Fiona Nash gifted rare privilege to better Rural Australian families back to national respectability

The National Party of Australia, aka ‘The Nationals’ aka ‘The Nats’ – so what do they stand for beside a record of being but rural lap dogs to the city Libs or else in retirement selling out The Bush to corporate miners?

Continue this agenda and the Nats are history.

But of course that is the history of the Nats.  The Nats represent the big money end of the rural economy – always did, always will.  The new face of the National Party is there to put a pleasant image which has sold out the small farm and small rural industry to the corporate end of the rural economy.

Under Warren Truss and Barnaby Joyce, The Nats have rotted like an abandoned dead cow to a treacherous political scourge betraying Rural and Regional Australia.

These days, city media naively and conveniently swallow ‘Rural Australia’ inside ‘Regional Australia’.  We disagree.  The Fairfax journos have never left the safety of the city.

No state government in the Capital Cities of Australia gives a toss for our low populated rural ‘Backblocks’ nor the ‘Outback’, save the odd mention of improving roads before elections.

Rural Australia Marketing

Given Malcolm Turnbull’s self-interested fetish for surrounding his stolen power with ministerial renewal, Abbott’s ally Warren Truss has been this week encouraged into early retirement.

Likewise, Turnbull behind the scenes has managed to of late dispatch Abbott’s allies in Andrew Robb and Phillip Ruddock toward a convenient unchallengable departure, ahead of Turnbull’s well-prepared glorious exit speech. And ‘His’ political obituaries were adorned, cheered, applauded by the Leftist media at the ABC, Fairfax and The Guardian.

The Nats represent the big money end of the rural economy – always did, always will.

It’s a political stitch up.

So what’s outsider Fiona Nash going to do for her true Australian constituents across unrepresented Rural Australia?

Betray them more efficiently!

She won’t have any Health Star Rating if she misleads Parliament again.

Nationals Deputy Leader Fiona Nash

This Australian woman has much desperate grassroots Aussie faith dependent upon her.

How sad!

By addressing rural needs like fair reliable access to fresh water, decent commodity pricing, decent finance terms, and protections from foreign dumping, this Australian woman could become the hope of the side.

So do the right thing by true Rural Australians, Ms Nash.

We do wish her every success in this pursuit.  We shall be monitoring her performance closely.

Ordinary Australian