False ‘Aboriginal leader’ Tarneen Onus-Williams blatantly incites anti-Australian hate

Kooree Youth Council leader Tarneen Onus-Williams (not a traditional Aboriginal name) on Australia Day January 26 2018, stomped in front of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station and spewed the following diatribe by megaphone:  “Fcuk Australia, I hope it burns to the ground”

And would that benefit Aborigines? And if it did, which foreign states would usurp the sovereignty?


Someone ought inscribe it on her early grave. 


So where’s the Minority Rights Commission in cahoots with the police to prosecute her incendiary hate speech on January 26 just gone?

Minority Rights Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane:

“The two White lads in QUT deserved it and the White lads in Bendigo also deserved it.  But she’s not White so therefore immune from prosecution. Coz we only prosecute White Australians. That’s why my job is so cushy on $350,000 a year. Whites have been so tolerant.”

Feeding the chooks of da leftard Grievance Industry…”what do we want, when do we want it?

The only thing traditional about this anti white activist is traditional anarchism.

Hypocritically, she hates Australia while happily receiving Centrelink welfare benefits by claiming minimal Aboriginal ancestry,  She’s scamming income from being on the Victorian government’s Kooree Youth Council and Aboriginal Interim Treaty Working Group (except she doesn’t quality because she’s never actually worked).

Anarchists are clearly driving unthinking black fellas to overlook the big picture. If white culture is bad, what about other intrusive cultures? If European settlement was bad, what about immigration? If Britain’s colonisation of Australia was bad, what about the new Chinese ‘invasion’? Anarchists don’t want fair dinkum Aborigines to think of those things.

It is a fact that Aboriginal welfare may sap Australian taxpayers of $30 billion every year.  This race-tied rort needs to end and be replaced by direct Aboriginal initiates to raise their people up.  Else it’s just another leftard scam. But that won’t come from the likes of Onus-Williams.

  • Withdraw Australian taxpayer funding of Kooree Youth Council and Aboriginal Interim Treaty Working Group
  • End Aboriginal welfare by encouraging true Aboriginal initiative
  • Charge Onus-Williams with hate speech or abolish Bob Hawke’s race-grievance Human Rights Commission

Greens Leftard Campaign for 2018: fuel Grievance Industry!

It’s time to recognise something about Australia Day.  It is pretty much the single largest benefactor of the grievance industry. Without this annual day, we would not have the annual media cycle and these people wouldn’t even have their 15 minutes of fame. (Greens need relevance).

It’s time to recognise something else about the grievance industry too.  It is an industry of grievance. Without grievance, there is no industry. This sorry lot have a vested interest in being unhappy and wallowing in misery. And they love nothing more than getting all high and mighty about how disempowered they are. So, enter Miss Onus-Williams.

Greens anarchists have black fellas in TOW. Time to get free

They don’t want to recognise equality of opportunity when it’s on the front page of the national newspaper and whacking them in the face because to do so would put them out of a taxpayer-funded job in a taxpayer-funded industry.

We’re literally paying  Onus-Williams and friends to be sad.  And that’s why her colleague said this:

“We want it (Australia Day) to be abolished until there’s something to celebrate. It’s never going to be OK to celebrate it on any other day.”

These are the words that reveal a truth. The debate over Australia Day will never go away while taxpayers fund the grievance industry. There will be just as many other problems with the other 364 days of the year. Even if they’re all ‘Sorry Day’ followed by ‘I’m Sorrier than the last Day.


White Guilt Welfare by the billions

“It is time for Aborigines to take action themselves”

It is time that our Aborigines got rid of the grievance industry which has seized their organisations and their lives. Many say it, but the Onus-Williams types, fuelled up on tax dollars put themselves out there as spokespeople. Aboriginal communities get no leadership from these gubbas nor do they get leadership on the essential question of where Australia is going.

 “The Commonwealth of Australia shall mean a White Australia, and that from now henceforward all alien elements within it shall be diminished. We are united in the resolve that this Commonwealth shall be established on the firm foundation of unity of race”.

PM Alfred Deakin, 1906 


European settlement created a new nation


Aboriginal Australia observed the success of the European Australian state in former times. A cross roads in history has been reached. Allowing many elements of traditional Aboriginal culture may no longer be viable in he modern world, it is still possible that  much may continue on as a legacy of the Continent.

Will that happen if Australia is burned down, if Aboriginal dependence is continued or malicious foreign groups now usurp the Continent.

Maybe next year Miss Onus-Williams can give us all a better answer!