CSIRO indulgence in the Climate Cult means it’s funding comes way behind Abbott’s 12,000 Syrians on welfare

When scientists get political, they become false.  Political science is subjective.  So when there’s a change of ideological government, it’s a no brainer – the alarmist science is exposed as unproven, dubious, contradicted and political.

So given Australia’s ballooning debt coupled with an incredibly shrinking national budget, any crumbs left over for indulgent biased science has to be ‘discretionary’ folks.  This is the penalty when a noble cause for the public good betrays its public credibility through perceived ideological indulgence.

Billions splurged with evangelist singularity on Climate Change Theory has naturally attracted suspicion and moreso in the wake of Labor’s overnight massive overspend considered at best biased ideological indulgences, at worst as corrupt.  Australian publicly funded science is caught up in all the public’s suspicion and condemnation of the overspend, when more critical issues present.

Climate Change Theory is just that, a theory, like economic theory.  It is based on modelling which relies on assumptions and so can be challenged and disproved.  Where the climate scientists have departed from the rigours of science, is when they refuse to be questioned.

Climate Science thus is the astrology of astronomy. It has become a cult evangelised by psychics, not scientists.

So to the CSIRO selfish lefties who steered Australia’s proud scientific organization out of respectable objectivity to subjectivity, take blame and shame for all the tragic redundancies of your selfish indulgence.  You breached the universal principle of scientific objectivity, so now such impatient fanatical indulgence has subjective scientists out of favour for taxpayer funding.

Climate Alarmist Tim FlanneryLabor’s indulgent Climate Alarmist, Tim Flannery, with Labor’s own fruit cake in Stephen Conroy


Recognise and respect the breakthrough inventions of the likes of Aerogard, soft contact lenses, Cochlear, WiFi, and Polymer Bank Notes, Hendra Virus vaccine and CSIRO’s years of scientific research and brilliance are behind these Australian world-leading inventions that change lives.

But then the Left contaminated the scientists and their science.  Like the bottomless esoteric search by Australia for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the ideological indulgence in global warming has eroded the CSIRO’s credibility as Australia’s objective and leading scientific research organisation.

Cults are religious and so rely upon charity.  CSIRO has degraded itself such.

Climate Change Cult

Global Warmists have, for funding sake and adjusting for unfavourable weather stats, rebranded their grant funding causes to the more malleable ‘Climate Change’.  It is a theory that has become a Leftist cult, avoiding the industrial impacts of pollution, to invent an entire belief system targeting largely upper middle class White women having empty-nester spare time on their hands.

No wonder our STEM brilliant minds are flying QANTAS one way.

Australia endured a delusional era 2007-2013 referred to as Rudd-Gillard-Rudd which threw reckless, unaccountable billions to popularist pursuits without interest in benefit, let alone investment return.

It’s called Labor.

For explanation, research ‘Gough Whitlam wasteful spending’ on Google.  There are many depressing page results.

Climate Change cult adherence has effectively destroyed the career profession of Australian scientists with the CSIRO to short-term casual project based ring ins, as if graduates happy to get any work experience.

So since science and research does not return economic returns in the current fiscal year, CSIRO is to cop massive funding and staffing cuts.

More contaminated dead wood to be cut out.  Some 350 mass sackings to follow the 1400 axed in 2013.

So time to try crowdfunding instead for Hendra Virus research!

Hendra Virus research

Sorry, Tony Abbott’s 12,000 welfare seeking Syrians take budget multi-billion political funding priority.

Syrian MuslimsAbbott’s 12,000 Syrians to take political priority over discretionary CSIRO indulgences.