Deviant YES faggots dispatch millions of illegal robo texts to mobile phones of Ordinary Australians

Are you one of millions of Ordinary Australians bombarded by the putrid skank of the YES TO DEVIANCE campaign?

Are you faggotted out by all this Oxford Street in ya face?

Turns out Labor’s Tanya Plibersek was behind it, arranging the nationwide barrage of unsolicited automated text messages to millions of Australian mobile phones, many of which were sent to children’s mobiles.

Future Prime Munster

It’s how low the deviants will go to bully normal Australians into submission. Her patsy Bill Shorten got his union thug mates to fund it and GetUp to do the technology behind it.

They illegally co-opted from third-party “data-vendors” used by government departments and private corporations to steal customer databases that included the private mobile phone numbers of millions of Australians.

Labor’s tech campaign arm, GetUp, has commercial relationships with data vendors to illegally obtain and misuse customer lists.  These same customer lists are subject to Australian privacy laws. This is the blanket propaganda dispatched:

Source:  Getup Off Da Dildo!

It appears that if you’ve set up a MYGOV account or got an account with pie-face Joyce’s QANTAS and you’ve given them your mobile number, then you were targeted, even if you have a silent number.  Actually, many report that the SMS robo texts were received at 3am, serving only to piss more people off.

So it was counter productive.  Normal people don’t suddenly get persuaded to turn faggot overnight.


Ordinary Australians are Faggotted Out

In Victoria alone last weekend, around 300,000 mobile phone owners received robo texts fogging the ‘YES’ campaign in favour of legalising deviant marriage.

Behind the totalitarian campaign were Victorian Trades Hall Council Trades Hall secretary Luke Hilakari, Uniting Church in Australia’s president Stuart McMillan, Australian Marriage Equality chair Alex Greenwich and his pillow biting partner Tiernan Brady, GetUp’s founder Simon Sheikh, Labor’s Tanya Plibersek, foreign dyke Penny Wong and Bill Shorten who’s currently off hiding somewhere 5 Star on the Korean peninsula.

Luke Hilakari (image below) admitted funding the technology campaign and paying GetUp to illegally obtain customer databases from third party vendors.  Sources say the weekend automated message ‘robo text’ campaign cost nearly $5 million.  Faggots have da cash.  They just misappropriate it from union members direct debit fees and from extorted construction company slush funds.

John Setka’s weedy replacement

The low-life robo text ploy was a copy-paste re-run from The Greens 2016 election campaign orchestrated by pro-faggot Adam Bandt who texted voters: “Tomorrow, stand up for what matters. Vote 1 Adam Bandt for a strong independent voice for Melbourne.” 

It’s the same propaganda style that Labor’s Bill Shorten’s fraudulent lying Mediscare Campaign dreamt up:  “Mr Turnbull’s plans to privatise Medicare will take us down the road of no return. Time is running out to Save Medicare.”

And the Libs were no different: “A vote for Ross Vasta LNP = Stable Govt. & a Plan delivering jobs. An Ind/Green/ALP vote means chaos. Together, lets see it through. Best, Malcolm Turnbull.”

The text messages, sent through a randomised computer generator, breached Australian Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles.

But despite thousands of complaints, what does the useless Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) do?


What does the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner do?


Hilakari also admitted he had an army of ‘volunteers’ to follow up with about 70,000 phone calls to people who indicated they would vote “yes”, asking if they wanted to volunteer and campaign.

Pedo Ben McCormack says Vote ‘YES’… Read More

Then there are all the campaign t-shirts, rainbow flags and media advertising thrusting the shit down the throats of Ordinary Australians.

The spam text message has backfired, because Union officials are as think as their necks.

Australian tennis great and pastor Margaret Court, a fierce opponent of same-sex marriage, labelled the tactic “indecent”.

“They are sending them all over the place,” she said. “It looks like everyone is going to get one. I got one and I think it’s shocking that our privacy — that you can do that. I think it’s a bullying tactic and it is sad you can come into the privacy of people like that.”

On social media, the backlash was relentless. One user asked: “How did you get my number? Is this legal? I have never received political txt messages before, I am not happy, this goes against my values and you have not respected my privacy.”

Another added: “I voted yes but I don’t appreciate the violation of my privacy with an unsolicited text message.”

Some even said they would change their vote from Yes to No as a result.

“Had the form on my desk and was gonna tick Yes, your annoying Saturday morning msg that woke me up is the reason I’m now voting No,” a post said.

And the robo texts were followed up by faggot robo home door knock intimidation.  Did you open you door to this or use the spy hole to prevent cross infection?


Selected Comments

Matt Aug 28, 2017:  “If the union is involved, it clearly shows you should vote NO!”

Michael Hamilton Aug 25, 2017:  “Trades Hall wasting union members money. . . . .they must think all union members will be voting Yes. The Left are very free and easy with money that belongs to other people.”

Aaron Aug 25, 2017:  “I actually didn’t care how the result goes but I am now intending to vote no because I am sick of being told how to vote by socialists and effectively being called a homophobe for having any other view than theirs. I think the gay community are going to be the losers out of all this, as I know plenty of other voters that are also sick of the propaganda.”

Max Aug 25, 2017:  “More bullying behaviour for a minority of about half a percent who can register a Civil Union anyway. It is just another attack on the foundations of our society by Cultural Marxists whose ultimate goal is to “trash the joint.” It’s OK to say NO.”

Danny Aug 25, 2017: “People will make their mind up by themselves, we don’t need to be told what we should be voting for! Sorry to put a dampener on things but i will certainly vote no now!”

David Aug 25, 2017:  “Every time I get a robocall I hang up without knowing what poll they are doing. Can’t be bothered listening to a machine. If you want me to listen.”

Troy Aug 25, 2017:  “This is why I will be voting NO!”

Vote NO!   NO to Orifice Abuse!