Patriotic reasons why NOT to vote for a Shorten Labor Government

Backstabbing Billy Shorten’s agenda for government is to follow Labor lefties before him – bankrupt Australia:

  1. The Australian Labor Party has abandoned its working class base, they’re all in politics for themselves and their polly pensions;
  2. Airhead Billing Shorten is as competent as Michael Daley – promising tens of millions to fund free cancer scans and blood tests that are already covered by bulk billing;
  3. A Shorten Labor Government will only be possible not by primary votes for labor, but by relying opon Greens preferences, just like how out of nowhere Lesbian Greens stooge Kerryn Phelps scammed the Liberal blue ribbon Seat of Wentworth with just 29% primary votes, while the Liberal’s primary vote came in at 43%.  Not supporting the Libs, but this example seriously exposes Australia’s AEC voting system is anything but democratic.  Labor Party members are notorious for ‘voting early and often’;
  4. A Shorten Labor Government will be beholden by factional short n curlies to The Greens.  So here come the daily illegal boat arrivals of some tens of thousands Third World welfare seekers after the good life – as if Afro-Islamic Angela Merkel were Labor’s Immigration Munster;
  5. A Shorten Labor Government will have a leftist puppet called Bill Shorten in name only – another suited shyster prop like air-head Michael Daley in NSW.  As in Queensland, Labor ‘Pluckachook’ was union-installed like Gillard as the puppet premier under the thumb of hardcore unionist Treasurer Jackie Tran.  Similarly, Bill is the weak man between neo-communist Tanya Plebershrek and Chinese spy Penny Wong (real name Ying-Yen Wong);
  6. A Shorten Labor Government has set an arbitrary horizon ultimatum of no coal fired power by 2030, and banning the internal combustion engine by 2030 and forcing all Australians to be driving electric cars by 2030, but who pays, Bill?;
  7. A Shorten Labor Government like the Di Natali Greens are free-for all Globalists – preferencing free-for-all Third World trade dumping and foreign ownership and control;
  8. A Shorten Labor Government as fellow Greens Globalists are committed to mass immigration impost on Australians at the cirrent rate of 300,000 ethnics a year.  They arrive, leech, breed and reject English and Australian culture.  It’s termed multiculturalism – translated as Australian deculturalism;
  9. A Shorten Labor Government, thanks to reckless shadow treasurer Chris Bowen, will end property investment motivation – undermine investor negative gearing, undermine capital gains tax benefits, undermine franking credits benefits of Aussies investing in Australian companies. Bowen reckons that if retirees with Aussie shares don’t like Labor’s dividend imputation crackdown then they are “entitled to vote against us”;
  10. Rentals are set to become scarce and so urban rents will treble.  With indecent crap wages, Australia’s homeless will treble. Pyne also threatens to undermine the goal posts of superannuants investing in Australian shares;
  11. A Shorten Labor Government pork barrel promises to spend the existing wealth of Australia’s national treasury.  Financially reckless, Labor cares not for Australia’s spiraling national and personal debt.  It’s a Venezuelan bankruptcy agenda.
  12. A Shorten Labor Government is empty on commitments for Australian veterans, aged pensioners, local small businesses, local vocational training, local jobs, restoring Australian decent wages,
  13. A Shorten Labor Government is instead more ideologically intrerested in Malcolm Turnbull’s republicanism.
  14. A Shorten Labor Government,so Canberran out of touch, is set to degrade the Australian economy into a decade-long Economic Depression.

Billy:  “What is a surplus? ”   Yet Labor enters the 2019 federal election contest as the frontrunner?


Economic storm clouds or what?