Collingwood fan @ndy Slackbastard has gone softcock arty farty

It appears closet Melbourne anarchist, loner and drug popper @ndy fleming has suddenly changed his online violent persona.

His KKK shotgun nuns banner below..


..have suddenly been replaced with a druggy-induced colourful banner stealing some softcock avant-garde Uncle Sam painting from history.    It is actually a painting by French painter Paul Signac of 1890 of his so-called “anarchist” friend Félix Fénéon.

@ndy Slackbastard

For well over a decade, @andy has devoted his personal life to defaming the Australia First Party by his solo blogging as Slackbastard.   To us, Slackbastard has been dismissed as just more political wallpaper from Leftist nutters.

In recent months, we decided to return fire, and quickly discovered a softcock wizard of oz.

Sad @ndy aspires to the painting because of its stretched anarchist association.  Like Fénéon, our @ndy likens himself to being “a champion of the avant-garde”, “a kind of cultural terrorist”. Fénéon worked in the War Ministry by day, but by night morphed into a bohemian and anarchist art critic. @ndy worked at the tax office by day, but by night battled as an obsessive compulsive blogger, desperate to belong to his imagined anarchist movement and then to control it. @ndy’s emotional hunger goes back to his childhood neglect. Was @ndy a bastard? Does he feel unloved?

So this is another stolen old idea beyond @ndy’s insular compos mentis.  Perhaps our sad and lonely and internally despised Melbourne conspiracy theorist blogger, seeks yet another new persona.

Seems softcock @ndy may have slowly realised he is harming those very close to him, those politically linked to him, those expecting him to pay mounting bills.

Slackness reveals insecurity.