Canberra politician entitlements are elitist and obscenely unAustralian – end the rorting now!

Underground overground wombling free, Australia’s Parliament when sitting, fights, shites, fluffs and ponces.  So what is the artificial 1911 Burley Griffin Experiment’s annual value to Ordinary Australians?

Perhaps $1 billion per annum? – parliamentary time-wasting plus all dem polly extra-curricular perks?   It’s probably a fair and close estimate – equivalent to the investment forgone of building a new public hospital for needy Aussies, or not cutting Aussie self-funded schools that the Left demonise as ‘PRIVATE‘!  Or the costs of propping up Third World illegal migrants on Manus and Nauru.

Malcolm Labor Lite stands in the way of Australian wealth for Ordinary Australians because as lefty he is an anti-Australian globalist.

Canberra’s Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette


Canberra’s Mid-Winter Ball sends a public message of anti-Australian elitism and an unsavoury return to 19th Century classism


Last week the Canberran self-anointed elite indulged in their mid-winter ball. Out came the frocks, the obscene price of feeding an Aussie family with two kids for a year.

Lucy:  “Malcolm, did you see Julie Bishop’ $32,000 frock at the Polly Ball?  She must be on a good wicket.

Another Obscene Polly Pay Rise

And today the Canberran polly elitists and their senior public servant dukes and lords were awarded their annual 10% ‘independent’ pay rise.

“To ensure government attracts high calibre candidates.”

“We at the Independent Remuneration Tribunal are not so independent as to deny ourselves our annual bonuses”


Canberra’s Polly Roster for the next three months:

Australian Parliament Sitting Calendar for 2017 – blank means ‘polly holiday’

It ought mean ‘Parliamentary Truancy’.

So currenty, Canberran Polly Wombles are all heading off for a well-earned break for their 6+ weeks holidays.

No doubt there’ll be polly excuses prepared for all their extra-curricular junkets, rorts and investment property purchases at taxpayer expense.  Is it no wonder why Canbarra policy arrogantly perpetuates its policy of Mass Immigration and Urban Property Growth?

At council level such political behaviour is criminalised as having a ‘pecuniary interest‘ – remember that democratic obstruction to progress?

The 1911 Burley Griffin Experiment – all because Sydney elites were jealous of Melbourne’s Parliament

– the compromise bush idea was never gunna deliver

Hello Canberran Lords!  It drives urban housing denial for tens of thousands of Ordinary Aussies.

And the pollies sit back and allow another 16% energy price hike force Ordinary Australians into Third World status unable to afford basic heating and power.

Wait for Scomo’s 3% mortgage rate rise to default mortgage stress belted Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Canberra lives in Fantasy Womble Land.


All while struggling Aussie battlers (and lifetime taxpayers) at Melbourne’s Wantirna Caravan Park, face forced eviction from invading Chinese developers?

The Liberal Party has abandoned Traditional Australian values to Malcolm Labor Lite. 

The Liberals are set to lose the next election in a landslide, and deserve to.