End Immigration – it sux resources away from Australians

End Immigration – it sux resources away from Australia’s homeless, unemployed and growing underclass.

Migrants by plane rob locals of affordable housing, jobs, you name it.  Australian State infrastructure (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) can’t cope with 200,000 immigrants zeroing in on these metropolitan cities.

The Green Foreign Labor Coalition is imposing upon Australians what British colonists did to Aborigines – taking over, marginalising, deculturing.

The only difference is that instead of proud Aboriginals standing up for their rights and getting physically shot down for doing so, proud traditional Australians standing up for their rights are getting socially shot down by ‘politically corrupt’ media by being conveniently branded ‘racist’.

Crap!  Any traditional people in any country who are concerned about excessive foreign immigration impinging upon their way of life have a right to express their concern. It’s called local resistance when seeing what was valuable in one’s own home is being usurped by foreigners.  No foreigner has any right to invade another’s homeland, but to only arrive with permission and with conditional rights of a host people.

Foreign racists are unwelcome in any country.

Gillard’s Green Foreign Labor and her One-Worldist mandate have undemocratically abused electoral power over Australians.  Gillard’s 200,000 immigrants a year and passive accommodation of illegal boat arrivals (beyond the ‘croc-political’ tears) have denied Australians their rights to democratic social preservation and self determination.  Gillard is beholden to the dangerous New Greens dictator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Joe Hildebrand (pictured) is playing into the One-Worldists’ political agenda.

Joe Hildebrand – socially naïve 

Hildebrand’s nationwide programme ‘Dumb, Drunk and Racist’ not only denigrates Australia’s tolerant society, but just fuels xenophobia and local unrest by teasing out racism and by playing the race card within traditional Australians on ABC’s current programme ‘Dumb, Drunk and Racist‘,or  Dumb, Drunk and Racist Website

Why did Hildebrand choose not to run his biased programme incitefully at the site of Sydney’s Cronulla Riots?

Cronulla remains an Australian beach

Hildebrand is a Leftist journalist circulating his idealistic One Worldist vision.  His manipulative style is one of hostile media framing against Australians.  He fails to appreciate many Australians’ natural insecurity and resistance to the statistically overwheming wave of foreigners to their neighbourhood.  Yet unbelievably Australians somehow retain a mild and admirably tolerant resistance.

Still naive Hildebrand in his programme eggs on anyone he can find in an Australian urgan street at nigt outside pubs so he can air anyone saying at least something racial while they are intoxicated.  Hildebrand just wants to prove his preconcieved prejudice against oirdinary Australians in their own country.  People should see the entire ABC series for themselves, unless ABC withdraws it from access to the Australian community.

Such prejudiced content is more akin to a SBS mission statement not from the ABC.

If Hildebrand is to be impartial and wants to sample REAL racism then he needs to do a follow up programme in:


“Most Indians think racism exists only in the West and see themselves as victims. It’s time they examined their own attitudes towards people from the country’s North-East.”


 “The daughter of a Chinese mother and an absent African-American father, 20-year-old Lou caused a media storm when she was named one of Shanghai’s five finalists for Let’s Go! Oriental Angel, an American Idol-style show.   But her fame has been for all of the wrong reasons, after her appearance provoked a vigorous and often vicious nationwide debate on whether she was even fit to be on Chinese television because of the colour of her skin.”



“Civil rights group: Israel has reached new heights of racism – New report indicates 26% rise in anti-Arab racist incidents; 74% of Jewish youths call Arabs ‘unclean.'”


These are just to name a few.  Australians are exceedingly tolerant by international standards. Australia’s open door global invitation to post-World War II refugees is record of Australian samaritanism.  But since then Australia’s homeland and goodwill welcome hand has been abused to the detriment of our hard fought way of life.  Poor the world over have been sold Australia’s land of opportunity and so logically seek the good life down under.

Young Australians protecting Australian beaches

It is Hildebrand who is dumb for unnecessarily inciting racist sentiments that can exist below the surface in any society. Australia does not need this programme.  He needs to be fair and cover the same subject overseas.  He will be lucky to get back to lucky Australia, alive.