Economic illegals on Manus and Nauru fail both Australian and US refugee vetting

What is the price of letting the wrong people into our country?  The economic illegals held in detention by Australia on Manus Island and Nauru had enough money to pay people smugglers.

They conspired with people smugglers to illegally bypass Australia’s refugee and humanitarian programme and bypass Australia’s immigration process in order to selfishly get into Australia by the back door, not for asylum, but simply so they could luxuriate on our welfare system.

Very happy once in Australia – automatic free housing, Centrelink fortnightly cheques, Medicare, free food vouchers, free education, and assigned a case manager (i.e. a butler)..and it’s on to uber-breeding like rabbits!


Hence they are all economic illegals.  That they paid criminals so that they could avoid our laws, showed they had criminal intent from the outset.  Once they paid and boarded the boats, they became illegal.

During Labor’s illegal boat boom 2007-2013 that facilitated 50,000 Third World illegals arriving in Australian waters, the smugglers’ rate per head was about one and half year’s wages of the average working Iranian. And the 50,000 happily paid it.

As at November 2015 there were 543 Third Worlders on Nauru claiming to be asylum seekers and 926 adult asylum seekers in detention on Manus Island, in Papua New Guinea. Perhaps the number is more like 854 now – so a combined total of around 1600.

Many immorally brought their children on the dodgy boats at high risk, so they could garner leftist sympathy and favouritism.  Such actions indicate these parents fail Australia’s character test anyway.  They have been exposed as asylum fraudsters and so need to be sent back to where they came from.

The PNG government has reneged on its agreement with Australia to provide offshore detention and so the Manus Island option is set for closure anyway.  So desperate has been Canberra’s desire to secure PNG’s agreement to host the centre, Australia paid an extra $420 million on top of its already overgenerous $507 million in foreign aid to PNG in 2013-14.  So far, detention on Manus Island has cost Australia more than $2 billion – as if in 5 star luxury.  It’s dumb money that could have instead supported Australia’s own homeless, or funded hospitals, schools and infrastructure in Australia or at least paid down Canberra’s debt.

Homeless youth crisis in Australia – ignored by leftists

After Australian border protection authorities assessed the claims of those on Manus and Nauru, and undertook checks into documentation, background and character, last October the Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull publicly concluded them all to be fake refugees and banned them all from ever settling in Australia.

To do so would be sending the wrong message of pardoning criminals and re-igniting the people smuggling trade.

On October 30 2016, PM Turnbull announced in a press conference that the Coalition’s new legislation would send a clear message:

“This will send the strongest possible signal to the people smugglers … It is incredibly important that we send the clearest message.  “They must know that the door to Australia is closed to those who seek to come here by boat with a people smuggler. It is closed. Those passengers will never settle in this country.”

So given they’re all fake refugees, and rather Third World economic illegals to seek a good life on welfare in First World Australia, then why would First World United States consider them to be any different?

Why would America take the remaining 1300 odd fake refugees whom Australia has rejected?   They’re from Muslim Afghanistan, Muslim Pakistan, Muslim Iraq, Muslim Iran and Hindu Tamils from Sri Lanka. None of these countries are at war.  There is no justification to seek asylum because there is no persecution.  It is just a bandied leftist label.

This has potential to become a naturalisation metaphor each Australia Day


It won’t be as Mal claims, a “one-off” transfer.  It will just set a precedent and send a message to the smugglers that Oz is a gateway to the US.  The domestic leftist traitors inside Australia will be on their short dial to the people smugglers on standby in Indonesia already.

Mal has foolishly stepped in and taken personal ownership of this matter, because his Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was preoccupied flaunting on holiday in G’Day LA and mixing it with celebs and fashion designers in Hollywood.  Now if the deal fails, Mal is a failure.

Word has it that Trump would only send American’s detained illegal Hispanics from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to us in exchange, not to Manus or Nauru, but direct to Sydney and Melbourne.  How would that be a good deal for Australia? Hispanics for Muslims?  How many Mal? Two spics for one muzzie?  Net effect, we get more illegals on our mainland.  What else did desperate Mal promise to get Australia to commit to with Trump? Has he sold us out?

Sounds like good deal Trump, bad deal Mal. Mal is out of his depth.

In 2016, Mal claimed Australia’s $55 million payment to resettled two refugees in Cambodia was a ‘good outcome’ – Australia gifting Cambodia $40 million in extra aid and $15m for resettling two Iranian illegals.  And to cap off the folly, the two married Iranians within days of arriving took the next available flight back to their home in Iran.

Has Mal told Donald about all the riots, rapes, bashing and and costly arson by the illegals on Manus and Nauru?  Nice bunch.

Hundreds of illegals on Manus Island riot in 2015, while rapes by refugees is ongoing on both Manus and Nauru

125 asylum seekers charged over Nauru riot in 2013 which caused $60m worth of damage

Of course the leftist-globalist refugee advocates want them all settled in Australia, irrespective of their criminality. They’d ludicrously invite all of Africa into Australia if they could get away with it, and ruin the place.   ‘Save the Children’ leftists ought to be distributing condoms, not supporting Third World uber-breeding and emotionally guilt-selling the offspring to First World sympathetic donors.

Why should Australia accept non-doc anonymous illegals from Islamic Third World countries?  How do we know they are not Islamic terrorists, murders and rapists?

