Daniel Andrews to raise motor registration halal charges to fund Third World Islam

Premier Daniel Andrews is to announce his 15% increase to Motor Vehicle Registration Fees across Victoria, so he can fund one of his pet Marxist projects – Mohammedan Arabs and Third World Migrants.

Isn’t that what halal funds?

Daniel halal Andrews

Victorians can afford more taxes he says.  “Bugger charities.  I will take the wealth of Victorians to go to forcibly funding refugees”

  • Free immediate & permanent housing Free gas/water/electricity
  • Free new fashion clothing Free food & beverage Free education
  • Free Metcard for travel Free doctors visits Free dental procedures Free medical Benefits Free hospital care
  • Free baby bonuses for constant allahpox breeding
  • Free Social Security benefits plus extra settling loading
  • Free motor vehicle Free petrol
  • Registration fee increases would balance UN demands, and ensure no interruption to other Budget funding allocations, particularly the Parliamentary Pension payments of $3000 plus per week each to Jeff Kennett, Steve Bracks, Ted Baillieu, Peter Ryan, John Brumby, Denis Napthine, Peter Batchelor, and other former politicians.
  • The Judicial pension scheme of some $2000 plus per week for lawyer originated Judges and Magistrates who administered for the politicians would also not be interrupted.

AllahPox BreedingAllahPox Breeding now in Australia, ten times the f*ck rate of Aussies – all bludging on our welfare


  • The increased monies taken off Victorian Motorists could also ensure the influx of refugees, anticipated to swarm out of the Pacific Islands and New Guinea in the coming decades due to incessant blowfly breeding, and resultant resources scarcity through overpopulation, could also be accommodated for free as they move in.Motorists’ generosity in going without to promptly pay police and council fines to aid State revenue is exemplary , and all know their contributions are appreciated by Lab/Lib/Green politicians.


Daniel Andrews says if you see an obvious Third World migrant around the town, invite them and their family into your home, let ’em set up squat in the back yard and then invite their village as well.

Monies/action to counter the ice drug catastrophe on Aussie families, pensioner poverty, and the appalling homelessness, etc, can all presently wait.

Islamic Daniel Andrews“I will waste as many taxpayer billions as I can get my grubby hands on!”