Daniel Andrews outsources policing of Sudanese gangs to Melbourne dad patrols

Baseball bats are now the new black with Melbourne dads.


Victoria Police claim that having a “live now, die young” attitude is making Sudanese immigrant youths in Melbourne’s growing black ghettos commit violent and dangerous acts.  Melbourne faces a growing community concern about the increase in violent burglaries and carjackings across the city perpetrated by gangs of black youths.  The problem is particularly prevalent in Melbourne’s south-west and south-east suburbs, especially White Privileged Malvern.

Nigger Gang

On Tuesday a few weeks back (July 19, 2016) a gang of 13 negro teenagers were arrested over one single burglary at a home in St Albans.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane has labelled the negro crime invasion ‘a phenomenon”.

Victoria Police EyewatchOne concerned Melbourne father enquiring on the Victoria Police’s online Eyewatch forum asked whether it is illegal to carry a baseball bat while driving “in case you get boxed in and cannot escape”, possibly referring to the tactic used by offenders to nudge a car while on the road, drawing the driver out to inspect the damage before stealing it.

Another wrote that some “scared residents” were bound to take matters into their own hands in retaliation.  “You aren’t going to stop the citizens patrolling the area because the offenders have no respect for the law and once the court sets them free they will be straight back doing it again,” he wrote.  “So this is where old school justice is going to take over and people are going to do what they have to feel safe and stand up to these kids and teach them the respect that they need.”

As a result of the rise in violent home invasions across ethnic Melbourne, a baseball bat shortage has hit sports stores – and it’s Melbourne fathers defending their families, homes and property, who are buying them.

Given the violent refugee gang epidemic across Melbourne, residents are arming themselves with a weapon that needs no licence purchased for as low as $30.

Australian Family

One store has run out of baseball bats, while others report a high demand for similar items available at sports stores such as spear guns and golf clubs, and even items women use such as hair spray. However, police have cautioned the residents not to take the law in their hands.

But then, despite Canberra’s imposed negro invasion besetting Melbourne, Victoria Police claim they haven’t got enough resources to deal with them, and the courts let the negros off anyway. The Victoria Police EyeWatch forum offers precious little advice and reassurance on its page: Crime Prevention & Community Safety.  It’s nothing but motherhood statements and has no answer to the Third World negro gang imposed on Melbourne

Answer: vigilante negro slugg’n to send a message that their kind are not welcome.

Melbourne's Baseball Bat of ChoiceMelbourne Dads’ bat of choice – da ‘Louisville Slugger‘   Just $50.

They sure now how to use it in Louisville, Kentucky.


Several groups have also banded and started neighbourhood patrols across Melbourne such as in the full-blown African Brimbank ghetto.  Worryingly, in response, the Brimbank police reminded the groups through a posting on its Facebook page, “In regards to the comments about community patrols, we cannot stress enough the risks that go with it.”
LOUISVILLE, Ky, March 22, 2014:   A call to 911 stated:  “Thirty kids running down the street just (bleep) hit my car with rocks. Then, they just punched me and I’m bleeding everywhere,” the caller said.

The woman called 911 after being attacked in her car at First and Liberty streets with her five children and fiancé with her.  The woman told police they threw a garbage can at her car and hit her in the face.  Police later arrested Shaquazz Allen and Tyrone Booker, both negros.

Negro Mobs in Louisville Kentucky

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is taking advice.

Daniel Andrews Socialist“Yes, yes Your Excellency Xi Jinping, but what do I do now?”



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