We don’t.  That is why Malcolm Turnbull won’t take them.

Obama didn’t care. But Trump does. That is also why newly elected President Trump made his executive order last Friday to temporarily banning Muslims from the top seven identified high risk Islamic terrorist countries from entering the United States – initially for a 90 days ban until a comprehensive immigration programme has been properly considered and rolled to protect Americans.  The known problem nations are:

  1. Iran (which sponsors al-Qa’ida, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Taliban)
  2. Iraq (where ISIS is)
  3. Libya (where ISIS is)
  4. Somalia (where Al-Shabaab is)
  5. Sudan (where al-Qa’ida derivatives are)
  6. Yemen (where al-Qa’ida is) and of course,
  7. Syria (where ISIS base is) – so upped to a 120 days ban.

So it’s a no brainer, for a bit of inconvenience to a few nice muzzies.

It’s the same as what Australia did.   On 9 April 2010, citing changed circumstances in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, the Rudd Government announced that it would suspend the processing of new asylum claims from Sri Lankan nationals for three months and Afghan nationals for a period of six months. Those affected by the suspension would remain indefinitely in immigration detention until the suspensions were lifted (in July 2010 for Sri Lankans and September 2010 for Afghans.

So it’s a bit precious and hypocritical for Labor’s immigrant Tanya Plibersek to say Australia should get on the leftist bandwagon and criticise Trump for his temporary ban.

And this is no surprise from President Donald Trump.  His election platform was clear and consistent.

And so last Friday, January 27 2017, as freshly elected president, he honoured his election promise to the American people:

“I’m establishing new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America. We don’t want them here. We want to make sure we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.”

Other Islamic countries are set to be added to the list – Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia, (most of Africa actually), Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, etc.

In the wake of the horrors of 911, the emergence of ISIS and the ongoing islamic attacks in Europe, Australia and around the world including again in Boston; why should any First World country risk importing Islamic hate?

Trust an Islamic refugee not to copycat?

Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden are realising the catastrophic open border errors made by their leftist idealist politicians and their naive supporters.

Blind vocal fools lead by DNC – “We demand our feminazi right to Islamic oppression – Sharia Law, mandatory burqa, female genital mutilation, pedophilia and child brides, polygamy, honour killings, acid attacks – my body my choice”.


Last November, one of the so-called refugees on Nauru raped a local girl under the age of 16 – three times!  Why would America take him?  He’s a low life criminal.

Muslims are not welcome in Australia or the United States.  They just bring their backward ideology, their barbaric ways, their cost burden.  They live in ghettos, demand mosques and sharia law and otherwise just hate us.

They only rock up to leech and breed on our First World welfare.

So why do we keep inflicting this on ourselves?


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said Australia ­provided air-conditioned, modern accommo­dation for asylum-seekers and refugees on Nauru and if people had mould on their mattresses or in their tent, they could “clean it like all Australians clean their own house — we’re not running a hotel”.

In America, this lot on Nauru and Manus will certainly fail its extensive background checks tests, especially now under a patriotic President Trump.   The US performs its own intensive screening which includes consultation from nine different government agencies. They meet weekly to review a refugee’s case file and, if appropriate, determine where in the U.S. the individual should be placed.

Every refugee goes through an intensive vetting process. Multiple law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies perform “the most rigorous screening of any traveller to the U.S.” The Department of Homeland Security conducts in-person interviews with every applicant. Biometric information such as fingerprints are collected and matched against criminal databases.

The entire screening and assessment process takes two years on average. Most fail and so are flown home.

Identification documents are throw overboard before reaching Australia – preventing background checks

If the illegals think Australia is tough, they have no chance getting through United States screening.  Best just go home now.

Trump is also making plans to re-open Gitmo (the CIA’s Guantánamo Bay detention camp), in order to house the real problematic cases, and has been contemplating reinstating waterboarding.  It’s not torture – just short of it, more like an ‘enhanced interrogation technique’.

The American people and most Republican governors and lawmakers have been calling for a halt to Obama’s foolish federal program that resettles Islamics in the U.S.  They are all concerned that a terrorist could slip into the country by posing as an asylum seeker.  Islamist have done plenty of ‘green-on-blue’ hate attacks on American soldiers in the Middle East.

Donald Trump first introduced the idea of a Muslim travel ban in December 2015, shortly after Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, shot and killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California.

Then a Somalian refugee injured 13 people at Ohio State University in November in what officials investigated as a terrorist attack.  In September last year, Islamic Ahmad Khan Rahimi ( a refugee from Afghanistan) detonated bombs in New Jersey and in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, injured 29 people.

In Australia, Islamic refugee Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar murdered a police accountant in Parramatta while screaming ‘allahu akbar‘ crap.  Sydney’s Lindt Chocolate Café Islamic terror attack was committed by Man Haron Monis, an Iranian refugee.  Scores of Lebanese refugees and their offspring have joined the Islamic State.  Imported Islamic preachers in Lakemba preach hate and incite violence.  Last November Muslim asylum seeker, Nur Islam, from Burma set fire to 27 customers in a Melbourne bank.  Every year, many Islamic terror plots are foiled fortunately, but the preventative cost to the Australian taxpayer is untold billions.  Every year dozens of women in Sydney and Melbourne continue to be bashed, raped and murdered by their Islamic partners who it turns out were let in as refugees.