Cronulla 2005 – Not a “riot”, nor just about Islam, but a civil uprising of AUSTRALIANISM

by Dr. Jim Saleam.

The three stooges of ‘Ziono-patriotism‘ – Nick Folkes, Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara, have announced that they are organizing a ten year commemoration for the “Cronulla so-called riots“, “where it all began” for the “anti-Islam” movement.


Israeli Three StoogesThe Three Stooges


These three stooges would trash what Cronulla was in fact about. They would attempt to use its symbolism for an alien agenda.

On December 12, 2005 – the day after the people’s surge at the Cronulla beachfront and amidst the politically and racially motivated violence of Arab gangs, this writer coined the phrase “Civil Uprising” for the week-long upsurge in Australian pride and identity politics and struggle.

It was a Civil Uprising. It involved masses of people. It promoted their pride and their symbolism,their identity and their affirmation for its preservation. It took place over a period in time.

Cronulla 2005 Civil UprisingThe day of Australian patriotic conflagration down on Sydney’s Cronulla Beach (Dec. 2005)


I did over 150 interviews for Australian and international media in the succeeding two months about ‘Cronulla’. While the media said “riots”, I said “civil uprising”. While they talked about “Islam” and “hate”, I talked about the racial division and the ethnic strife at the core of the crisis. I said that Islam was a factor – yes. Just not the only one. I said that Cronulla pointed to the overall crisis of immigration and the other rifts and divisions in Australia that went beyond just Islam and Middle Eastern migration. At that time time, I had the pleasure to meet young Australians charged with various offences (sic) including some betrayed for arrest by their own parents.I gave them advice on how to defeat political police charges.

Not long after ‘Cronulla’, I also met certain shifty elements who tried to attach themselves to Australia First and who sought to create an ‘anti Islam’ movement. I noted these persons had an agenda that would eliminate any real idea of Austrlianness and render it into what we now dub – Diversity Minus Islam’. They wanted to castrate the discussion about immigration and make it just a dialogue about islamic migration. And not only that, they had subterranean links to so-called Liberal Party conservatives and false Christians who wanted to ensure there was no real nationalist Aussie politics and who were all supporters of – Israel.

If we look at the new three stooges, the message is the same – only it’s more loudly advanced and it tries to merge it in with the people’s protests that have characterised the Reclaim rallies and the up-to-now patriotic activism of the United Patriots Front which Burgess led till they sacked him. These three stooges today talk of “patriotic conservatism”, fly Israeli flags and line up with so-called pro Israel Christians against the true spirit of Cronulla 2005.

Bullshit DetectorWhat has Middle Eastern Israel got to do with our local Cronulla?


Many people have said to patriotic groups and to Australia First Party that Cronulla 2015 (sic) is a slur on the Civil Uprising of 2005. Perhaps some ordinary people who could turn out wouldn’t see that, but the three stooges do. The call to return “to where it all began” is an attempt to undermine and wreck up the efforts of all sorts of patriotic people in movements and outside of them, in parties and otherwise.who stand up for their Australianity.

So, it would seem that a very different struggle is looming not in Cronulla – but over the electric symbolism of the fight ten years ago. All patriots and nationalists must stand together to celebrate the real heritage of Cronulla. The time has come for that.

Let it be so. Frauds won’t prosper.


Israeli influence in AustralianForeigners are abusing Australians – Israel propaganda go home.

There must never ever be any justification for an Australian nationalist protest to include such a distant foreign flag as that of Middle Eastern Israel.