Apex Gang invasion of Melbourne – Aussie fathers respond with baseball bats and vigilante patrols

Since Canberra keeps naively inviting da disturbed African black into Melbourne on welfare encouraging multiculti attitude, Australians in Melbourne have suffered a black gang crime wave.

The negro Apex Gang has gone unchecked because Canberran Leftist immigrators bully state governments to sort the social consequence of substandard Third World immigration: “Welfare and crime are your state problem, so you deal with it”.

But the nightly African Gang rampage – aggravated assaults, car-jackings, home invasions have all Victorian Police unprepared, outnumbered, distant, PC-silenced and so all but confined to barracks.


Enter Aussie Males with balls and family responsibility, who quite frankly have had a gut full of our women folk and elders being attacked in their own homes, ransacked  bashed, car-jacked like it was friggen Africa – all by Canberra’s imposed imported scum from Africa’s deepest darkest Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria.

Third World Niggers one and all.


Labor’s socialist-apologist Frankenstein Premier Daniel Andrews should just take a distant break and let Victorians with balls sort the scourge.

Ordinary Aussies have a right to enjoy the safety of our own homes.

But to be confident that with Canberra flooding incoming Third World scum daily and with local police not having a clue, our own household needs to become our effective last line of Family Defence!

Apex Gang

July 17, 2016:  Two Sudanese teens were arrested following two aggravated burglaries in Melbourne’s west in 24 hours. A 17-year-old Taylors Hill boy and a 14-year-old South Yarra boy were arrested by police in Etzel Street, Airport West just after 4am this morning. The arrest follows an aggravated burglary at a Caroline Springs home on Shoalhaven Drive about 5.25am on Saturday morning.”

Elementary home defence across Melbourne now demands at least a solid baseball bat positioned near (1) the front door and (2) the back door.

Best favour you could return your friends and neighbours is a genuine Louisville Slugger made out of solid Ash


Victoria Police sure aren’t doing their job of protecting our community.

To be serious in protecting your family, get a proper legal gun license, buy a gun, join a sports shooters club and learn how to use it to protect your home and family from invasion.

Consider your personal family legacy – better you be honoured at your funeral for defending your family, than be asked to speak at the funeral of your children and wife. Think about it mate!


Sadly, Australia is being let descend like violent America, if not Africa, because of all the dangerous Third World immigrants allowed in by Leftist naives with no checks or balances – many of whom envy Australia’s First World wealth, yet at the same time hate our liberal freedoms and First World way of life.

We are dealing with barbarians.

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