Bill Shorten considering Australia First Party?

Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten vows to put Australians first.  Really?  Since when? Since Trump vowed to put America First and to Make America Great Again?  Go Billy bandwagon!

Tanya’s good old career building days

Wanna use Australia First Party’s namesake?  Trying to steal our political party name or are you pretending to be about Australian nationalism?  Do you support US President Donald Trump and how he is all about defending American nationalism?

Billy, we somehow doubt it, so pull the other union slush fund.

Tanya starts pretending to listen.


Sadly, Australians shake their head knowing you’re just a ‘whatever it takes’, ‘say anything’ Labor patsy pawn.

Flying back into Oz business class, you get handed your public speech and all you have to do is deliver it after a few motivational tablets to sound convincing.  In your position, with your record, how can you “and your disparate team” have any credibility calling for a National Integrity Commission?

“Billy, seriously we need to talk”

Labor’s Bill Shorten and his plagiarising speech writers stated to the National Press Club yesterday that Billy wants an “Australia-First” jobs policy – that Medicare, foreign workers and TAFE will all be priorities in 2017..”jobs, jobs and jobs” he read from script.

Well Australia First Party supports jobs for Australians, but not for foreigners.  So much for Billy’s Australia First hijacking hollow spiel.

Yes, the Liberal Coalition has cut a billion dollars from apprenticeship programmes, and in New South Wales Mike Baird’s Liberals have all but beheaded TAFE or otherwise hived off vocational training to more private dodgy institutions.

But Billy and his speech writers conveniently forget, that it was Labor (2008-2013) that cut more than $1.2 billion worth of funding supporting apprenticeships, which led to a significant drop in commencements when it comes to apprenticeships on their watch. Fast-forward two or three years and the lag effect of the significant drop that occurred on their watch is playing out”, points out Liberal Finance Minister Mathias Cormann.

“Billy, your gone!”

“Billy, how much pay out do you want?”

Jokester Billy, are you just short of being a stooge fraud of Australian nationalism, just like Pauline bandwagon Hanson?

Labor remains exposed for “jobs, jobs, jobs” by 457 cheap as Pauline’s chips Third Worlders.

Billy Shorties “Australia First” war cry script reads:

“More Aussie youths will be assured jobs as apprentices on major infrastructure projects, under a plan from Labor.”

What? Guaranteeing job placements for 2600 apprentices?

Who?  Syrian muzzies all in Labor electorates and all funded by the Australian taxpayer?

Billy like Malcolm, is non compos mentis about detail, about ‘Australia First‘.

Billy just recites the prepared scripts put in front of him, while he remains in extended polly holiday hibernation.  Bill’s jerusalem kosher Kedem Grape Juice must be still wearing off.

Happy as polly pensioned Larry


But seriously, if Billy Shorten wants to join our Australia First Party?

Well, we’d all have to vet the lad through extensive background checks.  His Cleanevent betrayal of Australian workers when AWU boss would fail him alone. Then all the criminal checks, the working with children checks and political association checks – what would they reveal?   ASIO would have to investigate his vote rigging scandal, his affiliation with unionist thugs, his communist connections, his numerous dodgy overseas trips to meet with unsavoury types like those he caught up with over Christmas in Jerusalem.

Frankly, Billy’s extreme leftist anti-Australian form would exclude him from any chance of true blue membership of ‘Australia First‘.

Clown Show Billy retire him Tanya.