GetUp n Boogie! desperates are looking to our website for inspiration

GetUp n Boogie’s tapping into this website for creative ideas.  But it seems the fake patient was a White GetUp lackie, he was swimming between the flags at Manly and blonde chick sieg heil Zali was on patrol. The ‘Steggall‘ clan heralds from Württemberg in Bavaria you know.

GetUp! Führer Paul Van Oosting is a Greens-Labor coalition lobbying tool and all funded by notorious elite globalist leftists – Bill Shorten’s former employer the Australia’s Workers Union, the militant outlawed Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMMMEU), The Australian Greens Party, leftist Hungarian Jewish billionaire George Soros, the United Nations’ covert Oak Foundation based down the road in Geneva, German neo-communist outfit Campact, the climate-vegan alarmist subcult Avaaz Foundation in Jewish satellite New York City, and various cloud (online) funding, amongst shady anonymous ‘others’.

GetUp n Boogie! was actually formed in 2004 by Bill Shorten and his radical leftist union hacks as an online Sturmabteilung bully-boy voter-intimidation unit.  The founders are imported Lebanese-Jews Jeremy Heimans, David Madden, and Amanda Tattersall.  They all were Sydney University neo-communist extremists from elite Jewish privilege.  Sound familiar?  They all support Liberal fakester Malcolm Turncoat for obvious reasons.

Oosting seems to have a perverted penchant for surf life savers in red Speedo branded swimsuits.  So he’s likely also a deviant.  It fits the mould.  But Paul, we charge a million shekels per idea Paul, so go ask George for a funding top up.