Chinese threaten us with kitchen knives, military imperialism, and moon randing

Think Chinese and think copycats, invasion and scary big knives.  On entry to Australia, Chinese need to be read the bloody riot act.

Invading Chinese celestials have been read our Riot Act since 1861 by Diggers at Lambing Flat.

Chinese Invasion of Goldfields in the 1860s

Uncontrolled waves of thousands of organised Chinese gangs flooded the goldfields of New South Wales and Victoria. The Chinese were known as ‘celestials’ because the ruling emperor of the then Qing Dynasty thought he was the ‘Son of Heaven’, so his subjects were ‘celestials’.

The celestials were despatched to the goldfields by crime gangs linked to the opium (heroine) trade from typically Canton), Hong Kong and Macau in shiploads of gold mining gangs.  They took over large tracts of gold mining areas, wasted water, smoked and traded in opium, gambled and set up brothels.  They didn’t speak English and the third world Chinese also had poor sanitation and brought smallpox and leprosy which scared the crap out of the Whites.

This led to digger uprisings in the 1860s and 1870s to tell the celestials where to go – back to China.  The first disturbance at Lambing Flat grew out of a demonstration organized by a White miners’ vigilance committee on December 12, 1860 against the celestials. After venting their rage on these establishments, the miners attacked the Chinese quarter of the settlement, killed several and wounded many others. Other attacks followed the December incident, and eventually the Chinese miners had to abandon the fields.

A military detachment restored order at the flat from March until June 1861, and most of the Chinese returned to the settlement. Soon after the departure of the troops, however, a final, devastating riot occurred on June 30. Several thousand miners descended on the Chinese, plundering their dwellings; mounted pursuers overtook the fleeing Chinese and degraded, beat, and robbed them. The authorities returned quickly and restored order. The Lambing Flat Riots led the New South Wales government to pass the Chinese Immigration Act in November 1861, severely limiting the flow of Chinese into the colony.

It was all about China containment.

Chinese criminality persists in Australia

Chinese violence and criminality has persisted in Australia since the Gold Rush days.  Chinese organised criminal activity deals in heroine, illegal gambling, illegal prostitution, extortion, immigration malpractice and money laundering.  Nothing has changed.

They are violent, they use knives to stab people in the streets.  They operate in gangs, just like in the gold rush days. That’s why the White Australia Policy came into being – in defence of decent What Australia from these celestials.

Yesterday, a third world Chinese teen (16) brought his mum’s 25cm long kitchen knife to the Church of Scientology headquarters in Sydney’s Chatswood. Then he proceeded to chop suey the Taiwanese manager.

Co-incidence?  Falun Gong? Scientology?  Religious freedom?  What’s da Chinese care factor?

“Beloved” victim parishioner (24) was escorting the Chinese teen off the premises of the Chatswood Scientology headquarters on Thursday afternoon when said teen frenzied, hacking with his mum’s kitchen knife into the neck of the parishioner.

The Ching teen apparently didn’t like the idea of his Scientology member mum undergoing a “purification ceremony” so out came the kitchen knife.

Said parishioner later died in hospital that day.

 Daily knifing occurrence in backward China and imperial Chinatowns – Haymarket, Liverpool, Springvale, Richmond, Fortitude Valley


The chink has since been charged with murder, domestic violence, common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, affray and ethnic holding a weapon with intent.  He was refused bail to appear at Parramatta Children’s Court.

Canberra Immigration needs to take multiculti lessons to deploy da right tools


China wants to invade Taiwan

Meanwhile, back in China hermit kingdom, Wannabe-Mao Presidento Xi Jinping has hairy chest beaten his commo threat to reclaim Taiwan by using military force gestures.Problem is that Xi is woosy hairless and a metrosexual to boot.

In 1949, democratic Chinese fled from Mao Tse Tung’s communist revolution mass massacres in their millions to the island of Taiwan under  Chiang Kai-shek.

Chinese commos never forget.  They got Hong Kong back in 1999 and steadily extinguished all traces of Britosh democracy.  Now in 2018 hermit kingdom fearless leader Xi Jinping is threatening Taiwan that China will not rule out the threat of military action to reclaim Taiwan.

