Brisbane G20 cost Australians $400 million to embrace cracking down on multinational tax evasion

Expectant, frenetic and secure as it could be, Abbott and Hockey’s G20 delivered at least a global focus on embracing working women and ending public corruption and ending multinational tax evasion.

Hockey was wise to translate the commitments to measurable accountabilities with G20 finance ministers and central bank governors in Cairns two weeks prior.  This meant true sign off by the G20 leaders.

G20 Joe Hockey and Christine LegardeCairns G20 finance summit was Joe’s critical precursor to Brisbane’s G20 successful sign off


But was the $400 million cost to Australian taxpayers worth it at a time when Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey is demanding fiscal restraint and that Australians to “do the heavy lifting” to pay down Labor’s wallowing debt?

Please explain, Joe!

How much did Queensland taxpayers have to fork out?  Then LNP Premier Campbell Newman kept the cost secret.

Brisbane retail lost out as the city was instructed to vacate for the entire weekend.  Sorry no compensation to Brisbane businesses.

Liberal Party’s Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor, bullshitted that the G20 forum would bring “long-term economic benefits of $100 million” through exposure.

Was the G20 any more than a globalist junket for 4000 foreign delegates and their 3000 media to be put up in 5 star hotels and plied with 5 start cuisine on the house?

Please explain, Joe!

The global financial system demands effective and accountable rules for banking and prudential supervision of financial markets.  No more ‘too-big-to-fail’ Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Barclays relying on taxpayer bail outs.

Aside from growth at all costs, Hockey’s G20 dealt seriously with global tax and regulation fairness and consistency.

As for multinationals, Joe promises no more tax havens.   All G20 leaders have committed to cracking down on their respective domestic corruption, tax evasion and money laundering.

IMF Chair Christine Legarde said we’ll be monitoring.  And G20 leaders acknowledged the commitment to massive investment in public infrastructure being crucial to creating jobs and tackling poverty.

But Australian Prime Minister Abbott was on the mark announcing the G20 commitment to close the gap between male and female labour-force participation rates by 25 per cent by 2025.

G20 Summit Brisbane

As for the intimidation from violent anarchists conning local Aboriginal groups to mount a disruptive protest through Brisbane?

What protest, where?

Queensland’s well-prepared 7000 police and security contingent, including interstate and international resources need to all be congratulated, thanks in no small way to ASIO, AFP and Premier Campbell Newman’s military experience.

G20 Brisbane Security Success

And thankfully, a very middle eastern 42 celsius heatwave blanketing Brisbane, just left the black bloc Antifa types passed out on marijuana and 4zzz after their terrorist flag burning.

G20 anarchists overheatedBlack Bloc anarchist G20 protest in Brisbane 2014

It’s three months since Joe’ Hockey’s Brisbane G20 Summit on 15-16 November 2014.

So what about the implementation plan Joe Hockey?

  1. Embracing working women and closing the gap between male and female labour-force participation rates by 25 per cent by 2025?
  2. Ending public corruption?
  3. Ending multinational tax evasion?
  4. Effective and accountable rules for banking?
  5. Prudential supervision of financial markets?
  6. Global tax and regulation fairness and consistency?
  7. Cracking down on domestic corruption?
  8. Cracking down on tax evasion my multinationals?
  9. Cracking down on money laundering?
  10. Massive investment in public infrastructure to create jobs and tackle poverty?


And a year prior at 2014 G20 global junket in Davos, Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised:

  1. Business must restore corporate accountability, and rely less on government assistance
  2. Business must stand on its own feet, and it must pay its fair share of tax.
  3. Deep structural micro-economic reforms.
  4. The tapering of quantitative easing by the US Federal Reserve, which is causing concerns for some emerging market economies.
  5. Investment promotion, particularly with regards to infrastructure.
  6. Pressuring the US Congress into passing the 2010 IMF reform package.
  7. Developing a tax framework ‘fit for the 21st century’.
  8. Advancing the Financial Stability Board’s financial regulatory reform agenda.

Noble objectives?  Hot Air?

Cigar smok’n Joe Hockey had six years in opposition only to reveal himself as a ‘Do-As-I-SayTreasurer.

Cuisine for G20 Global Aristocrats paid for by Ordinary Australian SerfsCuisine for G20 Global Aristocrats paid for by Ordinary Australian serfs

End of ‘the age of of entitlement’ for whom Joe Hockey?