakout in March 2011, causing considerable concern amongst the island’s locals.

The people smugglers enjoy free reign under the Foreign Gillard.  They get most of their fee paying economic passengers to throw their passports and papers away as soon as the see the Australia shore.  This prevents identification of them as economic illegals and hides criminality and terrorist links.

They get free housing, three square meals a day, free medicals, mental health care, television, mobile phones, exercise facilities, free education and English language classes, immigration and legal advice and sometimes a multi-million dollar mosque built for them like the bespoke one on Christmas Island.

Foreign Gillard Labor allows illegals with dodgy or no background checks free to roam unaccountable in Australian communities.   A Sri Lankan Tamil man accused of murdering his girlfriend before fleeing to Australia on an asylum boat was released into the community on a “Bridging Visa” in 2012.

Sri Lankan Murderer

An Iranian illegal wanted on drug trafficking charges had been moved to a mental health hospital in the Australian community.

Privacy restrictions are preventing police being told where asylum seekers are living in the community.   The Immigration Department has told a parliamentary committee that “due to privacy reasons”, police were not told where boat arrivals on bridging visas are.

Yet more than 10,000 illegals have been released into the Australian community that have still not undergone screening by ASIO.  Gillard labels it “community detention” which means go anywhere you want.

Recently in Sydney, four illegals in “community detention” have been charged with animal cruelty, theft and assault, while four on bridging visas have been charged with stalking, custody of a knife, and assaults.   Police have been called to asylum seeker housing five times over assaults from November 2011 to December last year. Four asylum seekers living in the community have since absconded and are yet to be found.

In detention centres across Australia, since August 2012 illegals have been involved in 56 critical incidents, with 155 major incidents in September and October 2012.

Invasion Ramping Up

These disturbing statistics on illegals are filtering out as a boat carrying 82 asylum seekers arrived on the Cocos Islands, and another boat carrying 126 people was intercepted off Christmas Island, taking arrivals for May to 2963 and just over 35,000 since Julia Gillard became PM.

Since the start of the year, 10,137 people have arrived, compared with 3428 in the same period in 2012.

By the end of this financial year (June 30) the invasion numbers are set to reach 25,000.

Boat Illegals

Under Foreign Gillard Labor, Australia’s Border Protection has been comprehensively abandoned, deliberately.  Gillard is a traitor to our nation.  The betrayal witch must go.