Agro Xi:

“The smaller island would enjoy peace and an independent system of governance under Beijing’s “one country, two systems” model to safeguard the interests and wellbeing of Taiwanese compatriots,  just like how we oppress and intimidate Hong Kong and Tibetans and Uighurs.  Otherwise China has political prisons in Dabancheng for eugenics practice.  China must and will be united … which is an inevitable requirement for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese people in the new era.”

The need for China containment persists.

CIA Satelite:   President Xi Jinping’s official torture camp at Dabancheng (Ürümqi in NW China) to condemn his political opponents

Taiwan is an independent democratic free nation, yet Xi is just jealous because he can only rule by autocracy and death camps.  Whereas Taiwan’s democratically elected president, Ms Tsai Ing-wen, has responded to the commo rhetoric by giving Xi the bird.

“If Chinese Government cannot treat own people kindry, cannot guarantee human rights and will not ret its own people vote … then Taiwanese rook at China’s intent with suspicion very bad.”

Formosa’s long-tailed mountain lady

Chinese Invasion of Antarctica

A growing number of voices are warning that Australia’s complacency in Antarctica could open the door for China to lay claim to parts of the icy continent.  Antarctica is a mineral rich continent and underpinning the suspicion is the fact that China is seen as a resource hungry nation in need of fossil fuels and minerals to feed its growing economy.

Antarctic is nowhere bloody near China.  It’s outright bully invasion

Chinese Invasion of the South China Sea

Xi has read up on Confucius saying, who apparently reckoned the oceans south of China to the South Pole being da ‘South China Sea’.  It was Zhou wish list myth, but Xi was on to it like Mao to a red rag.

Commander of the United States Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral Philip S. Davidson, acknowledged in March 2018 that “China is now capable of controlling the South China Sea in all scenarios short of war with the United States.”

Chinese World Domination

The military expansion ties into a broader Chinese initiative, called One Belt One Road.  The vast infrastructure project, launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is set to build a ‘new Silk Road’ of ports, railways and roads to expand trade across Asia, Africa and Europe.

Then Chinese Hitler Xi yesterday ordered his mega army to ready for battle..”to boost morale based on greater empathy and merit-based promotions.”  Meaning?

Xi’s Hitler speech was made at a meeting of top officials from the Central Military Commission (CMC), which he heads, and broadcast later on national television.  “All military units must correctly understand major national security and development trends, and strengthen their sense of unexpected hardship, crisis and battle.”

Xi serious with 100mg Viagra

Chinese Moon Invasion

As for China’s moon randing, as if it’s any different to the South China Sea military imperialism?

China symbolically touched down on the dark side of the moon last Thursday so that no-one could see what it was doing.

Funny thing is, China is the only one with the photos – so recall Capricorn One.

Beijing declared it’s awkward drone landing “opened a new chapter in runar mining and secured Beijing dynasties in a strong position to establish dominant military position in space.

World domination is one thing, but Space domination can set the eye shape of universal life as slanty-eyed.

A British government source has stated: “China is a worry.”  – typical Brit understatement. It only reinforces China containment strategy.

Defence experts warned there was a current legal “free for all” in space with nothing to prevent countries jamming GPS satellites, launching cyber attacks, or using lasers to destroy space assets.  China has already demonstrated its ability to shoot satellites out of the sky and in 2013 used a missile to destroy a spacecraft 35,000km up, a height once viewed as unreachable.

Nigel Inkster, the former director of operations and intelligence at MI6, now at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said: “I don’t think China has made any secret of its space ambitions and certainly there is a military element to that.”

Shortly after becoming China’s president in 2013, Xi Jingping said “the moon dream” will make his empire stronger.  The moon’s treasure trove of metals includes gold, iron, platinum and tungsten but the big money is in a gas called helium-3Helium-3 (He3) is gas that has the potential to be used as a fuel in future nuclear fusion power plants. There is very little helium-3 available on the Earth. However, there are thought to be significant supplies on the Moon.

About three-fourths of China’s energy is now produced by coal-fired power plants, but a typical coal train of more than a kilometre long, carrying 5,000 tonnes of coal, would be replaced by just 40 grams of He-3, dramatically reducing transportation costs. Just eight tonnes of He-3 in fusion reactors would provide the equivalent energy of one billion tonnes of coal, burned in power stations.

Chinese now full-blown celestials