Foreign doctor removes wrong organ and continues to practice

Sick in Queensland?  Fly interstate or update your will.

Queensland Health is finally investigating four surgeries by foreign-trained spanish doctor Dr Vega Vega at Rockhampton Hospital, after he removed the right kidney instead of the left kidney that was renal diseased.

So Vega Vega left the patient with no working kidneys.

‘Surgeon’ Antonio Vega Vega, a Spanish national, along with Rockhampton Hospital’s acting executive director of medical services were later sacked, but Vega Vega had lawyers.

Foreign DoctorsKidneys?  
I can fetch $200,000 each ‘cos demand is high – diabetes, etc.


The Central Queensland Hospital and Health Board has launched investigations into three other operations by the same doctor – “It would appear that an artery was nicked during surgery but not detected, and he later re-presented to hospital with quite substantial blood loss (3 litres).”  (Charles Ware, CQ Hospital and Health Board).

But today we learn that Dr Vega Vega who removed the wrong kidney, shall be allowed to practice without any conditions, according to Judge Alexander Hornemann-Wren said in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Remember Indian-trained doctor Jayant Patel for years over the deaths and serious injury of patients at Queensland’s Bundaberg Hospital?

Patel got off too.  Patel was linked to 87 deaths at Bundaberg Hospital, where he was employed as a $200,000-a-year director of surgery between April 2003 and April 2005.

His extradition alone from the United States cost Queenslanders $3.5 million.

Doctor Death
I was running a practice and so practicing I did on you scum Aussies.


Queensland Health again just trying to save money under Liberal Party’s Health Minister Lawrence Springborg, by actively recruiting low-grade foreign quacks so regional hospitals have “efficient management at a local level”.

$3.5 million needs to come from the United States for the compensation of the Australian costs of Patel.  But why did the US embrace citizenship to an Indian with blood on his hands?   Look out Americans!

Across Queensland, there needs to be a death toll published recording the number of body bags loaded out the back of Queensland hospitals under the cover of night.  Has a Liberal Party donor funeral director secured the undertaking tender?

Nothing has changed in Queensland Health since Labor’s Anna Burke.  She learnt the cancerous hard way, but got publicly-funded private top specialist care.  She ate cake.

In 2009, 50 patients across the state were suing Queensland hospitals for negligence, with doctors accused of botching a caesarean birth, failing to diagnose cancer, failures to diagnose a brain tumour and a malignant melanoma.

The hospitals facing action are scattered across the state – from the north to Brisbane.  Luke Short from Trilby Misso lawyers, the firm handling the cases, said notice of claims had been served or were being prepared against the Royal Women’s Hospital, the Wesley Hospital, the Wesley Medical Centre and Redlands Hospital in Brisbane and several regional hospitals.

“There are cases involving the Mermaid Beach Medical Centre on the Gold Coast and public hospitals in Townsville, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Gympie, Hervey Bay and Charleville,” according to lawyer Luke Short.

Mr Short said there had also been claims involving numerous surgical blunders, such as a woman who was not given adequate anaesthetic during a caesarean section birth at a Sunshine Coast hospital.

A brain tumour was allegedly missed by the Royal Women’s Hospital in Brisbane.

Foreign SurgeryGot private health luv?


“Some of the misdiagnoses and errors that we are getting advised about are the sorts of things you hear about in third world countries, not a nation like Australia,” Mr Short said.

The cases add weight to the survey released last week when exhausted doctors went public after an anonymous survey by Salaried Doctors Queensland (SDQ) found doctors admitted being responsible for the deaths of patients.  They weren’t born in Queensland or Australia; just “salaried” by government in Queensland.

The survey of more than 100 doctors found 59 per cent had made mistakes in performing procedures while fatigued, two of which led to patients dying.

Foreign Interns

So in come the foreign witch doctors on-the-cheap so that Liberal Party Lawrence Springborg can balance his budget for Lord Campbell Newman.